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Hva Online Video Cropper skal jeg bruke til å beskjære Video Online med letthet


Video editing is a great hobby to pick up. Even those of you who don’t plan on pursuing a video editing career, it’s a skill that’ll come in handy from time to time. But the problem that most computer users run into is the cost of video editing software. Even Adobe Premiere Pro, a renowned piece of software, has packages exceeding $100 per måned. unødvendig å si, if you want to edit a video, then you might find yourself on an online video cropper.

Take to Google and run a quick search to crop video online. I guarantee that you’ll be hit with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of solutions. Will they be perfect? Nei, they won’t be anywhere near it. This makes it hard to find a solution to crop video online so for your benefit; we’ve brought only the best of the best into a single list. Også, detailed Easy Sketch Pro review is here for you too.

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Seksjon 1. Best Desktop Video Cropper – Filmora Video Editor

Don’t worry – we are well aware that Filmora Video Editor is a desktop application. Our main reason for including it on this list is because it’s the best long-term solution. Ved å bruke en online editor & online video cropper, du begrenser deg selv, og derfor elektroniske løsninger er fortrinnsvis tenkt på som kortsiktige løsninger.

Filmora Video Editor er fortsatt aktuelt hvis du vil trimme video på nettet & beskjære video på nettet; det omfatter ulike planteproduksjon funksjoner. På toppen av det, følgende funksjoner er tilgjengelige:

  • Inkluderer alle grunnleggende videoredigering funksjoner som trim, slå sammen, avling, etc.
  • Nybegynner og avansert modus slik at egnede funksjoner er vist til deg
  • Gratis versjoner er tilgjengelig på Windows og Mac-maskiner
  • Redigere og lage videoer som ser profesjonell med letthet
  • Enkle dra ‘n’ slippe å legge til musikk og flere videoer til videoredigering prosjektet
  • Synkroniseres med ulike videodeling plattformer for en enkel opplasting prosess

Avhengig av hva din erfaring med programvare for videoredigering er, du kan velge en passende modus. Nye redaktører bør bruke nybegynner-modus, men når du får en følelse for Filmora, du kan bruke den andre. Så, det er noen av de standout funksjonene som denne online video cropper & uskarphet bakgrunn app kommer med.

Hvordan bruke Filmora Video Editor

Klar til å bruke denne beste MKV kuttere & MKV-fil Editor Filmora Video Editor? Vi kommer til å gå deg gjennom hvordan du bruker den under. Snarere enn å beskjære video på nettet, Dette stasjonær løsning vil gi deg en bedre opplevelse. Så, uten videre om og men, værsågod!

Skritt #1 - Begynn med å laste ned Filmora Video Editor på datamaskinen.

Merk: Gratis prøveversjoner er tilgjengelig for både Mac og PC, men vær oppmerksom på at de begrenser de funksjonene du kan få tilgang til.

Skritt #2 - Når programmet er ferdig installert kan du gå videre og starte den å begynne å redigere.

Skritt #3 – Open a separate window and locate the file that you want to crop video online.

Skritt #4 – Drag and drop the video onto Filmora’s interface. From here you can start freely editing it.

Skritt #5 – Right-click on the video’s track and selectCrop and zoom”.

Skritt #6 – Use the crop option to select sections of the video you wish to remove.

Skritt #7 – After you are happy with your edits, klikk “Eksport” and follow the steps shown on-screen.

These steps are very simple and outline the basic cropping process. Don’t forget that you can add music, transition screens, tekst, and add special effects. Filmora has plenty of video editing features to offer so be sure that you try them all.

Få Filmora

Seksjon 2. Topp 10 Ways to Crop Video Online for Free

If after trying Filmora you still want to try an online video cropper, that’s not a problem! Like we said at the beginning of the article, there are hundreds online video cropper to choose from. Below we have done the research and put information about the top 10 online video croppers in one convenient location.

#1 – Cellsea Video Editor

One of the most popular online video editors that we see is Cellsea. The process for editing videos is pretty straightforward. Simply drag your video file onto the website, and after the processing phase, a video editor will appear.

Alongside a preview, six tabs will be shown to you. I dette tilfellet, you’ll want to select “Avling”. You can be certain that due to the flexibility of this cropping feature, your video will be close to perfect.

Notable Features

  • Supports the addition of music and other audio files
  • Resize the video or convert it into another format

#2 – Online Video Cutter

Maybe you want to try something that is only meant for cropping and which won’t overwhelm you with additional features. Online Video Cutter will do just that as it’s only used to crop video online.
Vi vil, not quite; there are a few extra features that can come in handy. This free tool comes also gives you the opportunity to export videos in any type of video format. Crop the video, touch up any small problems you see, and upload it for the world to enjoy.

Notable Features

  • Supports large video files up to 500Mb
  • Any videos that you upload and edit are deleted shortly after your edits (within hours)

#3 – ytCropper

Are you on the hunt for an online video cropper tool that grabs videos from YouTube just so you can edit them? ytCropper allows users to copy the URL of a YouTube video and edit the video in their browser. Rather than using a YouTube downloader and reuploading the video, this is much more convenient.

