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Transferring data from your Nokia Lumia to HTC 10 is not a big deal. You may want to transfer your phone data to another device, due to many reasons. Maybe you are switching your mobile device, or upgrading to a new Smartphone, or else you want to take your mobile device to the service center for repair. 어떤 경우, you may want to transfer your Nokia Lumia’s data to another HTC phone.

You can do this with the help of software that can help you to transfer your phone data. Whether is transferring the information to your computer, 휴대용 퍼스널 컴퓨터, 태블릿, or your Smartphone, you can do it with ease through the many software available nowadays.

dr.fone – 스위치

One such software is known as dr.fone – 스위치, which is offered by the popular brand, Wondershare. It is a one click program through which you can transfer all your data from one mobile device to the other. What makes this mobile transfer software different and better from others is that it can be used easily, without any hassles.

Whether you are a technological geek or just an amateur, you can handle dr.fone easily. You do not have to go through a huge manual book to use this software. Moreover the program can transfer your data from one Smartphone to the other quite quickly, 몇 분 이내에, depending on how much data you are transferring.

No matter what type of data it is, whether your contacts, 미디어 파일, 등 비디오, 음악 및 사진, 메시지, 달력, 통화 기록, 애플 리케이션, 응용 프로그램 데이터, or any other type of data stored in your mobile device, you can transfer it to another cell phone.

더욱이, the program is especially made for phone to phone transfer, so that you can transfer your private data to another Smartphone. 과, you are not limited to some certain mobile devices or mobile brands, as dr.fone supports most of the mobile devices offered by different companies, including Android devices offered by Samsung, HTC, 모토로라, 소니, 구글, LG, 화웨이, iOS devices including iPhone, 아이 패드, and iPod touch, and Nokia devices.

과, 때에 온다 transferring data from Nokia Lumia to HTC 10, you can do it easily and quickly with dr.fone. 그래서, let us first see the unique characteristics of this software in brief and then learn how you can use it.

Unique characteristics of dr.fone software

  • Transfers data from Nokia Lumia to HTC 10 한 번의 클릭으로
  • 사용하기 쉬운
  • Can transfer all types of data, 연락처 포함, 메시지, 달력, 사진, 통화 기록, 음악, 애플 리케이션, 응용 프로그램 데이터, 비디오, 기타. between different phones
  • Supports iPhone XS (최대) 및 윈도우 폰 10 과 8 backup to Android and iOS devices
  • Fully compatible with iOS 12, 기계적 인조 인간 8.0, 및 Windows 10
  • Restores backup content from iCloud, 아이튠즈, 블랙 베리, Onedrive, 선택, and many more to iOS and Android devices
  • Permanently erases all the data from your old Android mobile device and protects your privacy, so that your private data is not leaked
  • 이상 지원 8000 모바일 장치, including Droid, 윈도우 폰 (노키아), and all the iPhone models, along with the latest iOS 12 모바일 장치
  • Transfers data on different networks between mobile devices, such as AT&티, 버라이존, T 모바일, and Sprint
  • No quality loss and risk free, 와 100% similarity with the original content quality

dr.fone 받기 – 스위치

dr.fone – Switch software is offered at a reasonable price of $39.95 for both the Windows as well as the Mac platforms for lifetime.

How you can use the dr.fone to Transfer Data from Nokia Lumia to HTC 10

Now that you know what all special attributes dr.fone has, you would want to know how you can use this software. As I said above, transferring your data from Lumia to HTC 10 is a breeze with dr.fone – 스위치, which is a one-click program for phone to phone transfer, Wondershare에 의해 제공.

With just one click of a button, you can transfer your data from one your Nokia Lumia to HTC 10, including your contacts, 메시지, 사진, 음악, 기타. 이를 통해, you can restore as well as backup your phone data effortlessly. 그러나, you would want to know how you can do it. 확실한, just go through this step by step guide and transfer your data from Nokia Lumia to HTC 10 easily and quickly.

This guide is divided into two parts, where in the first part you will learn how you can transfer your media files from Nokia Lumia to HTC 10 and in the second part you will get to know how you can transfer your contacts from Lumia to HTC 10. 그래서, get started by downloading the dr.fone software.

Transfer your media files from your Nokia Lumia to HTC 10 mobile device

단계 1: Open the dr.fone software.

단계 2: 옵션을 클릭합니다, which says, “스위치.”

단계 3: 지금, connect your Windows Smartphone, which is Nokia Lumia, 뿐만 아니라 당신의 안드로이드 장치로, which is HTC 10, to your PC with the help of USB cables. After connecting both these mobile devices to your PC, you can choose the destination and source phones as per your needs by pressing the “튀기다” button on the software.

단계 4: 지금, you must select the particular files that you want to transfer from your Lumia to HTC 10 by checking the boxes given before the file names. If you want to free some space on your destination device, which is HTC 10, you can do that too by clearing the data through this program. 이, 차례로, will wipe out the data in your HTC 10 장치, before the transfer starts. You can clear the data by checking the box that says, “복사하기 전에 데이터 지우기.”

노트: If you want to transfer your photos, 음악, and video files from your Windows phone to your Android Smartphone, then you can do it directly. 그러나, if you want to transfer your contacts from your Nokia Lumia to HTC 10 장치, then you have to first create a backup of your contacts on the OneDrive and then you can restore these backed up contacts to your Android mobile device.

단계 5: 지금, 온 클릭 “전송 시작option in order to start the transfer procedure from Lumia to HTC 10. 전체 과정에서, keep both your mobile devices connected.

Lumia to HTC 10 데이터 전송

NOkia to HTC data Transfer
Through these easy and simple steps of using dr.fone – Switch software, 당신은 할 수 transfer your mobile data from Nokia Lumia to HTC 10 Smartphone 몇 분 이내에. 그래서, just get started with this program and transfer data from Lumia to HTC 10 오늘!

dr.fone 받기 – 스위치

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