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Things You Should Know about How to Transfer Data from iTunes to HTC Phone


Nowadays, you may need to find thousands of reasons to decide which brand’s smartphone you should buy, but only one reason is enough for you to get rid of the old one, and the reason is simply you think you may need a new phone. So don’t be surprised your friend used iPhone for years and suddenly come to work with an HTC phone. Everyone needs to have some kind of change at some point. Then, what about those parts of thing you don’t want change, like the music stored in your iTunes that you have been listening like forever? Don’t you want to know some methods that help you transfer this music from iTunes to your new Android phone, for example, an HTC phone?

Check this article and you will learn something that really going to help you transfer data between two devices based on the different operating system.

Method 1: Use third-party software to help you to transfer data from iTunes to HTC phone

Let’s admit that it is never an easy task to transfer data between two different operating systems. It is always faster and safer to use third party software to help you. I also save you the troubles to search the Internet to find the suitable software. Here is the software I think nobody will feel disappointed to. More good news both Mac and Windows users can download the suitable version for them. Ok, now the name of this software, the iMusic. This software is able to transfer music, playlist, podcasts and iTunes U from iTunes to Android phone like HTC. Meanwhile, it is cool to transfer music, videos, and playlist from Android phone back to iTunes.

Now, check how to handle this software.

Step 1: Download and install this software on your computer or Mac

Download iMusic

Step 2: Connect your HTC phone to your computer or Mac via USB cable.
Step 3: Open the iMusic on your computer (Mac) as well as iTunes.


Step 4. Transfer data from iTunes to HTC phone

iMusic can transfer all TV Shows, Playlists, Podcasts, Movies, iTunes U, Videos, Music, as well as those Audiobooks, Home Videos from iTunes to HTC phone for you. You should just choose “DEVICE” to get your connected HTC phone. Then tick “Transfer iTunes Music to Device”. Be reminded to select the Movies, Playlists, Music, or any other file you would like to transfer. After that, just click “Transfer” button to start data transferring from iTunes to HTC phone.


Method 2: More challenging method to transfer music from iTunes to HTC phone without using other software.

Like I wrote in the title, this method will be more complicated than the previous method. Kindly remind you that there are two kinds of people should not use this method.

First kind: Those people not very good at handling computer and smartphone, like your grandfather who can barely type anything via the keyboard. No offensive meaning to old generations, but it is better for them to use some simple software like iMusic.

Second kind: Mac users. Sorry ,this method is not workable for Mac.

Glad it is clear to us all, now we should keep on showing you how this method works.

1. How to set your iTunes to copy files to default iTunes media folder on the Computer.

You need to open your iTunes first, and then go to Edit to find Reference option. After that, please click Advanced option, then you can see the option we need to tick, which is Copying files to iTunes media folder when adding to library.

Note: Not only music, your videos and other media files will be automatically in the defaulted media folder after you ticking this option. Those files won’t be messy but organized by artists or albums.

2. Where the defaulted folders are?

It will depend on the Windows system you using now, the list below will show you normally where this folder will locate.

  • Windows 7: C:\Users\username\My Music\iTunes\
  • Windows 8: C:\Users\username\My Music\iTunes\
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\
  • Windows Vista: C:\Users\username\Music\iTunes\
3. How could I move my podcast, movies and music from iTunes to HTC (Android phone)

Step 1: Check your computer and find the folder where your iTunes media files locate.
Step 2: Connect your HTC phone to the computer; it will be detected as the external hard drive
Step 3: Search your HTC phone and find a suitable folder to store all the coming media files.
Step 4: Open the iTunes media folder on your computer

Note: Except music folder, there will be folders for Podcast and Home Video.

But simply paste and copy files from iTunes to Android device might have to face some problems, such as file format. iTunes movies songs are all DRM-protected which means normally those files cannot be played at Android phone or tablet. So it is pointless if you transfer media files from iTunes to Android phone but cannot enjoy them. Don’t worry about that, you can use other software from Wondershare, the UniConverter, with its help, not only iTunes music but also video can be converted to playable formats for your Android phone or tablet.

You don’t need to pay for this software. Just download the latest version and install it on your devices. Operations are very simple; there is no need to worry mishandling during the process.

Compare with Method 1 that uses Software to help data transfer, Method 2 has its own advantage, which is free and handle everything all on your own.

Anyway, you should also see its disadvantages, like fail to transfer iTunes playlist to Android devices or spend a lot of your time to just wait for paste and copy process finishing.

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