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当你担心你的智能手机的数据成为一个大问题, 使用像一个永久的解决方案 PhoneClean替代 可能是你唯一的选择. 移动设备正在变得越来越无所不能用的功能,它们具有过多.

现在,智能手机可以容纳机密和个人信息,包括银行账户密码, 电子邮件和私人照片, 这可能会制造麻烦,当他们落入坏人之手.
Stolen data can happen due to many reasons including the device being stolen, resold or just cast off. Such phones may contain a huge amount of information stored by former users. Anyone with nefarious intent can exploit the data and images.

Research reveals that people do not erase the data in their smartphones completely when they dispose of them. This is true even in case of the devices containing sensitive information. And many users are unaware of the complete elimination of data in their phones.

如果你正在考虑转售自己的智能手机或想馈赠到一个朋友或亲戚, 您应该确保您的个人信息被完全删除. 恢复出厂设置通常被认为是解决这一困境. 但仅此是不够的始终.

所以, 什么是PhoneClean的替代方案,可有效擦除手机数据?

电话清理被认为是用于智能手机的最佳数据橡皮擦之一. It has gained a reputation as the one-stop solution for erasing a few or all data from smartphones completely and permanently.

Although it is a dependable product, it does have some drawbacks that make users hesitate on using it. 所以, if you are thinking of using PhoneClean for erasing data, using a PhoneClean alternative that performs the job effectively will make it easier for you.

PhoneClean Alternative for an effective data deletion

iSkysoft的数据橡皮擦 tool for Mac and Windows is one of the best PhoneClean Alternative 你可以在市场上的完整数据删除找到. 该软件配备抹去,甚至你想从你的智能手机中删除私人数据.

  • 它可以消除这仍然是嵌入在你的iPhone中删除数据
  • 它删除垃圾文件在您的手机腾出更多的空间, 大大提高了其性能
  • 随着Android手机, 数据橡皮擦工具,有助于消除存在的所有数据, 所以他们不会堕入恶意.


擦除数据的iSkysoft工具能够从智能手机Android和iOS设备永久删除所有信息. 这是最好的替代PhoneClean, 从使用该工具的装置擦除的数据是完全不采, 无论软件类型的使用用于恢复删除数据.


  • 该软件操作简单,使用方便. 你需要做的只是几个步骤来完成的过程
  • It secures all personal data including login information, bank data and browsing history by means of erasing all of them completely from your smartphone device
  • It cleans up all junk files from the smartphone resulting in increased speed of the device and more storage space.
  • It can be used in most of the Android devices and all iOS devices.


Instructions to delete data using PhoneClean Alternative

Erase data from iOS device

下载 iSkysoft的数据橡皮擦 tool designed specifically for Mac.

Install it in your Mac system

Connect your iOS device with USB cable to the Mac system

Go to the program’s main interface and click on the ‘Erase All Data’ 选项. This will lead you to the erasing window

Click on the ‘Erase Now’ 选项.

You will be asked for confirmation of complete erasure of data. In the appropriate field provided, you should type ‘delete’.

Click on the ‘Erase Nowoption once more to start the process of deletion.

Erase data from Android device

Connect Android device using USB cable to your system. Ensure USB debugging is enabled.

一旦连接, 该软件将能够检测到智能手机,让Android手机上的信息.


键入“删除’ 在打开的窗口.

点击“立即清除’ 选项






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