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Four Desirable Online ID3 Taggers


An ID3 tagger is a shorthand for an ID3 tag editor. It is a software used for editing metadata in the format of ID3, or sometimes other formats. The ID3 tags carry the multimedia information including the track title, the artist, the album cover, and so on. You can store all the audio files in an orderly manner with the help of such taggers so that it is easy for you to find the files you want.

There are some online taggers available which enable you to get access to them without downloading and installing any tag editor on your computer. But also you are able to edit ID3 tags of audio files and make your music library organized with the hassle. Here are some broadly welcomed online ID3 taggers for your information:


Downloading address:
Short Introduction:
It is easy to edit the ID3 tags of an audio file after you upload it on this online software. With this unparalleled helper, you can edit any metadata of the audio file and even rename it or change the album cover of it.

Star Rating: 4 stars out of 5 (The average user’s rating )

1. It offers an excellent user experience.
2. The audio file that you used in the edit action can be the one stored on your computer or the one played online. For the latter one, you can simply paste the URL of it.
3. You are allowed to add your own categories or genre as you like.

1. It is not able to edit audios once in the batch, which make it time-consuming and annoying to do it over and over again when you are supposed to fulfill batch edit with another online tagger.
2. You can not add any lyrics to the audios.

Downloading address:
Short Introduction:
It is a nice ID3 tag editor available on the Internet. You can edit the metadata of an MP3 file with it, or you can also erase all the information stored.

Star Rating: 3 stars out of 5 (The average user’s rating )

1. It allows you to add or change the album cover of an audio file.
2. The interface is simple and understandable, so it is easy for both new beginners and experts.
3. Both the local files and online tracks are supported. For the latter, you can enter the URL and edit the audio file.
4. You are allowed to choose the place to put the ID3 tags, either the beginning or the end of the music file.

The functions are kinds of inadequate for further edit.

3.MP3 Tag Editor Online

Downloading address:
Short Introduction:
It is a good choice for those who don’t want to download and install an application on their computer. Although online ID3 tag editors are thought to be a tool with limited functions, all the basic features are included, for example, edit the track titles, the artists, the album covers and so on. Also you can add some comments of your own with it.

Star Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5 (The average user’s rating)

1. It is freeware, you can get access to all the functions of it without paying even a penny.
2. It is easy to use with a friendly user interface.
3. You can add your own comment to the audio files.

1. Some functions you may want are not supported as those local applications, for instance, you can not edit the metadata like release years and the track numbers of your music files.
2. The online audio files are not supported, so you may have to turn to the tools we talk about before.
3. You are not allowed to do the batch edit.

Downloading address:
Short Introduction:
This is the last recommended online ID3 tag editor for you. It is as good as its four counterparts. It can edit the ID tags and helps you to make your music library neat and organized. What’s more, online music editing is also allowed.

Star Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5 (The average user’s rating)

1. It is free and all the functions offered are available.
2. It has a constant regular update.
3. The interface of it is very friendly, and the operation is simple.

1. It is not able to edit a batch of audios once at a time.
2. There are some errors when you use it.
3. It can edit the audios only that stored on the Internet instead of those stored in your computer’s hard drive.

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