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[Nokia to Galaxy S5]: Transfer Contacts to Galaxy S5 from Nokia Phone


Just got the newly released Samsung Galaxy S5, you may be more than happy since it is really a hit among the increasing competitive smartphone market. Equipped with the advanced side-touch technology, Galaxy S5 is undoubtedly another powerful smartphone. However, when you calm down and chill out, you find there is a “hot potato” to be solved, that is, data transferring. Your old Nokia is based on the Android operating system while Galaxy S5 is running Android OS. As we all know, it is not easy to share data between two different operating systems. So, turning to a reliable program for help is definitely a wise bet. Featured in data transferring, the dr.fone – Switch is absolutely your optimal choice to transfer all data from old Nokia phone to new Samsung Galaxy S5.

What makes the dr.fone – Switch distinguished?

  • One click to transfer the contacts from Nokia Android phone to Galaxy S5, including job title, email address, company info and so on;
  • Directly move all photos and videos from Nokia to new Samsung Galaxy S5 with the cost of one click;
  • Simply export your favorite songs from your Nokia phone/tablet to the Galaxy S5;
  • Perfectly support at least 7,000 portable devices, namely tablets and smartphones based on iOS and Android.

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Follow 4 Simple Steps to Transfer Contacts from Nokia phone to Galaxy S5

Actually, it is quite easy to transfer contacts from your old Nokia phone to the brand new Galaxy S5. All you need is the help of the dr.fone, a powerful data transfer tool enabling you to do a wide range of data transferring, including contacts, videos, photos and music transferring. Sounds very powerful, right? Then just waste no time to check this amazing tool out.

Step 1: Run this data transfer tool on your computer

Double click the installer to install and launch the dr.fone on your computer after downloading it.

Step 2: Select “Switch” mode to sync contacts from Nokia to Samsung S5

When you launch dr.fone, you will find that there are serval modes for you to choose, one is “Switch“, another one is “Backup and Restore”. Here please just select “Switch” mode, then you can transfer contacts from old Nokia phone/tablet to new Samsung Galaxy S5.

Note: If you need to backup & restore your phone data, you can choose Backup & Restore mode.

Step 3: Plug in both your Nokia and Galaxy S5 to the computer

Plug in both your Nokia phone and Galaxy S5 to the computer through two USB cables. Once they are successfully connected, you can check them on the primary interface. By pressing the rectangle Flip bar, you are able to switch the places of your devices. If you need to wipe your Galaxy S5 for the upcoming data, you can tick the “Clear data before copy” option. To copy contacts from the accounts to your Galaxy S5, log in these accounts on your Nokia phone firstly.

contacts from nokia to Samsung Galaxy S5

Step 4: Time to transfer the contacts from Nokia to Samsung S5

By default the marks before contacts, videos, music, and photos are selected. To move the contacts only, remove the corresponding marks before you begin the transfer process. When everything is done, hit the “Start Transfer” button to begin the process. In a few minutes, this process is supposed to be completed. After it, just simply press OK to close it. Bingo!
nokia to Galaxy S5 contacts transfer

Just click the Download button to get this amazing program. You know you are liking it!

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