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Motorola Migrate: Data Migration from An Old Phone to the New Motorola Phone


When people want to replace their old Android phones to new Motorola phone, what they prefer to do is to transfer data with ease. That is why the Motorola Company has developed the Motorola Migrate, which makes it easy for people to transfer data to the new Motorola from an old phone either an Android or iPhone. All the data in the Motorola can be transferred with this handy tool, including call logs, messages, contacts in the SIM card, photos, audios, videos, etc. But unfortunately, it is unable to transfer apps. If you need to sync apps with new Motorola phone, you may try a professional phone to phone data transfer tooldr.fone – Switch.

Let’s see how it goes when you transfer data with Motorola Migrate.

Part 1. Transfer Data from Android with Motorola Migrate

Step 1. You can search for the downloading address of Motorola Migrate from Google Play Store. Install it on both of your old phone and new Motorola. Then run it on both devices and turn to the next step.

Step 2. Now pick up your Motorola, on the primary window of Motorola Migrate, choose the source as device “Android”. And tap on “Next”. You are probably showed with all the data on your Android except the apps. Tap on “Next” again to go on.

Motorola Migrate for Android
Step 3. Now it will turn to the new screen and show you the QR Code of your Motorola. You need to pick up your Android to click on “Start” and scan it, which will make it successful to connect both of your phones via WIFI.

Step 4. Once they are connected, you will find all the data will be transferred. It will take you a period of time depending on the scale of the files you choose. After it finishes, click on “Exit”.


Part 2. Transfer Data from iPhone with Motorola Migrate

Step 1. Do as Part 1.

Step 2. Choose “iPhone” as the source device, and tap on “Next”. Choose the data you want to transfer and tap on “Next” again.

Step 3. On your iPhone, log in to iCould on your iPhone with your iCloud ID and password. Click “Next” and click on “Begin Transfer” to get ready for transferring.

Step 4. On your Motorola, sign in to your Google Account.

Step 5. After that, the data will be automatically transferred. You can check on your Motorola to see if it does finish all data transfer.


Part 3. A Solution for You if You Want to Transfer Apps With Data

It is a great pity that you cannot transfer apps with Motorola Migrate.

Thankfully, you have a versatile application which can transfer all kinds of data files from one phone to another. That is dr.fone-Switch. It is able to transfer not only the messages, contacts, call logs, calendar, media files, but also apps with data in just 1-click. If you don’t want to download apps on your new phone one by one, then you can’t miss it. And dr.fone-Switch can sync iOS devices with new Motorola directly without iCloud.

By the way, dr.fone – Switch is compatible with devices with the operation systems including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Nokia (Symbian & Windows Phone) and so on. In addition, it can perform Huawei transfer & Huawei Phone Clone effortlessly for you. And it transfers photos from Android to Mac without any efforts.

iPhone to Motorola migrate

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