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Mobdro لا يعمل? نبذل قصارى Mobdro البدائل


لماذا نحتاج بديل Mobdro?

هناك اهتمام متزايد كبيرة في تطبيقات البث التلفزيوني المباشر. وأنها أصبحت السبب السائدة في عصر الإعلام الرقمي. With the availability of the internet in almost every part of the world, live TV applications have become more well-known. They provide the luxury of watching live TV anywhere anytime. In this race of tough competition, many applications have been developed to provide their services to users all over the world. Apps like Mobdro, YouTube TV, MovieBox, and Swift streams have created a name for themselves to become top apps for live streaming television.

The most well-known live TV application for Android devices is Mobdro. This app has all types of genres, such as entertainment, أفلام, spiritual, gaming, animals, technology, موسيقى, sports, and anime (Anime Torrent Sites FYI). Mobdro allows you to download trending TV shows. This popular live TV app is available in 30+ countries and ten distinct languages. Mobdro provides a wide variety of options to its users. The UI of this app is pretty easy and user-friendly. You do not have to make an account to watch live TV on apps like Mobdro.

ومع ذلك, there are many online applications that inject viruses in your device. These apps ask for permission, which is not needed for their regular functioning. على سبيل المثال, a few apps ask for your contact info that is not required to watch live TV.

A few apps, which are downloaded from anywhere except trustworthy sources, like Amazon or Google apps store, can be risky for your device. These apps can damage your device and result in the loss of your personal information.

PS: يجب عليك أن تعرف كيف use popcorn time with Chromecast, كيفية استخدام ايس ستريم, وكيف ل set up Kodi on Chromebook. Click to read more.

جزء 1: 11 Best Live TV Mobdro alternatives

Mobdro is a well-known and renowned application for streaming live TV. في حال, you come across an error, ‘Mobdro not working,’ here is a list of apps like Mobdro that you can download and watch live TV.

1. الفشار الوقت

In the world of subscription-based live TV streaming applications like Prime and Netflix, Popcorn Time is a free alternative. It is known for high video quality in comparison to other live TV apps.

PopCorn Time offers a wide variety of categories to users, which are sports, documentaries, episodes, and movies. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it the best alternative to apps like Mobdro. Popcorn Time is an application that is free to access. زائد, it has an open-source streaming facility.

Steps to download PopCorn Time (للنوافذ):

  • Go to the website of Popcorn Time
  • Search for ‘PopCorn Time Windows’ اختيار
  • Save the setup file
  • Open the file in your PC
  • Accept all the permissions and install it
  • Enjoy streaming live television

Features of Popcorn Time

  • It is a free live TV application
  • HD video quality
  • Multiple genres to choose from
  • واجهة سهلة الاستخدام

Get Popcorn Time

2. MovieBox

MovieBox has its compilation of shows in full HD, whereas Mobdro fetches streams online and then, displays on your Android device. MovieBox is available as ‘ShowBox’ على أجهزة الروبوت.

It is well-divided into many categories to make the user experience easy and convenient. MovieBox has a ‘Downloadoption alongside ‘Watch now,’ which is the reason it is so popular among other apps.

Steps to download MovieBox on Android devices:

  • إعدادات إطلاق "’ على جهازك
  • Select the ‘Security’ اختيار
  • Tap on ‘Unknown Sources’ (allows the installation of applications from other sources)
  • Go to the website of MovieBox and search for the apk link
  • Download that file
  • Install the MovieBox app
  • Avail services of the app

Steps to download MovieBox on iOS devices:

  • Go to vShare website
  • انقر على "تحميل’ اختيار
  • Tap on ‘Install
  • إطلاق التطبيق, click on the ‘Trust’ اختيار
  • Search for ‘MovieBox’ في شريط البحث
  • حدد التطبيق
  • Install and use it

Features of MovieBox

  • Own assimilation of shows and episodes
  • Sorted into categories properly
  • ‘Downloadoption available alongside ‘Watch now’ اختيار
  • Also known as ‘ShowBox.

Get MovieBox

3. Live NetTV

This application is a good, Mobdro alternative. Live NetTV is a very well-known live TV app for streaming on Android devices. This application contains 700+ channels from various countries, such as the US, المملكة المتحدة, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Iran. Live NetTV is supported by the Android operating system.

Steps to download Live NetTV:

  • إعدادات إطلاق "’ على جهازك
  • Select the ‘Security’ اختيار
  • Click on ‘Unknown Sourcesto allow the device to install applications from other sources
  • Go to Live NetTV website
  • Select ‘Download’ اختيار
  • Install it and enjoy streaming

Features of Live NetTV

  • HD quality video
  • Supports Chromecast
  • Video-on-demand for movies
  • 700+ channels
  • Multiple genres
  • Free videos
  • User Interface (UI) is easy to use
  • Filtration of channels
  • Supports external video players

You can download Live NetTV from its official website. Live NetTV supports any Android version above 4.1.

