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Kik på skrivebordet | Hvordan bruke Kik på Windows PC


Kik on Desktop Version

Som du vet, there are lots of messaging applications on the internet that one can use for smartphones and computers. Some of these applications include WhatsApp, Telegram, som, LINJE, etc. Applications like WhatsApp and Telegram uses a mobile number in order to work. derimot, for using applications like Kik, users do not need any phone number.

Kik is a messaging application that uses your email ID while signing up. Please bear in mind that users need to be at least 13 years of age to use this application. Kik even syncs the contact list from other social media applications if you are using any on the very device. Kik is one such application that can be accessed from mobile devices as well as computers. There are various social media applications that offer this kind of feature. If you like Kik the best, read on to know more about how to use the Kik on desktop version. Users can download Kik on mobile devices like Android, iOS, Amazon, og Windows. This application can also work as a cross-platform app, where you can use Kik from your smartphone to your Windows PC. derimot, you need to work a bit harder to use the Kik on desktop version.

There are various applications on the internet that allows you to stream your phone screen to the computer. You can use one of these applications to stream Kik on your computer. For dette, you can use apps like Andy or ApowerMirror. These applications allow you to use phone applications directly on the system. You will learn more about them below. I utgangspunktet, you need to download Kik on your phone if you have not done already. This allows you to set up your account with all relevant login details. Etter det, vil du være klar til å bruke Kik for skrivebordsversjonen.

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Del 1. Få hands-on Kik uanstrengt

I utgangspunktet, du må laste ned Kik på en smarttelefon. Etter det, installere programmet og sette opp din Kik konto. Å gjøre dette, spore instruksjonene som følger.

Trinn for å laste ned Kik på smarttelefoner:

Det er veldig enkelt å laste ned denne fantastiske applikasjonen på en smarttelefon. La oss komme i gang med det!

Skritt 1: Look for Kik

for det første, you need to search for Kik on Google Play, Windows Store, Amazon App Store, and Apple App Store. Kik is available on all these stores free of cost.

Skritt 2: Download Kik

Nå, download this application and install the same on your device. Når dette er gjort, you need to run this application. neste, trykk på knappen “Melde deg på” so as to create a new account on Kik. Fill in all the required columns while creating a unique username for your Kik account.

Skritt 3: Gjør et valg

På velkomstskjermen, you will see two options like Find Friends or Not Now. You can go for any of these options based on your preference. Her, you will receive a message from the Kik Team welcoming and thanking you for downloading their application. You can even text back to the team if you get any questions or queries. The team of Kik will assist you back in the best possible way.

Skritt 4: Ferdig

Nå, you can set up a display picture for your account. You can go with emojis like Bitmoji for the same. All the emojis are really cool. Select one of your choices and get done with it! You have successfully created an account on Kik. It is time to look for the Kik on desktop version.

Del 2. Download Andy to use the Kik on desktop version

In order to use the Kik for desktop, you need to download Andy, which is an emulator for Android. This software allows you to use Kik on Windows PC without facing any problem. One can get hold of Andy from its official website. For dette, you will require a valid Google account. Før det, learn about some special features of Andy right below.

Unike egenskapene Andy:

  • This tool allows you to connect the computer with Android applications.
  • Andy offers flawless sync between mobile devices and desktops.
  • With Andy, you can download apps from any browser.
  • This emulator makes sure Android OS remains up-to-date all the time.
  • It lets you enjoy your favorite phone applications on your Windows PC.
  • Andy allows you to use your device as a remote controller for playing games.
  • Med dette verktøyet, you can effectively manage the storage space on your smartphone.

Steps to download Andy on Windows PC:

You can download this software on Windows PC through some simple steps. Trinnene for den samme, inkluderer følgende.

Skritt 1: Download Andy

I utgangspunktet, you need to download Andy on your computer. You can download this software from its official site or just click her. This android emulator is available for Windows 10, 7, og 8. I tillegg til det, this application supports Mac OS including OSX 10.8 and later versions.

Skritt 2: Install Andy

After you have successfully downloaded Andy, you need to install the downloaded file on your system. You can see the installation process on the screen of your PC.

Skritt 3: Run Andy

Når installasjonen er ferdig, it is time to run the software. For dette, tap the buttonStart Andy” på systemet. You will see lots of screens, introducing you to the application.

Skritt 4: Opprett en konto

To use this application, you need to enter the Google account details. Nå, you can download any application on your computer using the option of “Google Play Store”.

