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Joskus, people face the Mac kamera ei toimi or MacBook Pro service battery warning. This warning is definitely more serious than theBattery Low” yksi. Enimmäkseen, you will see the warningService Batteryin the taskbar along the battery icon. If you have no idea what this warning actually means, continue to read to exactly know about the issue.

On facing the MacBook Pro service battery warning, you need to know about certain things. Esimerkiksi, does this warning indicate you need to replace the battery or what else?! Before we answer your questions, it becomes really important for you to understand what to expect from the batteries of MacBook.

Nykyään, technology keeps on increasing each passing day. Kuitenkin, the problem of batteries remains the same. Ei epäilystäkään, the progress has been made in this field, mutta silti, most people face problems with batteries at one time or another. The earlier models of MacBook offer a decent battery life of about 8 hours for iTunes playback or wireless browsing. Kuitenkin, the latest models of MacBook Pro or MacBook offer a 10-hour battery life for the same activities.

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Osa 1. What to do on facingMacBook Pro Service Battery Warning”?

MacBook Pro keeps a check on the battery health with the help of its original base capability. When the function of the battery begins to become impaired, it issues a warning like MacBook Pro service battery.

On receiving the MacBook Pro service battery warning, you need to examine the “Järjestelmäraportti” in the very first place. Through this report, you can see the condition of the MacBook Pro battery and the cycle count. To view this report, read the following instructions.

Steps for viewing the System Report:

In order to see the status of your MacBook Pro battery, you have to follow the instructions as listed follows:

Askel 1: Go to the Apple Menu

Ensimmäinen paikka, you have to click on the icon “Omena”, present on the home screen. It is also called the Apple Menu. Tästä valikosta, Valitse vaihtoehto “Tietoja tästä Macista”.

Askel 2: Paina “Power”

Sieltä, sinun täytyy valita vaihtoehdon “Järjestelmäraportti”. Seuraava, joudut kosketa vaihtoehtoa “Power”.

Askel 3: Examine the status

Nyt, you will be able to see the battery status. You have to check your battery’sCycle Count”. Note down the number against cycle counts.

In MacBook Pro models, a battery needs to go through the maximum listed cycles before considered to be a used one. If the battery of MacBook Pro is still under the maximum cycle limit for your model, there is no necessity to replace your MacBook battery.

Että 2010 or later models of MacBook Pro or MacBook are all fine for 1000 cycle counts. In order to check your model’s cycle-count limit, you can check all details on the official site of Apple.

Mac OS plays intelligently when it comes to counting these cycles. It does not count an extra cycle if you have to recharge your MacBook Pro battery after using it for a few hours. This smart OS creates an equivalent after combining various smaller charges for a single cycle. Näin, you will not burn up your battery by a year or two only because you love to keep the battery full all the time.

Osa 2. How to reset the MacBook Pro service warning?

If the battery cycles for your MacBook Pro are moderately low and still facing the warning, do the following things. Tässä tilanteessa, there are two things that one can do. The first thing is to calibrate the battery while the other one is to reset SMC. Ensimmäinen paikka, you have to begin with recalibrating the MacBook Pro battery. Toisaalta, resetting SMC even resets a few settings on your system.

The process of battery recalibration will take several hours. Siksi; it is best to perform this task overnight. You should calibrate the MacBook Pro battery on the very first day you got your MacBook Pro. Vain siinä tapauksessa, you have not done this, here’s the way to perform it!

Steps to calibrate MacBook Pro battery:

In order to calibrate the MacBook Pro battery, seurata joitakin yksinkertaisia ​​ohjeita kuten alla.

Askel 1: 100% Battery Charge

ensin, you need to charge the MacBook Pro battery by 100 prosenttia. Once fully charged, you will see a green light on the MagSafe ring. You can even check the icon’s drop-down list indicating that the battery is 100% hintaan.

Askel 2: Run the laptop

Seuraava, you need to keep running the laptop while keeping it linked with the power supply for several hours.

Askel 3: Unplug the laptop

Nyt, unplug the laptop from the power supply. You need to keep the MacBook Pro on the run until you notice the warning of low battery. If you are using your laptop, you need to save work if anything important.

Askel 4: Let it shut down

Seuraava, allow the laptop to keep working until the battery run off. You need to leave the laptop without power for overnight.

Askel 5: Charge the laptop

In the next morning, you have to charge your MacBook Pro fully. This process is what called as calibrating. It even resets the MacBook Pro Service Battery warning. Not just that, but it also synchronizes the battery power and its indicator.

Osa 3. How to reset SMC to fix the MacBook Pro service warning?

The SMC (System Management Controller) is a chip that manages hardware settings including the power status. It is very reliable but needs a reset on some malfunctioning. Resetting this controller can even reset hardware settings or other power plans.

Steps to reset SMC for fixing the battery warning:

To reset SMC, noudata annettuja ohjeita alla.

Askel 1: Switch off

Ensimmäinen paikka, you have to shut down your MacBook Pro.

Askel 2: Press the tabs

Seuraava, sinun täytyy painaa näppäimiä “left Shift + ctrl + Vaihtoehto + Power tab” yhdessä. Keep holding these for a while.

Askel 3: Release keys

Nyt, you need to release all tabs together.

Askel 4: Switch on

Lopuksi, you have to switch on your MacBook Pro. You have successfully reset SMC to fix the MacBook Pro service warning.

This process should rest the warning, but it may even reset other hardware settings. The SMC organizes backlights, indicator lights, computer fans, display-related aspects, akku, and ports. If you reset SMC, you are forcing your laptop to relapse back to the default settings of the system. This process would reset the MacBook Pro service battery if it was happening due to corruption with the SMC.

Osa 4. Other methods to tackle the MacBook Pro Service Warning

On finding the cycle count perfect, you need to perform the above-listed methods to get rid of this warning. If you have tried calibrating the system and even resetting the SMC, it can be something serious. Tällöin, there is only one thing that you can do. You have to take your MacBook Pro to the nearest Apple Store.

The officials at the store can tell you what’s exactly wrong with your device. There might be something wrong with your battery. To get real answers, you have to take your laptop to the store. Ehdottomasti, they will help you better with this and tell you the right solution.

Nyt, you know what you need to do on facing the MacBook Pro service battery warning. Kuten aikaisemmin, examine your laptop’s battery status. If the cycle counts are perfect, only then move to the other solutions. Muuten, you need to replace the battery. Kuitenkin, if that’s not the case, try recalibrating your laptop. It will surely help you in getting rid of the MacBook Pro service battery. If did not work, try to reset the SMC. This is the last thing you can do on your own to address the warning of service battery.

It is best to take your system to the nearest Apple store if nothing worked. Niin, keep your battery in check so that you do not have to face this frustrating warning in the first place.

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