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[Moto X Backup]: How to Backup Moto X/X4 Data to PC or Another Device


Why need to do phone data backup, such as Moto X/Moto X4 Backup?

It could be easy for you to make the decision to sell or donate your phone, but it is not that easy to keep all the data once store on your phone. Your phone is the place where keeps your contacts, SMS, music, videos, and pictures, and of course, your favorite apps. You can get rid of your old phone, but you can’t ignore these important data. There is another reason for you to backup your phone is when you are going to give your phone back to AT&T, Verizon to get some service, you might want nobody can see your private data on the phone, and it would be stupid just clean them all. Your only option is to have a backup of your phone. So it is really necessary for you to find a way to backup your phone data, such as – Moto X Backup.

How to Backup Moto X4/Moto X data with ease?

You should try to use the dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android) to do the Moto X backup, because this software guarantee no data loss and virus-free. And of course, by using the dr.fonecan also transfer data from your Moto X to other devices. The dr.fone – Switch is compatible with various platforms like iOS, Android and Symbian.

What dr.fone can do for you to backup Moto X files?

  • Not only backup those contacts on your Moto X memory card, those in your accounts like Google, Twitter and Facebook can also be backed up to computer
  • Export SMS, apps, photos, call logs, music, and videos from Moto X to PC
  • All your backup files could be restored to other devices easily
  • Support different brands’ smartphone, like Motorola, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Sony and HUAWEI and so on.

Get dr.fone – Backup & Restore (Android)

Part 1. How to backup Moto X data to computer

Step 1. Install the dr.fone on your computer

First, you need to download the installation package on your Windows computer. There will be an installation wizard to give you instructions to help you launch this software on the computer. Pay attention to the pops up window that asks you to select a mode. Remember pick up the Backup and Restore mode and then click Backup.

Get dr.fone – Backup & Restore (Android)

Step 2. Backup Moto X to computer.

Use USB cables to plug your Moto X into your computer and wait for the software detects it. After your Motorola showing up on the interface, you can select contents that you wish to backup to the computer. You can backup data like SMS, call logs, videos, photos, music and apps. At last click “Backup” and soon all the data will be saved on your computer.

Step 3. Restore Moto X backup files to other devices

Since you already had the backup files of your Moto X on the computer, you can restore them to any other devices that supported by the dr.fone, which as far as we know, a lot of devices can work well with this software, like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Nokia (both Symbian and Android).

Note: Different devices can be stored to different kinds of data

  • Moto X to Android devices: Contacts, SMS, videos, photos, apps, call logs and music
  • Moto X to iDevice: Music, photos, video and contacts, SMS

Part 2. How to backup data from Moto X to other smart phones

If you have two phones at the same time, you can save those steps to backup and restore files on Moto X a to other devices. The dr.fone – Switch can help you transfer data from your Moto X to other devices directly. And it is also very simple to perform the Motorola Migrate.

Step 1. Install dr.fone on your Windows computer.

Like what we had tough you in the previous part of this article, download and launch this software on your computer is very easy. Because the dr.fone is designed to be easy-to-use. Now you need to select a different mode, the “Switch” mode. But you still need to install iTunes on your computer if you would like to backup data from Moto X to iOS devices.

Step 2. Connect both of your devices to the computer

This time you will need two USB cables to connect both your Moto X and another device to the computer. It won’t take long before the interface shows both your devices because the software needs to detect them in order to get a full picture of the files on your phone.

The left side is your Source device which gives data that need to be transferred while the right side is your Destination device which receives data from your Source device. You can see a “Flip” tab on the interface; this tab can help you change the position of your Source and Destination devices. There is another tab you should know its function is “Clean before copy”, this tab can clean the data saved on your Destination device before there are any data being transferred to. Think twice before you clicking that tab, because you might lose some data that are important to you. (See, that’s why it is necessary to have your phone backup regularly)

Step 3. Backup data from Moto X to other device

After you selecting the content on the list places between the pictures of your devices, one simple click of the “Start Transfer” tab will help you transfer all the data to the target device. But never break the connection between your devices and the computer during the transferring progress; otherwise there might be some mistakes happen. Except that, you can totally feel comfortable to let the MobieTrans help you do the data transfer job. It is not only time-saving but also gets rid of these worries about infecting viruses.

Get dr.fone – Switch

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