Music to Galaxy S5: How to Sync iPod Songs to Samsung Galaxy S5 / S6 / S6 Edge+/S7

Do you want to upgrade your phone? Have you ever thought of buying the new Samsung Galaxy S5 rather than the iPhone 5S? But you might hesitate at this idea when coming to the problem that you have no direct way to sync music from your old iPod to the new Samsung Galaxy products. Of course, you can upload the purchased music in iTunes folder directly to your computer and then import them to your new Samsung Galaxy S5. However, what about those songs downloaded from other channels?

Do you really want to leave the hundreds of awesome music on the iPod? Definitely no! Don’t worry. Today we will tell you the way to tackle your thorny headache. Can’t wait to know the answer right? Ok, let me tell you, the iPod songs to Galaxy S6 transfer tool’s name is dr.fone – Switch. So you might doubt what is special of this tool? Just take your time, when you have a full knowledge of it, you will undoubtedly fall in love with it! All you need to do is one click the mouse and wait patiently for less than 3 minutes (the time it takes depends on the amount of songs you choose to transfer) to transfer music from iPod to Samsung Galaxy S5. What’s more, you will never worry about the risk or quality-loss it will bring to you, we can assure you that there is zero risk during the whole process, it is 100% safe and the songs transferred to your Galaxy3s will be all the same as the original ones. Therefore, this tool is so safe and convenient.

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The Way to Sync Music from iPod to Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge+

Step 1. Download iPod Music to Samsung Galaxy Phone Sync tool – dr.fone

As to transfer the music in your old iPod to Samsung Galaxy S5, for the first step, you should download the dr.fone on your computer and then install it. After that, launch it. Once this process is finished, you will see the primary window. click “Switch” enter phone to phone transfer mode.

Note: dr.fone-Switch fully supports all Samsung Galaxy devices and iPod Touch running iOS 5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12 system, including Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6 (Edge+), Galaxy S5 and iPod Touch 6.

Step 2. Make the connection between the Computer and both the iPod and Samsung Galaxy S5

In the primary window of dr.fone, you must use the USB cables to connect both your Samsung Galaxy S5 and your iPod to your computer. After this iPod music to Galaxy S5 transfer tool finishes detecting your devices, they would be shown in the window.

iPod Music to Samsung Galaxy S5 transfer

Note: Remember to tick off the “Clear data before copy” tab if you want to make room for your valued songs in the Galaxy S5. If you want to keep the songs, let the tab alone.

Step 3. Now you can begin to sync iPod music to Galaxy S6 or S5

In order to do the music to Galaxy S5 sync, you just need to have music checked and then Click Start Copy. When it finishes transferring all the songs you need will be transferred to your Samsung Galaxy S5, just click OK and all the job is done.

Music from iPod to Galaxy S5 transfer

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