On Mac, Free Ways to Recover Lost iPhone/iPad/iPod Data

Did you lose your data on your iDevices and now running around like a headless chicken? Congratulations for finding the exact right helpers here. We are going to introduce you two preferable free ways of recovering iDevices data in Mac OS X El Capitan as easy as blowing off dust. Keep reading the article and try the solutions we provide here.

First Free Solution: Recover iPhone/iPad/iPod data from iTunes backup in El Capitan

Nowadays, iTunes is the most often seen iOS device users’ data manager. It can help you organize and place your data efficiently and orderly. The truth is that it can produce a backup for your iOS device whenever you are syncing your device with your computer, another convenience about it was that every time you reconnect your iOS device to your iTunes, it will update with the profile automatically. So here to ring the bells, which is that you should also stop this procedure once you found that your data is lost, or you will lose your data in your iTunes backup file as well.

Recover your iPhone/iPad/iPod data from your iTunes backups on Mac is a piece of cake. Follow up below steps:

Step 1. Turn off “auto sync” function

Make sure that you turn off the “auto sync” function before you connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to your computer, so that you can stop from your data already saved in iTunes being updated and lost. Follow the directions Open iTunes < Go to Preferences… < Click Devices. Click it “Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically”. Then “OK” button.


Step 2. Link iPhone/iPad/iPod to your Mac, then recover data from iTunes backup

After you turn off the auto sync function, connect iOS device to your Mac without worries. As long as your iDevice is connected with the computer and detected by iTunes, click on the menu of “Devices“. A list of menu would come out and you can tick on: “Restore from Backup….” Later, all of the files it has been backup will be listed, you can recover any file you need.


Sometimes, you would like to just recover part of data from the iTunes backup instead of all backup files and don’t want to give up the existing files on iOS device. Then you can find other better solutions from below:
For All iPhone For All iPad For All iPod 
Extract iTunes Backup for Your iPhoneRestore iPad from iPhone BackupFind and View iTunes Backup Files
Restore iPhone from iPad BackupExtract iPad BackupRestore iTunes Backup to iPod touch

Second Free Solution: Recover iPhone/iPad/iPod data in El Capitan from iCloud

If you never used iTunes to backup your files, or you have stop using it for a while, then the last solution we offered may be not suitable for you, but don’t worry, there is always another option, and that is to recover iOS lost data from iCloud.

Step 1. Clear all the files and settings on your iDevice

The first step of recovering iOS lost data from iCloud is that you should delete all the data on your iDevice and have your settings all unloaded. The procedures are: Go to Settings


Step 2. Retrieve iOS lost data via iCloud backup on Mac

After you finish the first step, restart your iDevice, for instance, if you are using the iPhone, the windows will be like below. Then click “Restore from iCloud Backup”.


If both free ways not suitable for you, then you should need a professional iOS data recovery tool for you to recover your lost data from iPhone/iPad/iPod directly on Mac. Then just find the best one for you below according to your situation.
For All iPhoneFor All iPadFor All iPod
Restore iPhone from iCloud BackupUndelete and Rescue Lost Data on iPadiPod touch Data Recovery
Recover iPhone Data Without BackupRecover Deleted iPad Data on Mac EL CapitanUndelete Deleted iPod touch Videos
Dead iPhone Data RecoveryHow to Recover Deleted iPad Air DataRecover Data from iPod touch on Mac


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