Skritt 5: Open Google Play

On clicking that option, you will land on a signup page. Her, you need to enter the existing Google account. Hvis du ikke har noen, lag en ny bruker. Nå, du vil være i stand til å få tilgang til Google Play-butikken på systemet. Det vil se akkurat det samme som det vises på smarttelefonen, bare litt større.

Hvordan bruke Kik for skrivebordsversjonen

Søknaden Andy vil hjelpe deg å laste ned Kik på skrivebordet versjon på din Windows-PC. For å utføre denne oppgaven, du trenger å åpne Andy. neste, gå gjennom følgende instruksjoner.

Trinn for å bruke Kik på skrivebordsversjonen:

Etter å ha kjørt android emulator, følge noen enkle trinn som er nevnt nedenfor.

Skritt 1: Last ned Kik på skrivebordsversjonen

Du kan laste ned Kik for skrivebordsversjonen fra android emulator. For dette, åpne Andy og la den laste inn ting for en stund. Nå, Klikk på alternativet “Google Play Store” å laste ned Kik.

Skritt 2: Søk på desktop-versjonen for Kik

I Google Play-butikken, du må sette “som” i søke kolonne. Nå, Klikk på aller første alternativet som du får fra søkeresultatene. neste, trykke på knappen “Installere” å installere Kik for skrivebordsversjonen. Du kan se fremdriften på skjermen til Andy.

Skritt 3: Open the Kik on desktop

Når installasjonen er ferdig, you will be able to see the application Kik within Andy. Open this application and put in your login details of the Kik account.

Skritt 4: Use Kik

The Kik for desktop version will look exactly the same as the mobile version. You can use the Kik for desktop application even if installed on any smartphone. All that matters are your Kik account details!

Del 3. Download ApowerMirror to use the Kik for desktop version

There is another android emulator called ApowerMirror on the internet. This software helps you to use Kik on your computer. ApowerMirror is an expert mirror tool that allows you to stream your phone onto your computer. With this interesting tool, you can even control your smartphone right from the desktop using the keyboard and mouse.

ApowerMirror helps you to use the application Kik in a more effective way. This tool streams the phone screen of both iOS and Android devices. derimot, you can enjoy its controlling feature for Android smartphones only. Not just Kik, but ApowerMirror can also be used for various purposes. Se etter sine spesielle funksjonene nedenfor.

Unique characteristics of ApowerMirror:

  • This tool helps you to mirror phone screens on computers.
  • ApowerMirror allows you to control Android devices from desktops.
  • Den støtter både iOS og Android-enheter.
  • ApowerMirror is compatible with Mac and Windows PC.
  • This android emulator works for Android devices running on Android 5.0 and higher with Chromecast feature.
  • ApowerMirror works for all iOS devices that support AirPlay.
  • Med dette verktøyet, you can stream files to a bigger screen.
  • It streams media files including videos and pictures.
  • ApowerMirror offers two viewing modes including Landscape or Full Screen.

Last ned ApowerMirror Kjøp ApowerMirror

Steps to use the Kik on desktop application:

To use Kik on computers, you need to follow some easy steps as given below.

Skritt 1: Last ned ApowerMirror

I utgangspunktet, you need to download ApowerMirror on your computer. One can download this application from its official website or just click here. Nå, install the application on the system.

Skritt 2: Koble til enheten

After running this program, you have to connect your smartphone to the system through a Wi-Fi network or USB cable.

Skritt 3: Open Kik

neste, you will see your phone screen streaming on the computer. Derfra, just tap on the application “som”.

Skritt 4: Use the Kik for desktop app

Nå, you can use the application on your computer smoothly.

To Conclude for Kik on Desktop Version

Så, you can now use Kik on your mobile as well as on your computer. These android emulators help you to use Kik on desktops and laptops. Per nå, there is no official version for Kik for computers. The methods that we have posted are the only possible ways to get hands on the Kik for desktop application.

The best part about Andy is that it stands completely alone. This means if you feel like using Kik on just your system and not your smartphone, you can install the app from your phone. Ved å gjøre dette, it will be removed from your phone but not from Andy. You will continue to use Kik on your Windows PC without facing any kind of problem. forhåpentligvis, these above-mentioned methods are going to be really helpful. With these methods, you can use Kik on your computer. These emulators work for all users. Andy, ApowerMirror, og MirrorGo work for both Android and iOS devices. derimot, you would not be able to use the controlling feature of ApowerMirror on iOS devices. If you follow the clear instructions as stated above, you will not find any kind of problem using these two emulators. Så, use Kik on Windows PC effectively!

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