Medical Schools In New York – Completed Review

Introduction About Medical Schools In New York

In times of competence and struggle, only the determined and strong-willed individual can survive; this is what the Darwinian Theory of Evolution illustrates frugally. In the 21st century, the generation is perpetually in the race for better opportunities, high quality of standards, and a surge in his lifestyle; however, all these efforts and exertions could only be fruitful if one has the guts to do what it takes to outcompete his individuals. Contrary to our ancestral customs and traditions, modern age provides opportunities to its subjects in return for his toiled labor. The amount of effort has a direct relation with prosperous repercussions and vice versa.

The affairs of the world have evolved from prowling to labor for better opportunities in one’s society. Such an evolution has taken every field of life in its domain; whether, it may be Industrial, agricultural, infrastructural, or Scientific sectors. One such department has also shown betterment over the course of hundreds of years: Education. Education, before any other concept, has seen various changes in its history. In ancient times the purpose of education may have been related to surviving against the rival; in middle ages, the focus shifted towards science and exploration, while in the modern age, education has arisen as a completely new face. Medical aspirants from all over the world seek to get admission in the top medical schools in New York.

The city of New York, America, has to offer a good amount of medical schools to its candidates. The one common feature among all these colleges is that all of them has to offer you combined or dual medical degree along with specialization. In order to enroll in the Top 25 medical schools of New York, you have to face fierce competition, and only those individuals who are capable of doing pre-medical or any other medical-related field are encouraged to pursue their interest to become a doctor one day from one of the 25 medical schools in New York.

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Carrier Needs

In order to become one of the practicing doctors, you have to have a doctorate degree for yourself, which should be recognized by the New York local government for medical certificates. The students of top 25 medical schools in New York has to practice medical services for two years in their classrooms, and for the last two years, they deal with treating patient, under the guidance of a licensed and experienced physician.

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1. Columbia University, New York

According to the Research published by U.S News and World Report , Columbia University holds 6th position in woman’s health care, in addition to 8th position in Research, which quite some achievements. For a better experience, the university provides students with opportunities to play a role in Research-based programs both in summers and in annual sessions. The university divides its student into two distinct categories

  • Students who are interested in worldwide health can grab the opportunity to help patients for whom English is a second language and are living outside the USA.
  • Individuals who are inclined to take part in rural health can enroll in Columbia-Basset program where each year ten students get admission to complete their apprenticeship in Cooperstown, New York.


  1. Students of this university have an equal and unbiased approach to about 200 hundred foreign programs
  2. Research-based courses are provided
  3. Apprenticeship in renowned institutions
  4. A health student-faculty environment to encourage a good aroma

Admission criteria

Students who are keen to get enrolled in Columbia Univariate can apply through The Common Application or the Coalition Application. In order to provide more relatable information, the official website is active 24 by 7 for both local and abroad students; they can be guided by open the Applying Section of the website. One of the interesting features in the admission of this university is that regardless of your score, it also keeps an eye on your extracurricular activities and other sports involvements. In this way, the overall admission process is holistic in nature.

The early admission notification by the university is put forward on November 1st, and the students will receive their admission decisions in probably mid of December-according to the official website. Only 18% of applicants were enrolled in the admission of 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Academic streams of courses

  1. Columbia University is regarded as one of the pivots for researches all over the world and has a name for its distinctive teaching environment for both undergraduate and graduate students in the university. Columbia university has sister branches that extend to around 20 schools. Because of such a high number, the courses that are available in the university are nearly innumerable.
  2. Major courses are in numbers of high 70’s with over 590 concentration and hundreds of electives.
  3. The library holds around 13 million units, 160,000 journals, and a widespread of electronic resources and manuscripts.

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2. Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Another report issued by US News and World Report clearly states that Icahn School of Medicine is ranked 18th among the top medical schools in New York; however, it is placed at the position of the top in geriatric care. Students who are more curious in the studies of geriatric care will be directed to the following:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center
  • The geriatric Nephrology Research Program
  • Geriatric Program

Not only this, but the enrolled individuals will be provided with a frequent window of opportunities to study in research programs or either take a break and finish their particular researches.

