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Memrise対. Duolingo – 総合比較


今日現在, learning a foreign language is exceptionally beneficial no matter what your profession is. Technology has brought people together regardless of their location. しかしながら, the language barrier is still there, thus knowing a foreign language is not an option today. Because of this very reason, individuals look for the assistance of modern-day tools that teaches languages. 両方 Memrise そして Duolingo are excellent apps you can use for this purpose. とは言うものの, this article compares Memrise対. Duolingo for your convenience so you can decide which is best.

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Memrise対. Duolingo – a brief comparison

The purpose of Memrise and Duolingo is identical. That means both of these companies help individuals to learn new languages through their apps.

手短に, both Memrise and Duolingo have a massive user base. If you go into details, you will find that Duolingo has over 300 万人のユーザー. 一方, for Memrise, there are over 35 万人のユーザー. そう, ユーザー数の点で、, Duolingoは先Memriseアプリのです.

彼らは無料ですので、彼らは語学学習ツールのコンテキストで重要な選択肢となっています. これらのプラットフォームの両方がプレミアムサブスクリプションのオプションが付属していることは事実であります. しかしながら, ユーザーのほとんどは、これら2つのプラットフォームが自由のために提供するものを理解することができます.

あなたが言語を習得する必要があり、あなたがのために行くにはどのオプションすぎてわからない場合はどのような? 最善のことはMemrise Vsの間のこの比較を読むことです. Duolingoと基本的なアイデアを得ます. にとって Duolingo vs. Rosetta Stone, これはあなたのためだけです.


これらのプラットフォームの両方が新しい言語を教えるために開発されているが、, 彼らは非常に異なる方法で動作します.

興味深いことに, Duolingoは、いくつかの無能な領域があり, しかしMemriseは、それらの領域をカバーするために非常に良いオプションです. 反対側に, Memriseはあまりにもいくつかの弱点を持っています, but Duolingo can fill those gaps very easily.

When it comes to learning individual words and phrases, Memrise is the better option. それに加えて, it stands ahead of the competition when it comes to remembering the words you have learned.

しかし, to learn how to construct the sentences instead of dealing with words and phrases, Duolingo is much effective.

In the context of user experience, both the platforms are very friendly. They make it a pleasant experience for users with every step. それに加えて, both of the platforms are ideal for anyone no matter what their financial situation is.

For a casual learner, both Memrise and Duolingo are excellent options. Both of these platforms are ideal options for absolute beginners to learn a language with a minimal amount of risk.

If you are a student with a serious intention, you may have to use other resources as well. Relying on both of these platforms don’t necessarily provide in-depth knowledge. しかしながら, the resources that offer in-depth knowledge might cost you some considerable amount of money.

その場合には, Memrise can be considered as a free resource that offers some sort of assistance. Duolingo, 一方, Duolingo should be replaced with a thorough course, にもかかわらず.


一般に, Memrise can be called as a platform through which you can learn a language with flashcards. はい, it sounds pretty boring at a glance. しかしながら, it is exciting than you assume.

Memrise comprises of a large range of courses for a variety of languages. Popular languages have a large number of courses as anybody would expect.

興味深いことに, Memrise even has some courses about Morse Code and languages that aren’t known to many people. 言語の学習に加え、, Memriseは歴史のまともな知識を提供しています, 科学, 等.

Memriseについてのもう一つの名物は、そのコースのほとんどがユーザーによって設計されていることです. 結果として, 誰もそれが持っているコースについての基準を保証することはできません.

Memriseに関連したフラッシュカード学習システムは、SRSを利用します (間隔反復システム) それをより簡単にします. あなたがあまり良くない単語とカードは、かなり迅速に出てきます.

フラッシュカードは、退屈なアイデアのように聞こえるかもしれないが, Memriseはそれに楽しいのいくつかの大きな取引を提供しています. 彼らはまた、素晴らしいグラフィックといくつかのgamifiedインターフェースとアプローチを提供します. あなたの努力を奨励するために、, 彼らは、タイマーを提示します, 統計, 点数, 等. 同様に.

Memriseも呼ばれるオプションを使用しています ‘MEMS.’ これは、言葉を覚えて支援することです. これらのMEMSは、実際にあなたが新しい言葉を思い出すのに役立つ画像であり、.

ユーザーはすでにMemriseする画像を大量に追加しました. お望みならば, あなたはこのプラットフォームに画像を追加することができます. それは奇妙なアイデアのように聞こえるが、, それはあなたが言葉を覚えているのに役立ちます.

新しい単語が導入されていたら、, あなたが受けることにはいくつかのテストがあります. これらのテストは、MCQで構成します, 聞いている, 書き込み.


今, このMemrise対中. Duolingoレビュー, Memriseの長所と短所について読みしてみましょう.

  • これは無料
  • 学習と言語の語彙を暗記するための理想的な
  • 言語の広い範囲から選択します
  • それをよりエキサイティングにするGamifiedアプローチ
  • すぐに始めることができます
  • コースの水準を保証することはできません
  • 文章や文法を教えることが有効ではありません
  • 外部リソースと結合しなければなりません


それは、教育語彙に来るとき, Duolingoは最良の選択肢ではありません. しかしながら, it is the better of two when it comes to learning a language completely. By using Duolingo, you will be able to learn more about constructing sentences and get a piece of better overall knowledge.