Get Live NetTV

4. Swift Streamz

Swift Streamz is a good alternative, in case you get an error, ‘Mobdro not working.This application hosts channels from multiple countries, such as UK, Pakistan, الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية, فرنسا, أستراليا, كندا, and other African countries.

Features of Swift Streamz

  • Supports various video players
  • تتردد في استخدام
  • Supports Chromecast and DLNA
  • ذكري المظهر 2.2+ version supported
  • Works smoothly on 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks
  • No requirement of membership and registration

Get Swift Streamz

5. Exodus Live TV

This application is an excellent Mobdro alternative. Exodus Live TV is a well-known application to watch free live TV. The User Interface (UI) of this app is easy and convenient to use. Exodus Live TV contains a few advertisements. To use this app without ads, you are required to pay a certain amount. Channels run smoothly without buffering on Exodus Live TV.

Features of Exodus Live TV

  • HD quality
  • Free account with no signup
  • Convenient navigation and user-friendly interface
  • Low buffering
  • Streams content from UK and USA mainly

Get Exodus Live TV

6. TVCatchup

TVCatchup provides satellite cable and UK-based TV channels. This app retransmits Channel 4, ITV, BBC, and Channel 5. You can freely access well-known UK channels with this application on your device. TVCatchup allows you to stream free-to-air channels freely.

This app works with albeit advertisements to offer support to the developers. TVCatchup is considered as the best Mobdro alternative. TVCatchup commenced its services in 2007. It had approximately 10 million users around October 2013. TVCatchup is accessible on Android devices, أجهزة الكمبيوتر, وأقراص. Its services are financed by advertising. This app is a good choice in case you have an issue ‘Mobdro not working.

Features of TVCatchup

  • Offers satellite cable channels
  • Allows users to stream UK-based TV channels
  • Works with pre-roll advertisements
  • Its services are free

Get TVCatchup

7. قانون

Kodi is not only a live TV application but also a center of media. You can enjoy free music, تلفزيون, برامج, and movies here. To avail more channels on the Kodi app, you will be required to download IPTV add-on by the name ‘cCloud TV.Kodi was previously recognized as XBMC. It is accessible on various hardware platforms and operating systems.

This IPTV add-on offers you 1400+ channels. You can easily install it to avail better services in the Kodi app. Kodi permits its users to watch music, أشرطة فيديو, المدونة الصوتية, and other videos available on the internet. This app was produced in 2002 as an autonomous media player.

Steps to download IPTV add-on:

  • Download and install Kodi application
  • Install ‘cCloud IPTV add-onon Kodi application
  • Avail multiple channels

Features of Kodi

  • Add multiple files in the storehouse
  • Enjoy free Live TV
  • 400+ channels

Get Kodi

8. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is an OTT streaming service, which is a subscription-based service accessible in the US. It has multiple channels, including CBS, ABC, Fox, and CW. YouTube TV provides 60+ channels that can be streamed on Apple TV or phones without the need for a cable box. Even without a DVR storage limit, this app provides a free Cloud DVR.

This app was launched in 2017 in a few locations. It expanded its access in many regions around January 2019. It is claimed by Google that this service is accessible in 210 US markets now.

Multiple genres of programs are available on YouTube TV, مثل:

  • SportsGolf channel, ESPN Network, NESN, Tennis channel, NBA TV, CBS RSN channel, and NBCSN
  • أخبارFox News, CNBC, BBC News, HLN, Cheddar News, and MSNBC
  • EntertainmentBravo, Decades, Comet, AMC, FX, FXX, FXM, IFC, E!, Nat Geo, freeform, و اخرين
  • أطفالDisney, Cartoon Network, and Universal Kids

Features of YouTube TV

  • Over-the-top content streaming
  • Six accounts with a single DVR
  • 60+ channels
  • Multiple types of content

Get YouTube TV

9. Yupp TV

Yupp TV is in direct competition with Jio TV. It offers live streaming of TV channels and other services. Besides live streaming of channels, Yupp TV offers recorded videos of prior episodes.

You can enjoy Yupp TV free of cost. Do not forget to take benefits from its referral programs and fill up your Yupp wallet with cash. It is the biggest live television provider over the internet. Yupp TV has 200+ channels in approximately 13 اللغات. It was developed with the aim that the customers can experience virtual television experience anywhere anytime.

