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Pandora has become an exceptionally popular tool among music lovers across the globe these days. 잘, it can be annoying if you find that Pandora not working when you most need it. If you are troubled by such issue, this article comprises practical solutions to fix it.

For most of the iPhone users, Pandora is the preferred music app to 다운로드 & record Pandora music with a professional tool. Many of the iPhone users start and end their day listening to their favorite music through Pandora. Listening to Pandora can eventually become a habit, and it can be frustrating when it doesn’t work properly. 따라서, as a regular Pandora user, it would be handy for you to know the real fixes.

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Basic solutions to try if Pandora not working

In the first section of our article, we are going to explain some basic solutions to fix Pandora. These fixes are pretty easy to try, and they don’t take much time. 또한, these basic fixed won’t cost you any money. 하나, please note that they are effective in addressing minor glitches.

1. Restart the iPhone to fix Pandora

Restarting is a very common but often effective fix that can solve many minor software glitches on your iPhone. 그래서, it is worth trying this method to fix “판도라가 작동하지” issue on the device. 사실로, restarting means that you shut down your iPhone and start it again. When you do that, the iOS and the apps installed on the device starts fresh. Such an approach can address various minor anomalies and probably get Pandora to work again.

To get the iPhone restarted, you should follow the process mentioned below.

단계 1. 전원 버튼을 누르고 (which is also recognized as the Sleep/Wake button on most of the occasions).

단계 2. You will then see the Slider on the screen. To power the device off, swipe the red color power button toward the right side.

단계 3. You should now wait for about 20-30 seconds to turn on the device back. In order to switch the device on once again, press the power button once again.

단계 4. Release the power button when you see the Apple logo on the screen.

2. Troubleshoot Pandora

If restarting doesn’t address the problem successfully, you should try troubleshooting the app and see what happens. 때때로, just like any other app, Pandora can have some occasional troubles in it. To overcome those issues, you should try troubleshooting. You can follow the steps mentioned below in order to troubleshoot the app.

Close the app and open it once again

As a result of closing down, Pandora will get shut down. When you open it again, the app will start fresh possibly overcoming the minor errors. This method may work particularly to address a crashed software.

To close the app, you should perform a double press on the home button. You will then be directed to the App Switcher. This will display all the apps that are working on your iPhone at the moment. To close Pandora, just swipe it up. When Pandora doesn’t appear on the App Switcher anymore, that means you have closed it successfully.

Update Pandora

Many users experience erroneous performance on Pandora when it is outdated. The obvious solution to overcome an outdated app is to update it. The new update will probably have solutions to all the bugs and other imperfections. 그래서, we recommend you to check if there is an update available for Pandora and get it installed.

In order to check if an update is available, first open the App Store. 그때, 라는 옵션을 누르십시오 “업데이트” 아래쪽을 향해 위치한 (오른편) 디스플레이. 판도라가 그 목록에있는 경우 이제 업데이트를 사용할 수있는 모든 응용 프로그램을 볼 수 (블루 색상 “최신 정보” 단추), 그것을 업데이트하기에 눌러.

아이폰 OS 업데이트

오래된 아이폰 OS도 설치되어있는 응용 프로그램에 대한 몇 가지 문제가 발생할 수 있습니다. 그래서, 당신이 오래된 아이폰 OS가 있는지 확인하고이 초기에 업데이트됩니다 낫다. 외에도 잠재적 인 소프트웨어 문제에서, 오래된 아이폰 OS 버전은 종종 보안 문제와 함께 제공됩니다. Lack of performance is another consequence of having an outdated iOS version. 그래서, make sure that you keep your iOS updated to the latest version all the time.

To check an install iOS update, 먼저, 로 이동 “설정” 앱. 그때, 당신이 가야한다 “일반” 옵션 선택 “소프트웨어 업데이트”. If you see a message sayingYour software is up to date”, you don’t need to worry about updating. 하나, if there is an update, you should tap on the option “지금 설치”. To complete the installation, your iOS device should have enough battery life. It must at least have 50% of battery life left. 그렇지 않은 경우, you should plug the device into the charger. 설치 완료시, the device will reboot with the new iOS possibly overcoming the glitches.

