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How to Recover Deleted or Lost Photos from iCloud Backup


Many people find it an awkward situation when they lose their iPhone: what to do when I lost my iPhone? Can I retrieve my photos from the lost iPhone? For the people who have backed up all the data to iCloud, it may be fortunate because they can restore their photos with a preview from the iCloud backup file.

You will be able to retrieve your photos from iCloud anyway as long as you have backed up your iPhone earlier. We will show you two approaches to get the photos back from iCloud in the following article. You can pick the suitable one for yourself.

PS: by the way, here is everything about iPhone Lost Mode for your reference too.

Method 1. Restore Photos from iCloud to your PC directly without iPhone/iPad/iPod

What if you lose your iOS devices? What if your iPhone is crashed or you are about to buy a new Android phone and abandon the old iPhone? In a case like these, you should try the method we offer you below. The way we suggest following doesn’t need an iOS device but still can get your photos back from iCloud backup to your computer directly. The key to solving the problem is iMyfone D-Back for iOS Data Recovery. This tool can even download all your iCloud backup easily.

Step 1. Download iMyfone D-Back

Download and launch iMyfone D-Back on your computer.

Download iMyfone D-Back

Launch iMyfone D-Back on your computer after you download it. Remember to choose the corresponding version for your own computer. When you run the program, click the button Recover from iCloud Backup File.

Step 2. Pick the files you want from the iCloud backup file and download them to your Android device.

Log in your iCloud account. You should learn How to Turn Off Two-Step Verification (Two Factor Authentication) firstly. (The program will not keep or memorize your iCloud account information.) After you log in, you will see all your backup files in front of you. Open files with your photos and choose to download them from Camera Roll and App Photos to keep the time of download process short.

Step 3. Recover your photos from iCloud

Tap Scan on the program menu to check photos you would like to recover in the iCloud backup file. If your Camera Roll has thousands of photos, then you may have to wait for several minutes. When it is finished, you can tap Camera Roll and App Photos to run over all the photos. Pick the photos you want and hit the Recover button at the bottom. Then you will be able to retrieve your photos from iCloud to your PC.

Note: You can use iTunes or dr.fone – Transfer (iOS) to transfer the photos to your iOS device after you get your photos back from the iCloud backup.

Method 2. How to get back your photos from iCloud to iOS device. (An iOS device is necessary)

When you want to retrieve photos from iCloud backup with no third-party tool, we recommend the following method so that you can get your photos back to iPhone or iPad directly from the iCloud backup file.

Note: You have to notice that all the files on your iPhone or iPad will be deleted after you restore photos from the iCloud backup file. The past settings and pictures in Camera Roll will replace your current files on your iOS device. So if you are afraid of losing crucial data, we strongly suggest you to use solution 1 or try dr.fone – Backup&Restore (iOS) to make the backup before the restore.

Step 1.Upgrade the iOS device to keep up with the latest version

Go and find Settings on your iOS device. Click General and then Software Update. If you can’t find the latest version of iOS, we can provide you an available one. Hit the link we offer you and follow the guide to install it on your iPad or iPhone.

Step 2. Inspect the iCloud backup

Go to Settings, click iCloud and then go with the choice Storage&Backup. You can check if the iCloud backup appears at the end of the window or not. To be clear, you would see the iCloud backup there as long as you’ve backed up your iPhone.

Step 3. Get your photos back from iCloud backup

Click settings to reach General. Hit Reset to find the button Erase all content and settings. Find setup assistant, tap Set up your device and then go with the choice Restore from a Backup. At this point, you can choose your backup from the appearing list and restore your iOS device from the iCloud backup. After a while, you will find your backed-up pictures on your iPhone or iPad .

The primary way to prevent this situation is to use iMyfone D-Back to check the backup you uploaded to iCloud. You will be able to retrieve photos from your iCloud backup and preserve them to your computer. There is another way for you to choose. Collect your iPhone with Wall Charger to get in the way of iTunes sync. Click Settings, go to General, and then hit Reset, choose Erase all content and settings. By doing that, you can restore your iPhone from iCloud, run Photos app directly on your iPhone and check photos downloading one after another. But remember not to touch your iPhone during the process.

Indeed, you couldn’t restore your backup file from the iCloud if the backup file is beyond your new iOS device storage space. But there is still something you can do to get your photos, contacts and text messages back with the help of iMyfone D-Back. You can pick the exact photos, contacts and text messages and transfer them to your computer by using the recovery function of the program.

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  1. Frans Kavanaugh says

    Dr Fone is a great program, but the problem is that it costs $100 to actually save the files to your computer

  2. Joãozinho Freitas says


    Depois que o programa escaneia as fotos elas ficam cinzas, todas as fotos ficam cinzas…..como faço para corrigir isso??


  3. Joãozinho Freitas says

    as fotos ficam cinzas após o escaneamento e a empresa não presta esclarecimentos!!!

  4. Denisse Ramirez says

    borre todas mis fotos y videos de mi iphone y de mi cuenta de icloud. Existe alguna manera en que las pueda recuperar?

  5. Farah Syahira says

    iphone 5s saya tak buat backup di icloud untuk gambar, bagaimana untuk saya dapatkan kembali kesemua gambar di iphone lama saya ? iphone lama saya dah rosak dan takboleh dibetulkan lagi

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