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照片到的Galaxy Tab: 如何导入从PC到图片三星Galaxy Tab


If you are going to have a presentation tomorrow, and has a lot of PPTs and photos to preview before your presentation, the preparing time is so short and you can not bring your PC around with you all the time, that’s the reason you bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab, I am quite sure it attracts you to buy it on many aspects and easy to carry around and big clear screen must be one of it. If you already got a Samsung Galaxy Tab, what you should do next is importing your photos to Samsung Galaxy Tab from the computer.

I would like to recommend you a professional Samsung Galaxy Tab data manager, which name is Wondershare的MobileGo为Android. I would like to point out that this programme supports you from both side on the computer and your Samsung Galaxy tablet device, which mean you can transfer photos from and back to your PC, and delete them in batch.

How to import photos to Samsung Galaxy Tab from computer in batch

步骤 1: Set up your Samsung Galaxy Tab

下载MobileGo (Windows版本)下载MobileGo (Mac版本)

Download the Wondershare MobilGo Android(视窗) and install this Samsung Galaxy Tab data manager on your computer. 运行, connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab to your computer via Wifi or USB cable. The software should detect your Galaxy tablet automatically, 之后, the information of your device will be displayed in the primary window.


注意: The Samsung Galaxy Tab managerMobileGo for Android is fully compatible with lots of Android phone and tablets, including HTC, 索尼的Xperia, LG and Samsung.

步骤 2. Import photos to Samsung Galaxy Tab from computer

Click the little triangle in front of “相片” in the left directory trees. All the folders of photos in your Samsung Galaxy Tab shall be listed, and you can select the folder which you would like to place your photos in or you can also right click your mouse and create a new photos folder.

Afterwards, 点击 “加” and the browser window will pop up. Search the photos you want to import and select them. It will also be quite easy for you to add folders of photos, all you need is click the triangle under “加” 并选择 “新增文件夹”, then tick the folders you would like to import, DONE. The easiest way must be dragging and dropping the photos or photo folders directly to your Samsung Galaxy Tab. The most important tip is keeping your Samsung Galaxy Tab connecting with your PC while you are transferring.

Photos to Samsung Galaxy Tab width=
Finish all, and you will find it amazingly comfortable and easy to transfer photos to Samsung Galaxy Tab under the help of the Samsung Galaxy Tab data managerMobileGo为Android.

This Galaxy tablet manager can also enable you to transfer different kinds of data besides photos, 例如, 该 音乐, 该 视频 call contacts短信 等等. Last but not the least, if you found any data that in incompatible for your Android device, especially for videos, you can convert them into AVI, R M, any format you like that is compatible to your Android device with the help of the tool.

下载MobileGo (Windows版本)下载MobileGo (Mac版本)




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