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استخدام PhoneClean بديلة لمحو فعال بيانات الهاتف


عندما كنت خائفا من بيانات الهاتف الذكي تصبح مشكلة كبيرة, باستخدام حل دائم مثل بديل PhoneClean قد يكون الخيار الوحيد بالنسبة لك. Mobile devices are becoming more and more omnipotent with the plethora of features they possess.

Now smartphones can hold confidential and personal information including passwords for bank accounts, emails and private photos, which can create havoc when they fall into the wrong hands.
Stolen data can happen due to many reasons including the device being stolen, resold or just cast off. Such phones may contain a huge amount of information stored by former users. Anyone with nefarious intent can exploit the data and images.

Research reveals that people do not erase the data in their smartphones completely when they dispose of them. This is true even in case of the devices containing sensitive information. And many users are unaware of the complete elimination of data in their phones.

If you are considering reselling your existing smartphone or want to gift it to a friend or relative, you should ensure that all your personal information is deleted completely. Factory reset is usually considered as a solution to this dilemma. But this alone would not be sufficient always.

وبالتالي, what is the PhoneClean Alternative that effectively erases phone data?

Phone Clean has been considered as one of the best data erasers used for smartphones. It has gained a reputation as the one-stop solution for erasing a few or all data from smartphones completely and permanently.

Although it is a dependable product, it does have some drawbacks that make users hesitate on using it. وبالتالي, if you are thinking of using PhoneClean for erasing data, using a PhoneClean alternative that performs the job effectively will make it easier for you.

PhoneClean Alternative for an effective data deletion

ممحاة البيانات iSkysoft دي tool for Mac and Windows is one of the best PhoneClean Alternative you can find in the market for complete data deletion. The software is equipped to erase even the private data you want to remove from your smartphone.

  • It can remove deleted data that is still embedded in your iPhone
  • It erases junk files freeing up more space in your phone, تحسين أدائه بشكل كبير
  • مع هواتف أندرويد, أداة ممحاة البيانات يساعد للقضاء على جميع البيانات الحالية, حتى لا تقع فريسة لنوايا خبيثة.

لماذا iSkysoft دي ممحاة البيانات الخيار المثالي?

أداة iSkysoft دي لمحو البيانات قادرة على حذف جميع المعلومات نهائيا من الهاتف الذكي الخاص على حد سواء أندرويد و iOS. هذا هو أفضل بديل PhoneClean, كما يتضح من البيانات تمحى من الجهاز باستخدام هذه الأداة هي تماما غير قابلة للاسترداد, irrespective of the type of software you use for recovering the erased data.

The main advantages of the product include

  • The software is simple and convenient to use. You need to do just a few steps to complete the process
  • It secures all personal data including login information, bank data and browsing history by means of erasing all of them completely from your smartphone device
  • It cleans up all junk files from the smartphone resulting in increased speed of the device and more storage space.
  • It can be used in most of the Android devices and all iOS devices.

الحصول على iSkysoft دي ممحاة البيانات

Instructions to delete data using PhoneClean Alternative

Erase data from iOS device

تحميل ممحاة البيانات iSkysoft دي tool designed specifically for Mac.

Install it in your Mac system

Connect your iOS device with USB cable to the Mac system

Go to the program’s main interface and click on the ‘Erase All Data’ اختيار. This will lead you to the erasing window

Click on the ‘Erase Now’ اختيار.

وسوف يطلب منك لتأكيد المحو كاملة من البيانات. في الحقل المناسب المقدمة, يجب عليك كتابة 'حذف'.

Click on the ‘Erase Now’ الخيار مرة أخرى لبدء عملية الحذف.

محو البيانات من جهاز الروبوت

توصيل جهاز الروبوت باستخدام كابل USB إلى النظام الخاص بك. يتم تمكين ضمان USB التصحيح.

مرة واحدة متصلة, يقوم البرنامج تكون قادرة على الكشف عن الهاتف الذكي وإعطاء معلومات عن هاتف يعمل بنظام Android.

انقر على الخيار الذي يقرأ باسم 'محو كل البيانات ".

اكتب "حذف’ في النافذة التي تفتح.

انقر على "محو الآن’ اختيار

فإن جميع البيانات في الروبوت الخاص بك يبدأ لحذف.

الحصول على iSkysoft دي ممحاة البيانات

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