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Cum de a repara „iPhone blocat pe Se verifică actualizarea’ Eroare Pur și simplu?


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Dacă sunteţi un utilizator de iPhone, este mai bine să-l păstrați la curent tot timpul. În general, Apple releases timely updates to iOS with various enhancements. By installing the latest updates, we can expect better performance and enhanced security from our devices. După cum probabil știți deja, Apple has recently released their latest iOS version under the name iOS 12. Although everything is supposed to go smoothly after an iOS update, glitches can happen too.

If your iPhone stuck on verifying update, you would experience a variety of issues afterward. You will not be allowed to use your phone any longer or navigate from one screen to another. It is needless to mention how annoying such instance is. All your data including pictures, documente, note, mesaje, etc. become inaccessible until you fix it. Most of the iOS users find helpless under such circumstance. Cu toate acestea, the good news is that this article explains how to fixiPhone stuck on verifying update” problema.

Parte 1. Diagnose if the iPhone stuck on verifying update

Before we discuss a fix to this issue, it is important to diagnose it correctly. That is because iPhones can get stuck due to other reasons as well.

Ca un utilizator dispozitiv iOS, you should understand that millions of other users are waiting for new iOS updates. When the new update is released, all those users tend to download the updates simultaneously from Apple servers. Ca rezultat al, the servers may find it difficult to handle the traffic and get stuck. Deci, you should be practical and be patient enough to give it in minutes. Don’t misunderstand such scenario with aniPhone stuck on verifying update”. Please note that it is completely normal if it takes minutes to proceed after seeing the pop-up message.

In plus, iPhones can take longer time than usual to get the update installed if you have a poor internet connection. După cum probabil ştiţi, the update takes place through the internet, and therefore, you need a strong internet connection. If you have a slow internet connection, the respective update will take a very long time. Multe ori, iOS users think it as a stuck update, but it is not.

De asemenea, the remaining storage space of your iOS device may affect the speed of the update. If the iPhone is filled with data, the respective update may take longer than expected. Şi, you may easily misunderstand that for a stuck iPhone update.

Deci, as a smart iPhone user, you should analyze the root cause of the issue properly before fixing it. Daca esti 100% sure that your iPhone stuck on verifying, you can follow the instructions mentioned below. We hope that one of these methods will fix the issue and let you use the device smoothly.

Parte 2. Redownload the iOS Update

Did something go wrong when downloading the software update for the first time? Daca da, the device will not be able to get the update verified properly. The best way to address this issue is by redownloading the latest iOS update and install it. Pentru a face acest lucru, you should perform a hard reset and go to iPhone and “Generale” opţiune. Apoi, Selectaţi “iPhone de stocare” option and tap the update. You will be able to locate this file under the list of apps.

Apoi, tap on the respective software update file and delete it. You can do it simply by tapping on the Delete Update button appears in red. Once the deletion is done, you should go back to the Settings app. Apoi, du-te la “Generale” and hit Software Update option. This will lead you to download the latest software update once again.

If the issue is related to the downloaded file, the above trick should fix it.

Parte 3. Use Power Button to fixiPhone stuck on verifying update” problema

You should know that it is not unusual to notice iPhone’s update verification issue. Dacă eşti suficient de norocos, prin urmare, it can be fixed even with the power button.

Before trying the below-mentioned method, you should make sure that the phone is fully charged. De asemenea, it must be connected to a solid, uninterrupted Wi-Fi network. Although this option is more of a DIY solution, it doesn’t cost you anything to try it. De asemenea, many users have already tried this option and found to be effective.

01. Press that power button of the device and lock it after noticing theiPhone stuck on verifying update” problema.

02. Apoi, you should wait for minutes to unlock the device. When you unlock the device, tu trebuie să mergeți la “Setări” app and hit the “Generale” opţiune. Apoi, you must update the firmware. Please follow the steps we have mentioned in the previous section to update the iOS.

03. You can repeat the process for about five times and see if the issue is fixed.

Parte 4. Perform a force restart to fix ‘iPhone Stuck on Verifying Update

If the previous method doesn’t give you a satisfactory answer, you may go for the force restart. Force restart is also known as the Hard Reset (or Hard Reboot). To perform a hard reset on your iPhone, it will take only a couple of minutes. But this method lets you solve a large range of issues related to our iOS device.

