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Migliori Trucchi e consigli per iPhone Ringtone MP3 Download


La società di tecnologia Apple ha intimorito il mondo intero con l'ultima release di iPhone 8 Più, i phone 8, ed i dispositivi iPhone X. These devices have been equipped with the most awe-inspiring and advanced features that one can ever deem of having in this present generation. però, Apple does not really provide you many choices on the subject of desires ringtones. Having a distinct means for iPhone Ringtone MP3 Download is vital for keeping your device unique to your tastes and personality.

In a room full of people having iPhone devices, envisage what a comical confusion may crop up when one iPhone starts to ring with its default ringtone and one and all grabs their iPhone. Hence there is a blatant need to deem of changing your iPhone ringtone to a unique, interesting, ringtone.

Read this guide for learning ways to the free iPhone Ringtone MP3 Download e how to transfer your ringtones from the PC to the iPhone X or 8 dispositivi. Follow the parts below for accurately learning how to do so:

PS: Qui è la migliore MP3 al convertitore M4R per tua referenza. Inoltre, clicca per saperne di più su How to add ringtones to iPhone XS e how to transfer and make your iPhone ringtones.

Parte 1: The Simplest Way to Make Free iPhone Ringtone MP3 Download from Music Sharing Sites

The most seamless way for downloading free iPhone ringtones is using iMusic. The program provides great ringtones and music, which could be chosen from infinite categories, per esempio, the top list, and diverse genres for the users. Inoltre, it has grand reviews from customers. The program offers the following chief facilities to the customers:

I.Recording music:

You can choose to record music from Radio and Spotify to the Android, Mac, i phone, or the PC.

II.Transferring music:

You can get the most out of this facility by transferring your music files from the various following sources:

III.Downloading music:

By the use of this service, iPhone ringtone MP3 download can be made via these sources:

Passo 1: Initiate by downloading and launching iMusic from the desktop. You will access theGet Musicawindow and choose theSCOPRIRE‘ linguetta.

iMusic Passo 2: Nel ‘Ricerca‘ linguetta, type the name of the clip or song ringtone that you wish to download and tap on the search button in the right area.

Passo 3: Choose the music and tap on the Download icon on the following window, you can discover the downloaded songs in the Downloaded library.

Download iPhone Ringtone MP3 with iMusic

Caratteristiche principali di iMusic:

  • It can directly complete iPhone Ringtone MP3 Download by downloading or recording MP3 Music for your desired ringtones
  • Download Videos and Music from over 10,000 Sites and its particular music resources
  • Transfer Music devoid of Device Limitation
  • It can complete your whole Music Library
  • It can fix Covers, id3 Tags
  • Erase duplicate songs and eliminate missing tracks
  • It can manage Music devoid of iTunes restrictions
  • You can make use of iTunes with any Android
  • It can easily burn Music files to CDs
  • Back up with a single click
  • It can share iTunes playlists
  • It can automatically convert to the compatible format
  • Replace MP4 files to MP3 formats
  • Apt iOS and Android music downloader

Get iMusic for Windows & Mac

Parte 2: Superiore 5 Websites to make free iPhone Ringtone MP3 Download to the iPhone device

Adesso, let us run through the most important question of downloading free ringtones for your iPhone. A number of diverse websites are facilitating people to make free iPhone Ringtone MP3 Download on their iPhone devices. 5 of such remarkable websites are given here, for your convenient use:

1. Freetone

Freetone is a well-liked website, allowing you to download any ringtone to the iPhone device without any charges or efforts. It lets you search for the preferred ringtone based on top albums or artists, along with categorization as animals, funny international, Bollywood, or dance sections. inoltre, the fact of not needing to register or making an account on its website is a bonus. così, you need just to begin the downloading.

2. Zedge

This is yet one more remarkable website that provides numerous cool songs that you can employ as your ringtone. Some of these include classical, nazione, and rock songs. You can just download the desired songs of your taste and choice, send them all to your mail address or just scan QR code for getting them. Zedge is all the rage among its usersthanks to a supplementary feature offered by it, where you can make your ringtones as well, with the assistance of online toolkits.

3. Mobile9

This is also a huge website where you’ll find an extensive set of ringtones, having about 100,000MP3 ringtones. You are required to just sign-up, which is totally free, and soon your ringtone will get downloaded in under 10 solo pochi secondi.

4. Tomasha

One more website that lets you download free of charge ringtones is the Tomasha website. It has an exclusive ringtone categorization, along with categories like Poly, Engine sound, Animals et cetera, which you can never get anywhere else. You can be a community affiliate by performing sign up for free of charge and then downloading the ringtones in 20 solo pochi secondi.

5. Audiko

This is a website having a rich media list; wherein, you can download ringtones easily for your iPhone device. You need just to choose the music accordingly, and tap on the link of ‘download for iPhonelocated under a phone number box on its main catalog interface page, subsequent to you creating an account. This will download the file automatically on the PC, which you could import later on into iTunes and then sync to the iPhone device.

