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Quick and Efficient Way to Remove All Contents from Android


While smartphones come with many beneficial features, they also have some drawbacks like when you do not remove all contents from Android that are confidential or sensitive as you switch over to a new phone.

The Android devices we use hold most or all of our sensitive and personal information making them a veritable danger when they are stolen. In recent times mobile theft has increased because of the ease with which confidential information can be stolen from these devices.

The amount of information lost is also a big setback, whether your Android device is stolen or you decide to buy a new one. Irrespective of the purpose here, it is important that you know an effective way to remove all contents from Android device you own.

Best way to remove all contents from Android

Factory reset and other similar methods are present to remove all contents from Android device you own. But the process is quicker and beneficial when you use software such as iSkysoft Data Eraser. This Windows tool ensures complete and permanent removal of information, so it is impossible to recover the erased information no matter what method you use for retrieval.

About iSkysoft Data Eraser

This Data Eraser tool is ground-breaking software for removing data. It helps to remove all contents from Android device you possess effectively. It does a complete scan of your phone. All private information is erased totally and permanently with the software.

Another benefit of iSkysoft is it also removes the unwanted files and junk files from your device. This frees up additional space enabling you to store more information and enjoy the features of your smartphone more. The tool is designed with several different modes for deleting. This helps you to choose the mode that suits your particular requirement.

Why use iSkysoft Data Eraser?

As mentioned earlier, a factory reset option can erase the personal data but not permanently. A recent study done by Avast, a security software service retailer has revealed that simply using factory reset does not delete all personal data. The firm was able to retrieve photos, text messages, emails and contacts and even loan application forms from used smartphones it had conducted the study on. So, it is important that you do a permanent deletion of data, which is possible only with effective software tools like iSkysoft.

Here are some of the beneficial features of iSkysoft that make it the ideal tool to remove all contents from Android device:

  • It is effective for Windows, iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • 100 % deletion permanently is guaranteed
  • The tool is simple to use. You need to just click once to erase completely all your information including videos, emails, contacts, music and other data and media files.
  • The software tool also frees up space by compressing the existing files and images you have saved in your device. This speeds up the phone functions.
  • It is the most secure and safest way to remove data from your android device.

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Instructions to remove all contents from Android

The first step is to download the program to your system and launch it.

The software download is simple and you can have it running on your system in no time. Within a few minutes, you can start deleting the files you do not need.

Connect the Android device you own to your system. A micro USB type of cable is necessary to make this connection.

Once you establish the connection, you will be able to see all relevant information on the program’s main interface.

Click on the, ‘Erase all data‘ option, which is displayed on the computer screen.

A window showing Delete option will pop up. Press enter.

Click on ‘Erase Now‘ option.

The software will start deleting all information present in your android device.

The time for deletion varies depending on the stored data you have in your device. All information including movies, music, apps, and other information will be deleted permanently from the smartphone.

Now all the information present in your device has been cleared permanently. Now you can sell your device or give it away without worrying about sensitive information remaining in the phone still. With iSkysoft Data Eraser you can be assured of a meticulous removal of information. The tool is especially beneficial to remove all contents from Android device of any make or model effectively.

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