For your Knowledge

According to a trusted organization for providing a transparent overlook of the ranking and quality of medical schools, U-Multirank, Icahn University is one of the 237 members of medical schools. In 2017, Icahn university admitted around 1222 students, which is an acceptable number for a small university in New York. Even thou it has the status of a specialized institution, it does not offer courses in foreign languages. Disregarding the unavailability of foreign languages, Icahn is inhabited by a large population of foreign language students because of its top-notch performance in various sectors. Icahn University is once again ranked in top medical schools in New York by US News and World Report, with a ranking position of 18 among 124 other medical schools and schools.

3. New York Medical College

One of the top medical schools in New York is a New York medical college. It is situated in Valhalla and is attached with facilities in Connecticut, including Westchester Medical Center, Benedictine Hospital and Norwalk Hospital.

The primary focus of one of the top medical schools in New York is in the field of

  1. Cardiovascular disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Kidney disease
  4. Infectious disease
  5. Neurosciences

Students are also relieved of the time stress: they can complete their Research in summers and submit it in the annual student research forum.

A brief overview

NYMC enjoys the title of being one of the oldest and largest medical institutions in the USA, with its history dating as back as 1860. It was founded by a group of civic leaders whose primary aim was to prepare a category of trained, compassionate, and competent specialist doctors for the well being of humanity. With the passage of time, the school of medicine has grown to a considerable size to enroll 800 students, 2800 faculty member and offer four degrees

  1. M.S
  2. M.P.H/ M.D
  3. M.D./PHD

The college:

  1. Helps you to become one of the capable and trusted medical officers, either a physician or any other health care professional.
  2. Aims at transferring field related awareness to the general public along with providing the best clinical services to its patients and the locals;
  3. Offers scholarships to the targeted and desired candidates for graduate, post-doctoral, and other training courses.
  4. Enjoins the latest medical advancements in health care practice;

4. New York University

By the findings of US News and World Report, New York University is placed at number 21 in top medical schools in New York. One of the most renowned accomplishments of this university is the owner of two advanced medical tools:

  1. Virtual microscope
  2. Bio Digital Human

Interested candidates are sent foreign countries to pursue their medical dreams, while faculty, students, and teachers have a 24 by seven access to hospitals and medical care centers throughout New York City.

2020 Rankings

  1. Among National Universities, NYU grabs 29th position
  2. For veterans, it holds the rank of being on 10th
  3. In undergraduate teaching, it stood 76th.

The maxims of New York University

NYU is affiliated with the renowned Association of American universities and holds the position of the largest non-governmental Medical School in the USA. It has a total population of 50000 students and 17 sister branches. NYU has to offer 150 undergraduate majors. The primary campus of NYU is located in Greenwich Village, while its two other branches are in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, respectively.

Cost of Admission

According to the official site of NYU, the overall cost of admission stretches to around 49,062 USD with an acceptance ratio of 31.9% (20116-17)

5. Stony Brook University

The students of stony brook university have always been blessed to have the opportunity to collaborate with top-ranked researchers and health physicians in renowned academic research bases that mainly targets

  1. Diabetes
  2. Metabolic diseases
  3. Family violence education
  4. Genetics

Stony Brook University also do participate in researchers of

  1. Brookhaven national laboratory
  2. Cold spring harbor laboratory

Scholarships are offers ton students to study in the following countries

  1. India
  2. Korea
  3. Nicaragua


Brooklyn university hospital

A Comprehensive Overview

  1. Foundation in= 1957
  2. Acres of land= 1454
  3. Semester fees=10076 USD
  4. Total enrollment=17522
  5. Ranking= 91

6. SUNY Downstate medical center

One of the well-known facts about this institute, apart from being the competitor in top medical schools in New York, is it being home to

  1. International AIDS Initiative
  2. Center of treatment of Endometriosis

Students and undergraduate can seek their own shelter in the university hospital as it provides courses in other streams as well such as

