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Everything about Move to iOS App For You

由于iOS版 9 先后创作出版, 它使人们之间的感觉无论iPhone的用户或不. 因为所有的新功能都与我们的生活联系,并在通信领域的进一步发展,这些功能包括更多的智能, 延长的电池寿命, 一个聪明的Siri和更高的安全性, 它带来更多的方便了用户. 得益于良好的信誉和强大的用户体验, more and more Android users want to change their phone to have a try on iPhone. 然而, 首先, they worry about whether the platform switch can be realized or not.

也许, it was painful and not easy for users to switch across different platforms before, because you have to use cloud services or different apps to synchronize your data such as contacts, 呼叫历史, photos and any other information. 但现在, iOS版 9 bring good news to us since the different platforms switch is just an easy job for iOS 9. Only one app called 移动到iOS is needed rather than several apps to do so. This application can gather all the data saved in your Android phone, so that it can transfer as much data as it can to the iPhone all at once. If you need to transfer all the data at one-time, it can also provide a solution.
You must want to know what the working principle is and how to use this amazing tool, please read the following article carefully and I believe you can find the answer.

现在, let’s take a look at how powerful it is.

部分 1. How does Move to iOS App can switch data from Android to iOS easily

Move to iOS is a new kind of app which is created by Apple. It is designed to make the Android users can exchange almost all types of data to the iOS devices without any effort.

此外, if you are using any paid applications on the Android device, it will match and add them to the wish list of iTunes automatically. 也就是说, you can download and use those in your iPhone too.

The data types which can be moved contain contacts, messages history, 媒体, 壁纸, 邮件, 日历, 书签, camera photos, 视频, DRM-free books and so on. With the help of Move to iOS, you can rebuild the app library easily. It sounds good, 是不是? The paid applications were mentioned above just now, as for the free ones which you have downloaded, like Twitter or Facebook, this program will you to download them again. You can get more details if you refer to the article named最佳 10 Move to iOS Similar Apps: Sync Android with iPhone“. I believe that you will find something useful.

部分 2. How to Use Move to iOS App

In order to operate the data transfer process, 首先, you should download the Move to iOS on both Android and iOS devices. 然后, install it according to the installation file. 什么’ 更多, wirelessly transfer from Android to iOS device is allowed with the help of Move to iOS, so it is easy to switch data as you want. 此外, 这个计划是非常可靠,确保您可以交换所有必要的内容,并保证该信息会 100% 类似于原始信息. 由于这个程序是专为使用他们要么是新手还是经验丰富的开发人员, 它有详细的使用和易于理解. 当你想知道什么,在任何阶段做, 您将自动收到建议. 下面是关于如何使用这个应用程序的步骤, 你可以跟着他们一个接一个:

步骤 1. 安装和lanuch移至iOS应用

开始的时候, you should download and install the Move to iOS App. Once the app has been downloaded, you should go to the launch- pad and search for the relevant (.dmg) document. It may be called MovetoiOS.dmg or some other similar names. It is easier if the installation is wirelessly got from the App Store, what you need to do is just double pressing on the icon and installing the app according to the installation file

Then you need to launch the program by clicking on the tab ofBackup Your Phone”. 您将看到备份窗口走过来对你. 之后 “移动到iOS” 设置是完全成功, 你可以看到iOS设备上的新图标的地方, 只要按下它,使它运行. 在这一部分, 您可能会被要求输入用户名和密码, 这依赖于你的用户权限. 以同样的方式, 你也允许在谷歌Play商店的应用程序安装到Android设备. 当然, 这个过程可以从Android设备或计算机本身来完成. 毕竟这些完成, 你被允许同时运行移动到iOS两个版本.

步骤 2: Select the source and target devices

Since you want to transfer data saved on the Android phone, 也就是说, the source is your Android device. Then you should choose the target device where you want send the information to, here iOS device may be your best choice.

步骤 3: How to get the permission to transfer data like mail, contacts and calendars

At this part, you need to log in your mail app with using the Android device. And then authorize this program to duplicate the mail and the relevant data to the iOS device. Only in this way, you are allowed to transfer information like mail, contacts and calendars.


步骤 4. How to move information like pictures, 视频, music and any other data

If you want to transfer data from the Apple device, you should launch the Move to iOS app and then find out the DCIM folder. 下一个, it is your turn to decide which pictures, videos or music should be moved. After you check the data, 按上 “移动” 按键. From now on, it begins to switch the data from your iPhone as you wanted. 以同样的方式, you can also transfer data from the Android device. Just find out the DCIM folder and then look for the Camera and choose the files which should bbe transferred At last, 选择的选项卡 “移动” and wait for it to the end. After the process is completely successful, 按上 “相册” button and then select the “相片” 标签, you will see the transferred files in iPhone or other iOS devices. 以同样的方式, data like books, message history, PDF files, Videos or any other multimedia file can be exchanged easily as well.


步骤 5. How to install the iOS versions of the paid Android applications

If you are using any paid applications on the Android device, Move to iOS will advise you to download the iOS versions of them. All you need to do is to authorize these apps to download, install and run on your iPhone.

部分 3. Best Move to iOS Alternative – dr.fone开关

因为它是上面提到的, there are many ways to move Android data to iOS 9 设备. 这里, I’d like to introduce another powerful Move to iOS alternative software to you called dr.fone – 开关, 它不仅支持以彻底除去数据,but also can switch data between Android and iOS devices.

Except for iOS 12, dr.fone – 开关也与Android完全兼容 9.0 和Windows Phone 8.0/8.1/10). 超过 7,500 手机和不同的网络都支持, 这意味着你可以将手机数据方便地切换到操作系统包括Android, iOS版, 视窗 (的Lumia), 诺基亚 (塞班) 等等. 此外, 几乎所有数据类型允许被传送, 如联系人, 短信, 日历, 通话记录, 相片, 音乐, 视频和应用程序. 它是如此惊人的,它可以保证没有风险或质量下降所传输的数据.

使用dr.fone, 无论您是要升级的手机或切换到不同的设备或改变运营商, 你不需要跟你以前的提供商或设备留下任何数据的背后.

您可以从手机刚中点击传送数据到手机. 多么容易! 所以,如果你想移动的Android数据到iOS 12 设备, 对这个程序一试. I believe that it will make a strong impression on you.

下载dr.fone (Windows版本) 下载dr.fone (Mac版本)




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