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Cum de a recupera date de la dvs. decodate iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch cu iOS 8,9,10


Un studiu a avut loc pentru a recunoaște opiniile oamenilor dacă au vrut să iPad lor, iPod sau iPhone jaiolbroken. 61% of people who had iOS 8 sau iOS 9 a spus că ar dori să jailbreak folosind Pangu jailbreak. There are a lot of benefits of doing it, desigur. in orice caz, there is one drawback of using Pangu. You may lose your data in your iOS 8/iOS 9/iOS 10/iOS 11/iOS 12 Apple devices. The most common data that is lost are photos. And what will you do if you inadvertently lose your messages, contacte, calenders, or anything else that is important for you on the device when you are processing the jailbreak method. But you do not have to worry. A solution is still there to help you recover your data even if you lost it durig jailbreak process.

The very first thing you should do is to download Dr.Fone – iOS de recuperare de date pe calculatorul tau. It is the most popular and professional recovery program for all iPhone, iPad and iPod users. iOS 8 și 9 are now perfectly supported.

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Get dr.fone – Recupera (iOS)

Soluţie 1. Recover your lost data directly from your jailbroken iOS 11/10/ 9 Dispozitive

Etapa 1. Use your USB cable in order to connect the iOS 8/9 device to your computer. Acum, Get the software “Dr.Fone Toolkit pentru iOS” descărcat. install this software and run it right then. In the basic interface, clic “Recuperaand then select tabRecuperare de la iOS Dispozitiv“. Acum, click Start Scan to scan your device.

Etapa 2. After some seconds the jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch will get scanned. Atunci, it is catalogued into different groups on the left of this program. Above the interface, you will find an option ofnumai elementele de afișare șterse” în “Filtru“. Click this tab to enable it. Acum, you will be able to view your lost data. You can select what you want to recover; atunci, click the Recover tab to save these items on the computer. If you want to save your notes, messages and contacts, aveți posibilitatea să faceți clic “Recuperare la calculator” sau “Restaurare la dispozitivbutton to save your files at different destinations.

Soluţie 2. Use iTunes backup file to recover your lost data from the jailbroken iOS 8 sau iOS 9 dispozitiv.

You need to back up the iOS device with iTunes prior to jailbreaking your device. Only then these instructions can help you recover your lost data to your iOS 8 sau iOS 9 iPhone , iPod or iPad.

Etapa 1. You will find an option named asRecover from iTunes backup Filelocated in left panel. Acum, open the backup file that you recently uploaded containing the lost data that you are trying to recover. Acum, apasă pe “Incepe scanarea” buton. The program will begin extracting data from the file of iTunes backup. Once the scanning gets finished, your files will get catalogued in groups.

Etapa 2. Review your files and verify the ones that you want to keep. After you have decided upon the files that you want to recover, click the Recover tab to keep them in your desktop. Regarding your messages, notes and contacts, you will have the alternative to save all of them in the jailbroken iOS 8 device also. You only require to hit theRestaurare la dispozitiv” buton.

No hesitation and download this trial version to give it a try!

Get dr.fone – Recupera (iOS)

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