Reinstall Pandora

If the problem is persisting, you can try reinstalling Pandora. 이것을하기 위해, you should uninstall the app first and get it reinstalled through the App Store. If there is something wrong with the app, reinstallation will fix it. As a result of uninstalling, App’s settings will be completely erased. When you reinstall the app, it will be a fresh copy with new configurations.

To uninstall the app, you should first press and hold on the app icon. 그때, you will feel a vibration. The apps will give you a wiggling impression. You should then tap on the little “엑스” icon on the upper-left of the app’s screen. You should then see an option with a popup asking if you need to delete the app. 에 눌러 “지우다” 프로세스를 완료하기.

To reinstall the app, you should go to App Store once again. At the bottom of the screen, you will be able to see an icon that resembles a magnifying glass. Tap on it to launch the Search tab. 그때, tap on the search box and key in “판도라”. Tap on the Pandora app when you see it.

지금, the Pandora app will get installed on your iPhone once again with new configurations. But you don’t need to worry about the account information. Your Pandora account will stay as it was.

3. Check the Wi-Fi connection

Do you access Pandora through Wi-Fi? 그렇다면, it is better to check your Wi-Fi connection as well if Pandora not working. 대개, Wi-Fi issues may be associated with software. 하나, occasional hardware issues too can cause errors with Wi-Fi.

In order to get connected with the Wi-Fi router, the iPhone comes with a small antenna. This antenna also helps you establishing Bluetooth connections. 잘, if you experience Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection problems at once, the problem could be a faulty antenna. In order to make sure what the error is, it is better to perform troubleshooting.

Turn off and on iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection

You can expect to fix minor issues associated with Wi-Fi connection simply by switching off and switching on it. The connection will restart as a new connection thereafter.

이것을하기 위해, you should first open the “설정” 응용 프로그램 및 이동 “와이파이” 선택권. 그때, you should tap on the switch beside the Wi-Fi and get it turned off. 그때, the switch will become gray in color.

Wait for a couple of seconds and turn the connection on. Once the connection is switched on, you will see the switch becomes green.

Try using Pandora now and see if it works.

Use a different Wi-Fi network

You can be sure if the problem is related to the Wi-Fi connection simply by connecting to another network. 그래서, try to get your iPhone connected to a different Wi-Fi network. If Pandora works on that network, the problem should be in the previous Wi-Fi network.

Reset the Network Settings

Resetting the network settings of the iPhone will reset all the connections linked to it. 그 의미는, your iPhone’s Bluetooth, VPN and Wi-Fi connections will be erased as a result of this process. 그때, you will have to reconfigure all the connections and check if Pandora works. 하나, before you opt to reset the connection, you will have to write down the passwords of Wi-Fi connections. 그렇지 않으면, reentering the passwords would be an issue.

To perform aNetwork Settings” 다시 놓기, you should first go to the “설정” 앱. 그때, 당신이 가야한다 “일반” 옵션 선택 “다시 놓기”. 그런 다음 선택 “네트워크 설정 재설정” 게다가. Enter the passcode when prompted and then tap on “네트워크 설정 재설정” to confirm the action. The iPhone will now reboot at the completion of the reboot.

4. Repair your iPhone

If none of the above options doesn’t work, and your Pandora not working there could be a severe issue. To overcome this, you will have to repair your iPhone. 하나, we don’t recommend you to repair it by yourself unless you are a certified Apple repairer. 대신, we highly recommend you to get your iPhone to your local Apple store. An expert Apple technician will decide whether it needs a repair or there is another fix.

잘, those are the options you can try if Pandora not working on your iPhone. If you are lucky enough and the problem is a minor one, you can get it fixed easily. 하나, upon a severe issue, you will need the assistance or a professional to get it repaired. 또한, as an additional precautionary measure, we highly recommend you to avoid jailbreaking your iPhone.

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