  1. Nephrology
  2. Dermatology
  3. Pediatrics
  4. Neurology


In 1856, two medical physicians, in 1856, kept the foundation of a dispensary in Downtown Brooklyn in order to provide health care facilities to the less fortunate among them. This dispensary grew with the passage of time, and it got the status of Long Island Hospital. Long Island Hospital put forwarded a Medical school that brought a revolution in the medical school overall concept in America, for the very first time this School introduced the concept of teaching to hospital beds rather than in particular classrooms. From then on, the school went through a number of name changes, and its history stretched back 140 years old. The campus is now stretched on 13 acres and has four colleges

  1. Medical
  2. Nursing
  3. Health care
  4. Graduation school of biomedical sciences

7. University at Buffalo

Having made its way in top medical schools in New York University at buffalo facilitate its sends with either a medical degree or several joint medical degrees. The university also provides the resources of

  1. Electronic labs
  2. Multimedia capabilities
  3. Interactive libraries
  4. brain museum

This School also goes by the name of Museums of neuroanatomy, with brain specimens exceeding 80. Students could be helped out by a professional in case of need in assistance.

Five fun facts

  1. Among the 64 campus streams of the SUNY system, UB holds the title of being the largest SUNY school. Not only that, but it also is entitled to be affiliated with the most renowned membership of America, the American Association of Universities. Around 399 students are enrolled annum
  2. Among its diverse alumni, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer is a UM alumnus, and so does Wilson Breitbach. The CEO of BAIDU is also the knowledge gainer of Alumni and many more.
  3. The team for basketball is known by the name Bulls. Bull’s is known for being one of the youngest D-1 team in a year’s tournament.
  4. Justin Moss- UBjunior forward was called in the 2015 MAC Player of the School
  5. The reason for being in top medical college in New York is that UB spends a sum of about 350 million USD on its Research, a report published by National Scientists Foundation.

8. University of Rochester

It is ranked 16th by US News and World report. The nuance quality of this School is that it enrolls only 100 students annually. The overall schedule and syllabus of the School have been designed in a manner that it engages students in both clinical and classroom course streams.


This private institution was built in 1850 and had a total admission of 6535 per anum. It has the aroma of the suburban with a total stretch of 702 acres. It has a tuition fee of 56026 USD


The University of Rochester claims to be one of the top medical colleges in New York and holds pride in its research department. The university also makes available more than 250 student societies, around which one-quarter of the student body is affiliated with it. Senior and junior students are both supposed to live in the university’s campus, which is located two miles south of downtown Rochester, New York.

Graduate Programs.

  1. William E. Simon Graduate School of business administration
  2. Hajim School of an engineering administration
  3. Applied sciences
  4. Medical center
  5. Department of political science
  6. Department of economics

9. Upstate Medical University

Upstate medical university has made its position in top medical schools in New York, and is located in Syracuse. Having been classified by a trusted organization: Cabeige Classification provides the highest level of doctors’ degree in Research- scholarship and professional practice. Students who are willing at this School will be grant access to:

  1. Gamma Knife Center
  2. Clark Burn Center
  3. Joslin Diabetes Center
  4. VA facility
  5. Psychiatric hospital

Fee Structure

  • For locals= 7525 USD
  • For outsiders=17175 USD

Academic Departments

  1. College of medicine
  2. College of graduate studies
  3. Clinical department
  4. College of health professions
  5. Basic science departments
  6. College of nursing

Social Opportunities

  1. MPH Degree
  2. MD-PhD Program
  3. Rural Medical Education

10. Yeshiva University

Yeshiva University spread its arms to an ample amount of the student’s body. Students and medical aspirants can pursue their dream in MD or Ph.D.


  1. Medical centers
  2. Mental Health facilities
  3. Clinical training

Yeshiva University also offers a chance t work with children and adults, suffering from developmental or physical abnormalities in the Children Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center.

Direct cost – Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition-annual= 42200 USD
  • Undergraduate fees= 2700 USD
  • The total amount in USD= 44900

Meal Plans

  • Within the campus= 3500 USD
  • Inside the campus resident reduced meal= 3000 USD
  • Outside the campus meal= 800 USD

Conclusion on the Top Media Schools in New York

This list of top medical schools in New York provides you with different aspects of admission, history, finance, and the quality with which it has made its position on the list. It also enlightens you with the history of some colleges and the courses they offer their students, you will enjoy the simple and plain structure of the blog and will definitely feel consulted by this blog.


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