After you paste the video’s URL into the online video cropper, you can use sliders to decide what part of the video you will crop. As soon as the cropping is done, du kan klikke “Avling” and post the link to your creation wherever you want.

Notable Features

  • An easy way to crop videos that are already on YouTube
  • Provides users with a link that they can embed on their own website

#4 – MixerFactory

Offering more than just video cropping, MixerFactory is a great video editing tool. With a sleek and user-friendly interface, discovering the various features that it offers is easy.

Once you import the video to Mixmoov, redigering makten er i dine hender. Legg til tekst, lydfiler, overgangseffekter, og slå video til et kunstverk.

Notable Features

  • Lett å bruke, uansett redigering erfaring
  • En gratis prøveversjon må være forespurt før du kan bruke den

#5 - Pixorial

Dette er en avling video nettbasert verktøy som du faktisk kan ha hørt om. Pixorial dekker ulike former for redigering - inkludert bilder og video - men primært tilbyr sky-lagring som er ideell for deling av bilder og videoer fritt.

Notable Features

  • Trim / beskjære videoer og slå sammen forskjellige klipp sammen
  • Inkluderer et bibliotek på over 500 tracks that users can access for free
  • Add subtitles or additional audio tracks to your videos

#6 – Wincreator

Perhaps you want to get your hands on a diverse set of tools? Wincreator includes a video cutter, but if we take a closer look, there are various other features too.

Wincreator comes with a GIF maker, audio cropper, YouTube downloader, and can turn music videos into MP3 files. When clipping a video, the file size limit is 50Mb, and this site supports all of the most popular formats. It’s a very simple website to use, and it requires minimal effort!

Notable Features

  • Preview the video clip after you’ve made the necessary changes
  • SupportsMultiCutterwhich means more than one part of a video can be cut

#7 – Video Toolbox

video Toolbox is a free online video editing tool. At first sight, it might look like a complex piece of software, but it’s very easy to get the hang of. Depending on how much editing you want to do and your past experience, two modes are available. Simple mode is for beginners whereas advanced mode includes the likes of video codec changes.

In terms of the features that Video Toolbox provides, you can add a watermark to the video, create thumbnails, and record the live video feed from your webcam. Did we mention that it’s free?

Notable Features

  • Capable of downloading videos from popular video sharing platforms
  • Processes videos that have a file size of up to 1.5Gb

#8 – FileLab Video Editor

As we reach the end of our list, FileLab Video Editor makes an appearance. With this free editing solution, you can crop video online fairly easily and as a result of the user-friendly design, finding your way around the different editing features is easy.

The video can be split, you can add music (or any audio files) to it, and adding text takes just a few clicks. Once you’re happy with the edits you’ve made, you can save the video in one of the many formats that the editor supports.

Notable Features

  • A desktop version is available
  • Støtter HD-videoer (some older editors don’t support these videos)

#9 – YouTube Video Editor

Siste, but certainly not least, is the YouTube Video Editor. Although one of the older options, this online video cropper is still popular due to how reliable it can be.

YouTube is constantly updating this platform but has yet to release a complete revamp in terms of design and updated features. You can access this editor by heading over to YouTube, signing into your account and clicking on “Laste opp” at the top-right.

Under “Video Editoryou’ll see an “Redigere” button and once you upload a video, cropping it is just one of the various edits you can make.

Which Online Video Cropper to Use?

Så, even though we’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting already, here’s a little extra. You might be struggling, enda mer, to decide which cropper to use and as such, here are a few things to consider.

  • Koste. Does the cropper cost and if yes, how much? Don’t spend more than your budget.
  • kompatibilitet. The better the software, the higher the chance of it being resource intensive. If your online cropper has a desktop version with more to offer, make sure that your computer is compatible.
  • Egenskaper. Do the features match your needs? Unless the video cropper fulfills all of your editing needs, there’s no point in using it.
  • tilgjengelighet. Consider how easy the platform is to use. Can you find the tools easily? Does your web browser support the cropping tool? Tross alt, if you can’t use the platform with ease, then it’s not worth the time.

You might also want to consider if there is a desktop version available. Anyone who wants to get into video editing seriously should avoid online editors. They lack innovative features which help beginners to learn, and just won’t help you progress your knowledge.

Her, du vil lære mer om DaVinci Resolve VS Premiere Pro, VSDC free video editor review i tillegg til DaVinci Resolve VS Premiere Pro complete comparision.

To Conclude for the Best Online Video Cropper

Now it’s up to you. By using the information from this blog, and your own preferences, decide which of the tools is the best for you. Meste parten av tiden, when it comes to choosing software, users will base their decision on preference.

Selvfølgelig, for any avid video editors, we highly suggest using Filmora Video Editor. But if you’re looking to use an online video cropper once, stick with the online solutions. You have plenty of editors to choose from, and with our guide above, it’s easy to find a video editor that suits you. With these powerful tools, it will be easy for you to be one of the best Kvinne YouTubers.
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