How to force restart iPhone

  • Comunicat de presă “Volum sus” button and release it quickly.
  • Comunicat de presă “Volum jos” button and release it in the same way.
  • Apoi, press and hold the Side Button to shut down (it will take about 10 secunde)

At the completion of the restart, you can try updating the firmware. You already know how to perform a “Actualizare software”. This respective method will surely offer you a solution to fix the update related issue.

Parte 5. Use iTunes to overcome ‘iPhone Stuck on Verifying Update

In addition to downloading music on your iOS device, you can use iTunes to fix some iOS-related glitches. You can use iTunes to bypass the verification process. În această secţiune, let’s take a look at on how to do it.

01. Ca prim pas, you should download the latest version of iTunes and install it on the computer

02. Apoi, you should connect the faulty iPhone to the same computer through the USB cable

03. Acum, the iPhone will be detected by iTunes software

04. You can now click on the “Rezumat” from the provided list of options

05. You can then select the “A verifica pentru updates”

06. La finalizarea procesului, you can click on the available update and hit “Actualizare”

07. Wait for the process to complete and keep the device connected

With this option, it is possible to skip the verification process and enjoy your iPhone.

Parte 6. Use dr.fone – Repair to fix iPhone stuck on verifying update issue

If you are looking for a professional and reliable method to fix the above issue, încercaţi Dr.fone – iOS reparare. This is a powerful tool that can fix a variety of issues related to your iOS device.

Let’s take a look at the most notable features of Dr.fone – iOS reparare

Descarcă Dr.Fone pentru iOS (Versiunea pentru Windows)Descarcă Dr.Fone pentru iOS (Versiune Mac)

Acum, let’s see how to resolve this issue using dr.fone – Repair (iOS).

01. To start the process, you should download and install dr.fone on your computer. Apoi, launch it and connect your iOS device to the same using USB cable. După aceea, ar trebui să faceți clic pe “Repararetab on the screen to move onto the next level.

02. Acum, the program will identify your iOS device. After the device is being identified by dr.fone, puteţi să faceţi clic pe “Începe” pentru a continua.

03. You should now start the connected device in the DFU Mode.

04. When the device is put on DFU mode, dr.fone – Repair will download the firmware. The software will then install the firmware once again on the device. You must know that this process will take some time to get completed. Be sure to wait for a while until it is finished, prin urmare.

05. At the completion of the firmware installation, dr.fone will start to repair all the issues.

That should be it. Cu toate acestea, if this process doesn’t work in the first attempt, you should try it again.

Parte 7. Use iMyFone Fixppo to overcome ‘iPhone Stuck on Verifying Update

iMyFone Fixppo is another powerful tool that can help you overcome various iOS-related issues. Just like the previous option, am menționat; this software doesn’t make any data loss on your device. It is compatible with all the iOS devices including the latest ones. This software can fix issues like stuck on Apple logo, bricked iPhone, crashing iPhone apps and many more.

Caracteristici de iMyFone Fixppo (iOS System Recovery)

  • It doesn’t cause any data loss when fixing iOS errors
  • It’s designed to be user-friendly yet powerful
  • It works with pretty much all the iOS devices
  • Be compatible with all the iOS versions
  • It doesn’t make your data vulnerable

Descarca iMyfone iOS System Recovery (Versiunea pentru Windows)Descarca iMyfone iOS System Recovery (Versiune Mac)

How to use iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery

01. Primul, you should install the software on your computer and get it opened. You can download the software from their official website. Apoi, you should connect the faulty device to the same computer and hitModul standard“.

02. Thereafter, you should put the device in DFU mode and wait until the program detects the device.

03. Once the device is detected, you can see that it downloads the firmware for the device. All you have to do is to press theDescarca” buton.

04. After the firmware is downloaded, you should click the buttonÎncepe să Fix“. Apoi, you should wait for the program to resolve the issues.

Că ’ s a!

You should know that verifying the update after downloading the latest iOS version is a normal process. It generally takes a couple of minutes maximum. Cu toate acestea, if the verification process takes very long or you see it is stuck, you should try something. This is when tools like Dr.fone – iOS reparare şi iMyFone Fixppo (iOS System Recovery) come to action. With the assistance of dr.fone and iMyFone utilities, you can overcome pretty much every iOS-related issue. We hope that the methods mentioned here will solveiPhone stuck on verifying update” problema.

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