iTunes Music to Galaxy S5: Sync Music to Samsung Galaxy S5 from iTunes

Many people found it is difficult to sync iTunes music to Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. iTunes can help you manage your iDevices but not to your Android. One of my friends recently bought one Samsung Galaxy S5 to replace his old iPhone. He asks me if I know any method to transfer music from iTunes to his Samsung S5. I know he loves music very much so I decide to tell him two of the most workable methods to solve his problem.

Method 1. Free way to sync iTunes music to Galaxy S5

Check your computer, there is a file folder for saving your iTunes media. You need to go Edit > Reference… > Advanced and then you should to click Copy files to iTunes media folder, when you adding to library, video, music, and other files will be saved automatically. Find this folder and choose your favorite music and then transfer them to your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Tip 1. Where to find your music on iTunes

  • Mac OS X: /Users/username/Music/iTunes
  • Windows Vista: C:/Users/username/Music/iTunes
  • Windows 8: C:/Users/username/My Music/iTunes
  • Windows 7: C:/Users/username/My Music/iTunes
  • Windows XP: C:/Documents and Settings/username/My Documents/My Music/iTunes

Tip 2. Way to sync iTunes music to Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Step 1. You need to find where your iTunes files located on your computer
  • Step 2. Use USB cable to connect your Samsung S5 to the computer
  • Step 3. Find and open your SD card on your Galaxy S5, then you can copy iTunes music you like to it.

By using this way, you don’t need to use any money. But you must realize that there is no way for you to transfer iTunes playlist to your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone directly because all iTunes media folder are saved according to the artists & albums. What I want to tell you is to prepare time long enough for you to finish all procession.

Method 2. Use iMusic to help you sync playlists from iTunes to Galaxy S5

You can use this software on your Mac by installing iMusic for Mac or on your Windows by iMusic for Windows. This software can help you transfer data between different devices. Transfer iTunes playlists & music to Samsung Galaxy S5 is very easy for this software. You may also want to try this software to transfer other data like contacts, videos, apps.

Step 1. Install this software on your computer

Download iMusic

Download and install this software on your Windows computer. Connect your Samsung S5 to a computer via USB cable.

iSkysoft iMusic for Android

Step 2. Move music playlist from iTunes to your Samsung S5

You can see the Import iTunes Playlist on the software’s interface. Like the picture shows below, all the playlists are marked, unmark those you don’t want and then clicks OK.

Don’t need to worry about those songs cannot play on your Samsung Galaxy S5, the iTunes playlist to S5 tool will help you convert they formats before transferring them to Galaxy S5. You should click OK if you allow the software to convert the format for you.

Download iMusic


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