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卖票在线是不是一个新概念,在所有. 现场娱乐表演活动的门票,有一个巨大的需求和购买他们在网上是球迷真正的便利. 然而, 如果你想购买最后一分钟门票这样的活动是什么? 好, this is exactly when a platform like StubHub becomes handy. 事实上, StubHub的 was introduced several years ago, and it has advanced a lot over the past period. 现在, StubHub has become a really popular option among the fans of leading live entertainment. 虽然, is StubHub legit? Is StubHub reliable? Is it OK to buy tickets through this platform? Is there a risk factor? 让我们来看看它.

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An introduction to StubHub

Is StubHub legit? 其实, this platform was introduced by two Americans named Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr. This took place back in 2000 in San Francisco. By 2007, StubHub is sold to eBay. 现在, StubHub is known as the online ticket reselling wing of eBay, and their popularity is increasing.

Through this online platform, you can buy tickets that are resold. It resells tickets for various live entertainment events like Sports, Concerts, Theatre and Comedy. It sells tickets from the venues and teams. 更重要的是, it resells the tickets for those who have already bought the tickets but cannot attend the event. 事实上, a web-based platform like StubHub is handy for those who have sudden plans for attending the event. 此外, such platform lets you save a substantial amount of money over the book price as well. 基本上, it is a platform that lets you get last minute tickets for events that are already sold out. 也, 点击了解更多关于 StubHub Seller Fees.

所以, is StubHub legit? 一世s StubHub reliable?

Is StubHub reliable? Is StubHub legit? 简单的说, 是, StubHub is a legitimate vendor. 他们合法转售门票大范围的在全球范围内发生在不同地点的事件. 由于这个网站来作为易趣的子公司, 它具有较好的声誉,以及. 像eBay这样一个巨大的支持帮助StubHub的与更多的稳定增长更快,扎实.

是StubHub的可靠? 它是完美的?

正因为StubHub的是合法的, 这并不意味着它是完美的. 就像任何其他平台和服务, 有与StubHub的相关一些不完善的地方. You should remember that even eBay has received a considerable number of bad reviews.

One of the most notable weaknesses associated with StubHub is that their poor customer care service. 也, we should emphasize that they have a rather not-so-good after sales service. 总而言之, they give the impression of not caring about the complaints. 好, 在实际情况下, any service receives mixed reviews from customers, and StubHub is no exception.

然而, when it comes to legitimacy, StubHub is recognized as a reliable option. 事实上, every ticket sold through StubHub comes with a guarantee. 好, most of the vendors who sell tickets online don’t necessarily offer such a guarantee. This is a really valuable aspect for those who prefer not to waste their money over fake tickets.

What do other people tell about StubHub?

It is true that there is a considerable number of negative reviews associated with StubHub. 所以 is StubHub legit? Is StubHub reliable? 然而, 另一方面, the number of positive reviews it has already got is impressive. As a realistic approach, you should compare both the negative and positive reviews carefully and come to a conclusion. When it comes to shopping from an online store, these reviews are exceptionally important. Although there are several negative reviews about StubHub posted on various websites, you should read them carefully. Even those negative reviews will have something to explain.

所以, don’t worry just because you see some negative reviews about StubHub. There are various positive reviews as well. When there is a massive clientele, it is very normal for any service to get some negative reviews. 也, you should remember that many of the clients tend to avoid writing a review if everything goes well. 然而, their emotions are triggered if they have the slightest bad experience. Although any business would love to maintain their online existence without negative reviews, it is practically not possible. 所以, as a customer with realistic feelings, you should not get discouraged after seeing a couple of negative reviews. 代替, 最好的办法是阅读所有这些评论,并得出一个结论左右 ‘is StubHub legit’ 以及“是StubHub的可靠”?.


StubHub的是现在的生意很多年了,使用它为任何用户很方便. 许多世界各地的用户声称,StubHub的是一个非常人性化的平台. 虽然有些人可能有一些问题, StubHub的是安全和合法. 所以不用担心这个问题 ‘是StubHub的合法”. 几乎, StubHub的是一个合法的平台,可以让你买到票在线. 然而, 如果被告知真相, 有一定的局限性,以及. 如果您有关于StubHub的切合实际的期望, 然而, 你可以得到满意的用户体验.

