Get Newer Smart Switch App on Samsung Galaxy S6 for Data Transfer

The highly expected Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ finally embraced the public not long ago. As the appearance and features of the devices unveiled piece by piece such as the edge screen, new Smart Remote app and more, you must be more eager to ditch your old device and change into this creative new device.

If that is the case, then you sincerely need a transfer the files between the old device and the new one. So Samsung comes with a feature called Smart Switch. It enables you to get the contents from your old device to your fresh Galaxy S6 (Edge Plus) without efforts. In addition, the devices it supports can be expanded to any Galaxy device as you like. There is one old version that has been released to work on the Galaxy S4 before and it is available on Google Play.But you can use the updated one on your Galaxy S6.

We will give you a full guidance over the process. Just pay attention to the following instruction.

Download Smart Switch on your computer.

Get the APK file of Samsung Smart Switch Mobile on your Samsung device. Before install the program, you should ensure you have checked the option Unknown Sources. Then install the program like other APK file on your device. Remember to install the program on both of your devices. If you try to switch from an iPhone, then just install it on the Galaxy device.


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When the app is launched successfully, you are allowed to choose the mode of transfer. Android to Galaxy or iOS to Galaxy. Then we will cover both the transfer type for you next.

How to transfer media files from one Android to new Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge+) device

Choose Send Content on your old Android device. And then confirm the connection on your new Galaxy device by selecting Receive Content. Since the app use audio signal to connect to the two devices, so it is vital to keep the two devices close enough.

get-samsung-galaxy-s6s-newer-smart-switch-app-any-galaxy-device.w654 (2)

get-samsung-galaxy-s6s-newer-smart-switch-app-any-galaxy-device.w654 (3)
The contents that the program support transferring between your old and new device include almost everything. Call logs, photos, movies or more are all able to be transferred. You just need to check the contents you want and then hit the button Send.

get-samsung-galaxy-s6s-newer-smart-switch-app-any-galaxy-device.w654 (4)

get-samsung-galaxy-s6s-newer-smart-switch-app-any-galaxy-device.w654 (5)
The transfer process can last from just a few seconds to several minutes according to the size of the files you want to transfer.

get-samsung-galaxy-s6s-newer-smart-switch-app-any-galaxy-device.w654 (6)

get-samsung-galaxy-s6s-newer-smart-switch-app-any-galaxy-device.w654 (7)

How to transfer media files from iOS to Galaxy S6 device

However, the transfer process from an iOS device to a Galaxy device is not the same. You can choose to use a USB cable to connect both the devices or simply import files from your iCloud account.

get-samsung-galaxy-s6s-newer-smart-switch-app-any-galaxy-device.w654 (8)

get-samsung-galaxy-s6s-newer-smart-switch-app-any-galaxy-device.w654 (9)
Do you have any opinion about the new Smart Switch app of Galaxy S6? Do you think it is better performed than the early version? If you have anything to say, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the following post.


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