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[LG G4 Backup & Restore]: How to Backup and Restore Data in LG G4 or G5


LG G4 is going to be released this early June globally. Gorgeous as it is, it has already attracted public attention. So what do we do after getting the new LG G4 phone? Yes, it is a general concern how to copy the preferred contents from the old smartphone to the new LG G4. Well, some of you may know well about how to handle this. But today, I am going to introduce a totally different way to achieve this goal. Besides, this article also helps with those who want to avoid the loss of information. So, the key issue is steps of LG G4 data backup & restore, or backing up and restoring the preferred contents of your old phone to new LG G4. Let’s keep it brief and cut to the theme. And here comes the detailed guidance.

Step 1: Set up LG G4 Manager Account

Firstly, the preparations you should anticipate are as follows: run your computer, ready a USB cable suitable for LG G4, and equip your computer with a professional LG G4 Data Backup & Restore tool – MobileGo. After you run MobileGo, you should connect your LG G4 to your computer. To do this you can either use a USB cable or the WiFi connection. Once the LG G4 is successfully connected to your computer, the primary Window pops out. And set up LG G4 manager account and name it.

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)

MobileGo for LG G4

Step 2: Start to Backup the LG G4 Data

Click “Back Up” to make a data list come out. You can make an option of everything you want to backup, and check them. Or you can click “One-Click Backup” to check all of them in one click. Next, remember to choose the “Browse” to select a right place to store the data backed up. If you forget to choose, it will be bothering you sometimes. Then click “Back Up” button to start.

backup lg g4 data

Step 3: Restore Data to LG G4 When You Want

When you want to restore the data that you have backed up with MobileGo to LG G4, you run MobileGo, connect your device to the computer. And I may have to notice you that you can either restore the data to the original device or a new one. Every time you back up your device, it becomes a file on you computer, and was named after the date. So you can just click the “Toolkit” button in the left and then choose which one to be restored.

restore LG Data
Thanks to the MobileGo, we can do LG G4 data backup and restore with no effort. I may add that you can also send the message or download music and videos with MobileGo for free. Give it a try in your spare time and you may find more lovely surprise.

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)

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  1. Richard says

    I cannot transfer some of my videos mobilego seems to freeze and nothing else i can do except to unplug my USB cable.
    First of all I made a backup on my computer. I transfered all py pictures and some videos. but since yesterday i can see the video left to transfer but i soos as i select one it freezes. What to do???? I have 3 days left to transfer and to decide if i buy that application for my computer. Thanks.

    1. iStarsoft says

      You need to purchase the full version to do full data transfer. Thank you for your support.

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