1) 价钱:

与StubHub的相关联的主要优点是,他们的价格是非常透明. 另一方面, 其主要缺点是,他们没有退款政策. 多亏了方便的移动应用程序和用户友好的网站, 网上买票是极其方便的通过StubHub的. 绝对没有任何关于成功的怀疑和这个平台的普及. 这是一个方便的, 安全,强烈推荐平台.

然而, 通过StubHub的出售门票的价格取决于当前的市场价值. 这是因为StubHub的不一定自行销售门票. 代替, 他们扮演调解者的角色. 作为回报, 他们收取 10% 票的总价格和交货费为好. 你应该记住,StubHub的增加这些方面的价格显示. 所以, the price of the tickets sold through StubHub may appear to be high.

2) Delivery:

It also lets you have two options when it comes to delivery. You can get the tickets shipped physically or get them through emails. The tickets that are emailed can be printed by yourself. 除此之外, they offer pickup centers as well. You can visit those centers and buy tickets through them in person.

When it comes to selling tickets, it is a pretty straightforward process with StubHub. Just like with many of the competitors, StubHub的可以列出免费门票. 如果门票被售出, StubHub的将继续 10% 从门票价格作为自己的佣金. 在此之上, 他们有专门的支持团队,协助您在卖票. 您可以使用多种方式卖StubHub的门票后,得到的钱. 如果不, 您可以直接通过StubHub的捐赠本身的钱给慈善机构.

3) 步骤买上票StubHub的

为了找到这个平台上的机票, 您可以使用搜索工具. 要做到这一点, 您可以键入艺术家的名字, 地点, 流派甚至城市. You will get a range of options Based on the information you provide. They offer a very user-friendly, interactive seating chart as well. Through this chart, you can learn where you are going to be seated.

The website then displays a popup and shows the tickets and the total price. 如果有必要, you can filter the tickets based on the row, price, 等等. Same features are offered more interestingly through their official app. Such feature lets you buy tickets even when you are on the move.

To make the transactions safer and assure the trust for both the parties, they offer FanProtect Guarantee. 由于这个特征, your tickets will be reserved and sent to you in advance. Sellers too can get their payment on time. 然而, you must remember that StubHub doesn’t feature refunds.

Is there a better alternative to StubHub?

正如你所知道, StubHub is not the only platform that resells tickets online. There are plenty of other similar platforms with different characteristics. 然而, not all those platforms are nice as they say. 因此, it is better to select a ticker reseller after doing some good research. This is when TickPick comes to play. Let’s take a look at the main difference between TickPick and StubHub.

1) 正如我们前面提到, StubHub has some occasional issues associated with selling fraudulent tickets. 然而, most of these instances are accidental. That is because the clientele of StubHub is mainly comprising of the general public. 例如, there are a lot of college students resell tickets randomly on StubHub. When a random person sells a ticket, mistakes can happen. That is mainly because StubHub works as a fan-to-fan platform.

2) 另一方面, the majority of the TickPick clientele comprises of professional ticket brokers. These brokers consider reselling tickets as their full-time business. 所以, they don’t want to ruin their main income stream, and they maintain a high level of professionalism. 所以, 你可以期待卓越的专业性和很小的房间与StubHub的错误.

3) 当涉及到价格的因素, 相比StubHub的TickPick更实惠. 此外, 它有一个令人印象深刻的退款保证. 按他们的退款保证, 他们准备提供 110% 退款,如果出现错误. 这表明他们是多么有信心与他们所提供的服务.

4) 客户关怀服务TickPick提供了另一个巨大的好处. 每个客户会后由代理,直到他或她是完全满意地看着. You can even speak with the customer support agent if you need to.

Conclusion for ‘Is StubHub Legitand ‘Is StubHub reliable

正如你所知道, StubHub的 is a decent platform that resells tickets online. 如果你想知道 “is StubHub legit?the above content will give you the answer. 简而言之, StubHub is a legitimate platform. 然而, if you prefer using an affordable, more reliable and convenient alternative to StubHub, you may consider TickPick.



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