Parte 3: Three Ways to Transfer Downloaded Ringtones From PC to iPhone X or iPhone 8

Metodo 1. Transferring Ringtones From the PC to the iPhone X or 8 by the use of iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer

Il iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer program is a very essential and useful toolkit, for a total and complete management of all Apple devices. You can simply transfer and sync files from the iPhone device to the PC and vice versa.
You can effortlessly transfer your data files of all kinds devoid of having to run through iTunes, backing up your data and files and more significantly, it functions and works better in comparison to iTunes. Consequently so, it is highly spoken of in countless media, per esempio, Geekreply, Getintopc.

iMyFone TunesMate Caratteristiche principali:

  • It can seamlessly and easily transfer your files from iPhone to the PC and vice versa.
  • Easily transfer your files from the iPhone device to any external hard drives. The PC, iTunes, or media player.
  • It can bypass the iTunes app and transfer your files directly from the PC to the iPhone device.
  • Support all types of contents and files downloaded via the Internet, Google play store or Amazon store.
  • It can transfer virtually all and any type of file together with the podcast, audio books, immagini, video, iTunes, spettacoli televisivi, eccetera.

Get iMyfone TunesMate

Passo 1: Set up by connecting your iPhone device to the PC employing your USB cable and launching the iMyFone TunesMate program on the PC.

Passo 2: Scegliere ‘Musicaon the crest of the given menu, e optare per ‘Inserisci‘ e poi il ‘Aggiungi cartella‘ o ‘Aggiungi file‘ linguetta.

Passo 3: Locate the storage site of the music on the PC and choose the ringtone that you would prefer to transfer and then click onApertofor beginning the file transfer.


  • You cannot sync your music files on iTunes for using them as your ringtone.
  • You will need to repeat the steps on a new PC for sending ringtone to the device.

Metodo 2. Manage your ringtones by dr.fone – Trasferimento iOS

For making iPhone ringtone MP3 download, Ringtone Maker – dr.fone – Trasferimento iOS can be your best choice for customizing iPhone Ringtone.

Ringtone Maker – dr.fone – Trasferimento iOS Caratteristiche principali:

  • trasferimento di foto, musica, devoid of iTunes restrictions.
  • It is a one-click solution to backing up iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android to PC
  • Perfectly restore or backup iTunes library
  • It can directly transfer between all iOS or Android devices
  • Transfer audio or video files from your device to PC and iTunes
  • It can make any video or photos to GIF images
  • Delete photos or videos in groups via a single click
  • It can de-duplicate the recurring contacts
  • Fissare e ottimizzare le coperture, i tag ID3, song information
  • Export and backup text messages, iPad, iPod, MMS Support all iPhone, contatto, e dispositivi Android
  • It is compatible fully with iOS 12

Get dr.fone – Trasferimento (iOS)

Prior to introducing the ringtones downloading sites, you must know the scheme of customizing ringtones for iPhone. To this end, dr.fone is the most excellent website that you can come across. It can let you transfer photos, videos music, and further media contents exclusive of iTunes.

It has the most remarkable features, making it your must-have app, giving out a trouble-free way out to all your hitches associated with phone managing. You can make a back up of your song library for restoring it, più tardi, transfer numerous songs in just a single click, make customized ringtones for the iPhone device and delete or edit iPhone ringtones exclusive of the employment of iTunes.

In contrast to iTunes, the dr.fone app lets add ringtones from the PC, together with making ringtones of your individual choice. Use these given steps for learning how to go about:

Passo 1: Start by installing dr.fone, scegliere “Trasferimentofunction and join your iPhone with the PC.

Passo 2: Tap on the top musica icona, which will let you access the music window as its default page or you can just choose the music tab on the left-hand side and tap on the ringtone maker icona.

Passo 3: Then you can decide whether to choose local music or device music for the customized ringtone. Subsequent to choosing the preferred music file, you can stipulate the parts manually or simply type in the duration of the necessary part that you wish to add for making the ringtone. Anche, you can review the last 40 seconds of the ringtone prior to saving it on the device or PC.

The fresh ringtone can now be set on iPhone by visiting the ringtone preference that is located in settings.

Transferring ringtones amid iPhone and additional devices

Passo 1: Initiate by launching the dr.fone app and connect the iPhone device to the PC. You can opt to join more than a single device too.

Passo 2: Poi, choose the device on which the desired ringtone needs to be transferred and tap on the topmost music icon. Tick the ringtone(S), which you wish to get transferred, then Tap onEsportareand choose the subsequent device where the ringtone has to be moved.

Metodo 3. Syncing Ringtones From the PC to iPhone X or 8 da iTunes

Passo 1: guarantee that you are using the newest iTunes version, and then connect iPhone to the PC using a USB cable.

Passo 2: Access iTunes and select ‘Fileon the menu at its top left location.

Passo 3: choose ‘Add File to Libraryfor selecting music individually, or ‘Add Folder to Libraryfor instantly adding an entire songs folder to your iTunes library.

Passo 4: following that, tap on the icon of iPhone and then access the ‘Musicoption and verify ‘Sync Music’.

Passo 5: Poi, tick on the box along the lines of ‘Entire Music Libraryin case you want to sync all your tracks in iTunes Library or on ‘Selected Playlists, Album, Genres, Artist’, in case you wish to choose songs on the list.

Passo 6: choose the ‘Applyicon and wait till the process is finished.


  • This would replace your music file’s original copy on the device.
  • All formats are not held by the iTunes app.
  • You can transfer only music from a single computer to the iPhone device. O altro, you would be risking your phone getting erased.

We have thus given you detailed steps for transferring ringtones from the PC to iPhone X and 8 were along with downloading ringtones for the iPhone XS, XR, X or 8. In performing such iPhone ringtone MP3 download tasks, you can use the remarkable auxiliary features of iMusic, iMyFone TunesMate, dr.fone – Trasferimento iOS.

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