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iPhoneは、無効なSIMカードを持っています? のは、それを修正してみましょう!


彼らが見たときにiPhoneユーザーの多くは、うるさく驚い取得します “無効なSIMカード” メッセージ. そのようなメッセージは、自分のiPhoneに表示される理由のみiPhoneユーザーのいくつかは知っています. いつ “無効なSIM” メッセージはあなたのiPhoneに表示されます, you cannot even send a text message. そう, it is needless to say how annoying such issue would be. 良く, the purpose of this article is to explain the real reasons behind this issue and how to fix it.

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Turn on and off the Airplane Mode on your iPhone to fix invalid sim card

This is one of the most basic but effective methods you can try to fix invalid sim card. この方法ごととして, all you have to do is to turn on airplane mode and turn it off. When you switch to Airplane mode, your device will lose all the network and cellular connections. Once you switch it on again, the connections will be reestablished.

Following are the steps you should follow to do it.

  • Go to the Settings app and then tap on the switch located next to Airplane mode.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds
  • もう一度スイッチをタップして、もう一度それをオフに


もしオンと機内モードをオフあなたのために動作しません。, あなたは、キャリア設定を更新してみてください. 一般に, Appleと無線の両方が頻繁に提供の更新を運びます. これらの更新プログラムを通じて、, 彼らは、ネットワーク接続の面でコンピュータのより良いパフォーマンスを期待します. 以下は、キャリア設定のアップデートを実行する方法であります.

  • あなたのiPhone上の設定アプリに移動し、一般的なラベルオプションを選択します
  • それから, オプションをタップ
  • Wait for about 15 秒
  • If there is an update related to the carrier settings, you would see a popup on the display
  • Tap on the update if it is available

しかしながら, please note that if there is no popup, you already have the latest update.

Restart the iPhone

時々, “invalid sim cardmessage appears as a result of minor software glitch or a crash. To fix those minor glitches, you can restart the phone. When you restart the device, it will stop all the ongoing processes. それから, it will start with freshly running programs with fixed potential glitches.

In order to begin the process of restarting, you should follow the methods mentioned below. Please note that the process might differ depending on the iPhone model you use.

iPhoneのための 8 and earlier versions

Press the power button and hold it to see the power slider. This slide will appear with the textslide to power off”. As it says, you can slide it to turn off the device.

For iPhone X / XS (マックス) / XR

If you are using the latest version of iPhones (iPhone X), follow this method. Press and hold the side button with any of the volume buttons. それから, あなたは、電源アイコンをスワイプすることができます (赤色で) 右側に向けてデバイスをシャットダウンするには.

かかわらず、モデルの, デバイスのスイッチを切った後、, あなたは再びデバイスに切り替える必要があります. これをする, あなたは、それぞれ電源ボタンやスライドボタンを押す必要があります.

修正するためにiPhoneを更新 “invalid sim card” 問題

上記の方法のどれもあなたの問題を解決しない場合, それは、iOSに関連する問題である可能性があり. ことを意味します, あなたのiPhone上のiOSは時代遅れである場合, あなたはそれを修正する必要があります. それを行うための最善の方法は、ソフトウェアを更新することです. An iOS update will fix all the potential issues and bugs associated with the current version. さらに, updating the iOS allows you to experience the new features. You may follow the instructions below to update your iPhone and fixinvalid sim card” 問題.

  • Go to the Settings app and select General option
  • Go to Software Update option
  • 更新があった場合, you can tap on the option labeled “ダウンロード & インストール”.

しかしながら, if you find a messageYour iPhone is up to date”, your iOS doesn’t need an update. If you found data loss on your smartphone, ここがベストです SIM card data recovery あなたのために.

Eject the SIM card and insert it again

All the methods mentioned above are associated with iPhone. しかしながら, この方法では, we are going to see if there is anything wrong with the SIM card. If everything looks fine with the iPhone, あなたはこの方法を試してみてください. Such an error can occur particularly if your iPhone encountered a substantial impact (例えば, you dropped it lately!). The SIM card might have gone out the slot or become loose. この場合, you can fix the issue simply by ejecting the SIM card and putting it back correctly.

The location of the SIM card isn’t that hard to be found. Most of the iPhone models have their SIM card tray towards the right edge of the device. しかしながら, older iPhone models have the SIM card try on the top part of the device.

Ejecting the SIM card

In order to eject the SIM card, you will have to use a SIM card ejector. そうでない場合は, you will have to use a paper clip. Carefully press the small circle found in the SIM card tray using the tool. Be sure that you apply some amount of pressure to get the tray to be ejected. After ejecting the SIM card, you will not be able to use the iPhone to make any calls. 今, put back the SIM card in the perfect place without any errors. If the iPhone still readsinvalid sim card”, you will have to troubleshoot the SIM card as well.

Use a different SIM card and check if it works

With this process, you will be able to determine if the issue is actually with the SIM card. All you have to do is to find a SIM that works well on another iPhone. それから, you should insert it on your iPhone and see if you get any error messages. If theinvalid sim card” メッセージを永続化されます, SIMカードとは何の問題もありません. その代わり, あなたのiPhone自体が犯人かもしれません.

iPhoneは、同じメッセージが表示された場合, あなたは、次のステップに進む必要があります. しかしながら, あなたはSIMカードに問題がある場合, あなたは、ワイヤレスキャリアに連絡する必要があります. それから, あなたはこの問題を解決するために、適切な解決策を見つけることができるようになります.


あなたのiPhoneのネットワーク設定がのWi-Fiで構成することを知っている必要があり, セルラー, VPNおよびBluetoothの設定. If there is something wrong with the cellular network settings of your iPhone, you will have to reset it. But you cannot reset the cellular settings alone. その代わり, you will have to reset the entire network settings to resolve this issue. Resetting all the network settings should be done according to the method mentioned below.

  • に行きます “設定” あなたのiPhone上のアプリ
  • オプションを選択 “一般的な”
  • オプションをタップします “リセット”
  • Then go to the option “ネットワーク設定をリセット”
  • プロンプトが表示されたら, you will have to enter the passcode of the iPhone
  • Confirm the resetting process

As a smart measure, we highly recommend our readers to write down the Wi-Fi password before resetting the network. さもないと, finding the lost Wi-Fi password would be a painstaking task.

良く, if your iPhone still displays the same annoying message, you should contact the wireless carrier. さらに, you will have to visit the local Apple store and see what is wrong with the device.

If there is a SIM card issue, the smart move is to contact the wireless carrier first. You will get a new SIM card in most of the cases to fixinvalid sim card” 問題. しかしながら, if the issue is with the iPhone, you will have to contact the Apple store.



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