There are various types of channels in multiple languages on Yupp TV, مثل:

  • HindiColors, Star Plus, UTV movies, SAB, Zee TV, Sony TV, and Zee Cinema
  • TeluguNTV, TV5, ETV, Star Maa, ETV plus, الجوزاء, and Zee Telugu
  • TamilStar Vijay, Sirippoli TV, Thanthi TV, Sun TV, Chithiram TV, Seithigal, and Kaliagnar TV
  • MalayalamJai hind, Asianet, Kaumudy TV, Asianet News, India vision, Kiran, and Asianet

Features of Yupp TV

  • Smooth live streaming of TV
  • Recording of prior episodes
  • Free signup
  • Yupp Wallet to avail free shows
  • Various languages and channels

Get Yupp TV

10. UKTVnow

UKTVnow is a well-known application and an excellent Mobdro alternative. It streams live television, shows, and movies on your device. UKTVnow offers 150+ channels from various countries, such as the US, India, and the UK. It allows filtration of shows according to your type. UKTVnow doesn’t demand a login account.

ومع ذلك, this application is not accessible from the Google Play store. If you want to download UKTVnow, go their original website and download their recent apk. UKTVnow is supported by Android Box and FireStick.

Features of UKTVnow

  • 150+ channels
  • Seamless streaming
  • Channels from countries, such as the US, المملكة المتحدة, and India
  • Filtration of shows according to rating, نوع أدبي, and year
  • No login account required
  • Android Box and FireStick support


11. Torrent Stream Controller

This application is simple yet powerful to watch live TV. Torrent Stream Controller is convenient to use. It serves as a host of multiple channels all over the world. Torrent Stream Controller offers different categories of shows, such as movies, documentaries, horror, entertainment, and animes. The best characteristic of this app is that it allows the channels to run smoothly.

Steps to install Torrent Stream Controller:

  • Install the apk file from the official website
  • Find the channel of your choice
  • Select the channel
  • Choose a video player
  • The video will pre-buffer
  • Once it is loaded, enjoy endless live television

Features of Torrent Stream Controller

  • Works on slow data
  • ملائمة للاستخدام
  • Hosts many channels
  • Provides various genres
  • No issues while running the channel
  • Seamless streaming of live television

Get Torrent Stream Controller

These are 11 best live television alternatives to Mobdro. Every application has its specifications and features that make them stand out. الآن, go with a great Mobdro alternative and enjoy a smooth TV streaming experience!

جزء 2: Safety and security of data while watching Live TV

You might be worried about the safety of your data while watching Live TV. بعض الأحيان, the information that you provide is misused by people. There might be some apps that can damage the performance and speed of your device as well.

Security of data

Streaming applications that are free to use are not legal providers of the content. These applications are always on the riskier side because of privacy invasion and data breach. The innocent people often fall for a trap laid by cyber rouges. The use of illegal streaming apps may be a crime in your region, which can lead to loss of data or any other security concern.

Ensure safety

Some applications mentioned above come with copyright violations of various programs. You might be streaming some content, which is not abided by the law. To ensure safety while streaming on such applications, always use a VPN. There are multiple VPN applications available on the Google Play store.

VPN and its benefits

A Virtual Private Network, commonly known as VPN, is an online service, which permits users to generate a safe connection to a different network over the internet. It conceals your data and information by transferring your web to a secure and distinct location.

When users use a VPN, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is unaware of your actions. It directs your data to a third-party location, which makes it tough for the ISP to identify user’s actions on the internet. VPN can access blocked websites.

This is the reason for the increase in VPN services in those regions where censorship is applied to the internet. VPN also increases the efficiency of the network. Choose a VPN after looking at various aspects, such as credibility, connectivity, and speed.

Other important instructions

  • If an application is not responding or working, all you have to do is ‘Clear cacheand ‘Clear dataof that specific application to solve the issue.
  • If any live stream shows an error while loading, try to use proxy servers, such as a VPN, you can smoothly stream the content while using a VPN.
  • Some users wish to browse the applications without revealing their identity; they can try VPN services, مثل NordVPN. This VPN is easily accessible from the Google Play store on any Android device.

The applications mentioned above will help you to watch free live television at your comfort. These apps are excellent, Mobdro alternatives. Due to some issues, while using Mobdro, you might get a messageMobdro not working.

Whenever this happens, download apps like Mobdro to enjoy live streaming. It is important to remember that you should download setups or apps from their official website instead of any third-party source. Ensure that you read the guidelines and instructions before downloading these applications.

There are many fraudulent websites. وبالتالي, it is recommended to avoid giving any personal information when you visit a website. There are possible chances that you might inject a virus or malware in your device or PC if you accidentally click on an unknown link. وبالتالي, before downloading anything, read all the instructions and go ahead.

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