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Hvordan gjenopprette Whatsapp Meldinger fra iPhone


I denne artikkelen, we will discuss 3 different methods which can be used when you need to recover WhatsApp messages from iPhone with the use of our data management program, Dr.Fone.

iPhone mobiles are become more common and are becoming the standard for someone’sfirst phone”. Med det i tankene, when we first get a phone, we learn that texting comes with a cost, which is when WhatsApp was developed and introduced to mobile platforms.

WhatsApp is a messenger which allows for both individual and group chats without any additional fees, and one of the biggest perks, without any advertisements! The application is a work of art and should be considered essential on your mobile phone. You are probably wondering, how come WhatsApp can send text for free, surely can’t be right? You’d be right to think that, and it would be wrong if the application itself disregarded text message charges, however rather than sending texts through your iPhone’s data network, it sends the text messages through your internet connection.

Sammen med det, the texts that we send hold a form of sentimental value within us. If you were to lose all of your texts, you would be very unhappy about it. That’s why it is important to not only know how to backup your iPhone data and your WhatsApp messages from iPhone but know how you can recover them if you lose them.

Dr.Fone – iOS Data Recovery

Our piece of software “Dr.Fone” can easily assist you in the process of not only recovering your WhatsApp messages, but handling all of your data management needs including assisting you backing up your iPhone. While today we will be focusing on how you can recover WhatsApp messages from iPhone, Dr.Fone has a wide variety of other uses such as:

Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS & Dr.Fone Tookit for Android

  • iOS Device Data Backup
  • iOS Device Data Restoration
  • General data management tools
  • Android Device Data Backup
  • Android Data Restoration
  • .. og mange flere!

Last ned Dr.Fone for iOS (Windows-versjon)Last ned Dr.Fone for iOS (Mac versjon)

While some of the Dr.Fone functions are similar to the iTunes functions, why use multiple programs for your data management when you can just use one?

Uten videre om og men, let me explain how with the use of Dr.Fone, you are able to recover your WhatsApp messages.

The WhatsApp Recovery Process

Before you even begin the process, make sure that you have downloaded and correctly installed the Dr.Fone application. It’s important to note that while this process is targeted at WhatsApp, the steps provided can be slightly altered for other data (som bilder, kontakter, notater, etc.).

Det er 3 methods that can be used to recover WhatsApp messages from iPhone.

Metode #1 – Scanning your iPhone Directly

I denne metoden, the recovery process will consist of recovering the WhatsApp data from your iPhone directly.
Skritt #1 – Launch the program and connect the iPhone that you want to retrieve WhatsApp messages from, Å velge “Komme seg“.

Skritt #2 - På venstre panel, å velge “Komme seg fra iOS-enheten“.

Skritt #3 – After you have directed yourself to this tab you will be shown a variety of data that can be recovered. I dette tilfellet, select only theHva skjer & vedlegg” alternativ.

Skritt #4 – After selecting the data that you would like to be recovered, Klikk på “Start søk” alternativ.

Merk: The length of the scan depends on how many conversations you have saved so may take some time.

Skritt #5 - Etter at skanningen er fullført, you will be shown a list of the conversations the Dr.Fone has located on your iPhone and is able to recover.

Recover WhatsApp Messages from iPhone

Skritt #6 – Select the conversations that you want to recover and click onGjenopprette til datamaskin“.

Skritt #7 – After recovering the conversations, they will be available on your computer to use as you feel necessary.

Metode #2 – Extracting Your WhatsApp Messages from an iTunes Backup File

I denne metoden, you will not be required to connect your iPhone and Dr.Fone will only require an iTunes backup on your computer. While your iPhone is not necessary, it is required that you have previously synchronized or backed up your iPhone using iTunes.

Skritt #1 – Launch Dr.Fone and wait for the program to fully load.

Skritt #2 – After opening up the program, henvise deg til “Gjenopprette fra iTunes Backup Fileoption on the left panel.

Skritt #3 – This menu will show you a list of the backups which have been made using iTunes and are available for you to use.

Skritt #4 – After selecting the backup which you would like to recover WhatsApp conversations from, Klikk på “Start søk” alternativ.

Merk: The length of the scan depends on how many conversations you have saved so may take some time.

Skritt #5 - Når skanningen er fullført, a list of the available WhatsApp conversations will be shown.

Skritt #6 – Take a look at all of the conversations available and select all of the conversations that you would like to recover from the backup.

Recover WhatsApp Messages from iTunes

Skritt #7 – Once you have selected all of the conversations that you’d like to recover, Klikk på “Gjenopprette til datamaskin” alternativ.

Skritt #8 – After the recovery has completed, a file will be available containing all of your WhatsApp conversations.

Metode #3 – Extracting Your WhatsApp Messages from an iCloud Backup File

I denne metoden, mens du ikke vil være nødvendig å ha din iPhone koblet du må ha sikkerhetskopiert iPhone til gratis iCloud lagringstjeneste som tilbys av Apple.
Skritt #1 - Etter å ha åpnet opp Dr.Fone program, henvise deg til venstre panel og velg “Gjenopprette fra iCloud Backup File“.

Skritt #2 - Når du er på menyen, vil du bli bedt om å logge deg på iCloud-kontoen.

Skritt #3 - Etter at du har logget inn på iCloud-kontoen, en liste over alle tilgjengelige backup vil være tilgjengelig for deg å velge mellom.

Skritt #4 – Select the backup that you would like your WhatsApp messages to be extracted from and click on the “Start søk” alternativ.

Merk: Once you have downloaded a backup once, it will be available for use in the future and you will not be required to re-download the backup.

Skritt #5 - Etter at skanningen er fullført, select both “Hva skjer” og “Whatsapp Vedlegg” on the left panel and a list of all the available data will be shown.


Skritt #6 – Once you have looked through all the available data, select the conversations and attachments that you’d like to recover and click onGjenopprette til datamaskin“.

Å konkludere…

While there are 3 different methods, no method is better than the other and it is purely down to what is most convenient for you. For eksempel, using Method #3 would give you the exact same result as using Method #1. Use whichever is most convenient for you to use!

Now that you have been able to successfully recover WhatsApp messages from iPhone, you are able to transfer them onto your phone and fulfill that empty space. You can use the file that Dr.Fone Toolkit – iOS Data Recovery creates containing your WhatsApp messages to restore the conversations that you have lost after your iPhone was damaged or data was lost.

Last ned Dr.Fone for iOS (Windows-versjon)Last ned Dr.Fone for iOS (Mac versjon)

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