実際には, Duolingo is pretty similar to a typical course you would learn. The lessons begin from scratch, and they can take you to a considerable level.

In Duolingo, you find more consistency with the lessons. It doesn’t have user-created content so you can expect a better standard from its courses.

You can learn over 30 languages through Duolingo. It has some of the uncommon languages such as Navajo.

Every course included in Duolingo has a range of different lessons. They don’t have an in-depth explanation, にもかかわらず. You will have to answer some questions and start learning with them.

しかし, as a whole, Duolingo is easy to use. It also comprises of vocabulary lessons (linked with pictures).

As you go on, there will be sentences in English, and you will be asked to translate them. それにもかかわらず, some of these words might be very strange to you. You can click on a word to see the translation if you are too confused though.

MCQ are the most convenient parts of this test, 私たちは信じているよう.

All the lessons are well-streamlined. They can be completed in a very convenient manner. You will be getting rewards, achievement points, streaks, 等. as encouragements.

One of the most notable benefits associated with Duolingo is its convenient learning process. This characteristic is pretty similar to Memrise as well.

Duolingo doesn’t offer lengthy explanations though for most of its lessons. しかしながら, they offer a usefulノートsection that teaches grammar. 実際には, it is available on the desktop version but not in their app.

One of the most frustrating aspects of Duolingo is that its audio contents within the lessons. Although it works OK with the individual words, it becomes annoying when you learn full sentences.

When the words are sounded individually, they sound pretty different than with sentences. 実際には, they haven’t recorded the sentences as a whole. その代わり, they put individually recorded words together. This option always sounds pretty weird.

The other issue with Duolingo is that it teaches sentences which are illogical. These sentences will not be a part of your life, ever. そう, it is pretty annoying.

Pros and Cons of Duolingo

今, let’s take a look at the pros and cons associated with Duolingo platform.

Pros of Duolingo
  • 自由に使用できます
  • You will be able to learn with it every day easily
  • It offers streamlined course contents
  • You can learn how to construct sentences with it
  • Can start very quickly
Cons of Duolingo
  • It covers plenty of contents, but they don’t offer a thorough knowledge
  • Teaches nonsensical sentences
  • Strangely sounding sentences
  • Very poor support for the languages that don’t have an alphabet

Is it a smart move to go for the premium plans of Duolingo or Memrise?

After reading the above content, you might wonder whether or not to go for their premium plans. When it comes to reality, there are plenty of apps that teach languages for novices. しかしながら, they offer very little content for free. しかし, when it comes to Duolingo and Memrise, things are different. In this Memrise Vs. Duolingoレビュー, we should mention that both of those platforms offer plenty of free contents.
Their premium plans, しかしながら, offer the following.

Memrise Pro

This package comes with annual and monthly plans. The monthly plan costs $9/mo. For the annual plan, しかしながら, comes with $4.92/mo. Although the previous versions of Memrise Pro didn’t have much value, things have changed now. そう, we believe that going for the Pro plan CAN BE HANDY. しかし, to test this out, we suggest that you may go for the monthly plan.

They offer extra features like:

  • Offline learning
  • Grammarbot
  • Immersive videos with native speakers
  • In-depth analytics
  • Chatbot

Please note that some of these options are available with some of the languages only.

Duolingo Plus

If you go for Duolingo Plus, that would cost you $9.99/mo. しかしながら, if you go for the annual plan, the cost per month would be $6.99. Duolingo Plus doesn’t offer a large range of features like Memrise. Their Plus plan includes the following.

  • No ads
  • Ability to download lessons on your smartphone
  • Get free streak repair on a monthly basis

What are the alternatives to Memrise and Duolingo?

良く, just like with any other platform and app, Memrise and Duolingo have alternatives as well. 実際には, there are plenty of options to consider when it comes to language learning apps. しかしながら, not all those options are not as good as they claim. とは言うものの, we have done research and found the best alternatives for you.

01. Rype: the best alternative for Memrise and Duolingo

Due to enough and more reasons, we consider Rype to be the best alternative for Memrise and Duolingo. If you intend to become a fluent speaker of a foreign language of your choice, Rype is perfect. Rype offers daily lessons which can be followed even if you have a busy schedule. These lessons are structured as 1-on-1 lessons with professional teachers. The course structure, レッスン, methodologies used, and user-friendliness of Rype is far better compared to Memrise and Duolingo.

The best thing about Rype is that it offers you professional training instead of restricting you to basics. The language programs offered through Rype are fully customized to match the requirements of each user. It also has live engagement with real-time, so the outcome is very effective compared to other tools.

With Rype, you can learn what actually matters to you instead of learning what is available. それに加えて, it gets you to the goal pretty swiftly. 手短に, Rype is a perfect language learning platform with the results-oriented platform.

02. Anki

This is a pretty similar tool for Memrise. Both of these platforms use flashcards. しかしながら, Memrise is a better option compared to Anki when it comes to user-interface.

03. Babbel

This is a similar platform to Duolingo. It comes with a gamified interface and offers in-depth contents. Babbel, しかしながら, offer better explanations compared to Duolingo. さらに, this is not a free option (though it is affordable).

04. Clozemaster

This is a platform with an old-school video game touch to it. This is a better option compared to Memrise and Duolingo when it comes to the language context.

良く, that’s our comparison between Memrise Vs. Duolingo. We hope you’d like this review. If you find this article to be helpful or have some questions, お知らせください.



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