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Everything about Move to iOS App For You

由於iOS版 9 has created and published, it causes a sensation among the people no matter whether the iPhone user or not. Because all of the new features are closely linked with our life and make the further development in the communication field These functions include more intelligence, extended battery life, a smarter Siri and increased security, 它帶來更多的方便了用戶. 得益於良好的信譽和強大的用戶體驗, 越來越多的Android用戶想改變自己的手機對iPhone一試. 然而, 首先, 他們擔心平台的開關能否實現與否.

也許, 這是痛苦,不便於用戶在不同平台間切換前, 因為你必須使用雲服務或不同的應用程序來同步數據,如聯繫人, 呼叫歷史, 照片和其他信息. 但現在, iOS版 9 帶來好消息給我們,因為不同的平台轉換只是針對iOS輕而易舉 9. 只有一個應用程序稱為 移動到iOS 這樣做的需要,而不是幾個應用程序. 此應用程序可以收集保存在你的Android手機中的所有數據, 因此,它可以,因為它可以一次全部轉讓盡可能多的數據到iPhone. 如果你需要的所有數據在一次性轉讓, 它也可以提供一個解決方案.
你一定想知道是幹什麼用的工作原理,以及如何這個驚人的工具, please read the following article carefully and I believe you can find the answer.

現在, let’s take a look at how powerful it is.

部分 1. How does Move to iOS App can switch data from Android to iOS easily

Move to iOS is a new kind of app which is created by Apple. It is designed to make the Android users can exchange almost all types of data to the iOS devices without any effort.

此外, 如果您使用的是Android設備上的任何付費應用程序, 它將匹配,並將它們自動添加到iTunes的願望清單. 也就是說, 您可以下載並在iPhone上使用過的那些.

可移動的數據類型包含聯繫人, 消息歷史記錄, 媒體, 壁紙, 郵件, 日曆, 書籤, 相機拍攝的照片, 視頻, 無DRM限制的書籍等. 隨著移動的幫助下到iOS, 你可以很容易地重建應用程序庫. 這聽起來不錯, 是不是? 在付費應用程序已在上面剛才提到的, 如您已下載了免費的, Twitter或Facebook等, this program will you to download them again. You can get more details if you refer to the article named最佳 10 Move to iOS Similar Apps: Sync Android with iPhone“. I believe that you will find something useful.

部分 2. How to Use Move to iOS App

In order to operate the data transfer process, 首先, you should download the Move to iOS on both Android and iOS devices. 然後, install it according to the installation file. 什麼’ 更多, wirelessly transfer from Android to iOS device is allowed with the help of Move to iOS, so it is easy to switch data as you want. 此外, this program is so reliable that ensures you can exchange all the necessary content and promise that the information will be 100% similar to the original info. Since this program is designed for the uses either they are novices or experienced developers, it has detail usage and is easy to understand. While you are wondering what to do at any stage, you will receive advices automatically. Here are the steps on how to use this app, you can follow them one by one:

步 1. Install and lanuch the Move to iOS App

開始的時候, 你應該下載並安裝移動到iOS應用. 一旦應用程序已被下載, 你應該去啟動- 墊與搜索相關 (.DMG) 文獻. 它可以被稱為 MovetoiOS.dmg 或一些其他類似的名字. 這是比較容易,如果安裝無線從App Store獲得, 根據安裝文件,你需要做的僅僅是按兩下該圖標並安裝應用程序

然後,你需要點擊的選項卡上啟動程序 “備份您的電話”. You will see the backup window come up to you. After the “移動到iOS” setting is completely successful, you can see the new icon places on the iOS device, just press on it to make it run. 在這一部分, you may be asked to enter the user name and password, which rely on your user privileges. 以同樣的方式, you are also allowed to install the Google Play Store’s app to the Android Device. 當然, this process can be done from the android device or the computer itself. After all these are done, you are allowed to run two versions of Move to iOS at the same time.

步 2: Select the source and target devices

Since you want to transfer data saved on the Android phone, 也就是說, the source is your Android device. Then you should choose the target device where you want send the information to, here iOS device may be your best choice.

步 3: How to get the permission to transfer data like mail, contacts and calendars

At this part, you need to log in your mail app with using the Android device. And then authorize this program to duplicate the mail and the relevant data to the iOS device. Only in this way, you are allowed to transfer information like mail, contacts and calendars.


步 4. How to move information like pictures, 視頻, music and any other data

If you want to transfer data from the Apple device, you should launch the Move to iOS app and then find out the DCIM folder. 下一個, it is your turn to decide which pictures, videos or music should be moved. After you check the data, 按上 “移動” 按鍵. From now on, it begins to switch the data from your iPhone as you wanted. 以同樣的方式, you can also transfer data from the Android device. Just find out the DCIM folder and then look for the Camera and choose the files which should bbe transferred At last, 選擇的選項卡 “移動” and wait for it to the end. After the process is completely successful, 按上 “相冊” button and then select the “相片” 標籤, you will see the transferred files in iPhone or other iOS devices. 以同樣的方式, data like books, message history, PDF files, Videos or any other multimedia file can be exchanged easily as well.


步 5. How to install the iOS versions of the paid Android applications

如果您使用的是Android設備上的任何付費應用程序, 移動到iOS會建議你下載他們的IOS版本. 所有你需要做的是授權這些應用程序下載, 上安裝和iPhone上運行.

部分 3. Best Move to iOS Alternative – dr.fone開關

因為它是上面提到的, 有很多方法可以移動的Android數據到iOS 9 設備. 這裡, 我想介紹另一個強大的移動到iOS的替代軟件,你叫 dr.fone – 開關, 它不僅支持以徹底除去數據,但也可以切換Android和iOS設備之間的數據.

除了iOS版 12, dr.fone – 開關也與Android完全兼容 9.0 和Windows Phone 8.0/8.1/10). 超過 7,500 手機和不同的網絡都支持, which means that you can easily switch your phone data to the operating system including Android, iOS版, 視窗 (的Lumia), 諾基亞 (塞班) 等等. 此外, almost all data types are allowed to be transferred, 如聯繫人, 短信, 日曆, 通話記錄, 相片, 音樂, 視頻和應用程序. It is so amazing that it can ensure the transferred data with no risk or loss of quality.

With using dr.fone, 無論您是要升級的手機或切換到不同的設備或改變運營商, 你不需要跟你以前的提供商或設備留下任何數據的背後.

You can transfer data from phone to phone just within one click. How easy it is! So if you want to move Android data to iOS 12 設備, have a try on this program. I believe that it will make a strong impression on you.

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