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[iPad to iPad Photos Transfer]: How to Sync iPad Photos to New iPad


When you get a new iPad Air or iPad Mini, you may want to transfer photos from the old iPad to the new one. By doing it, you can easily scan your photos on the new bought iPad. But how to accomplish the transfer process? We will show you two powerful third-party iPad to iPad Photos Transfer tools to fix the problem easily.

The name of the first tool we recommend to you is dr.fone – iOS Transfer. This program gives you the authority to transfer contacts, music, videos, photos, playlists and more from the old iPad to the new one. What’s more, the program allows you to transfer audio and video files from your iPad to your computer and iTunes.

The name of the other tool is dr.fone – Switch. This program is a great tool designed for transferring data between various devices running different operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian. You are able to transfer pictures between your two iPads with the help of the program with just one click.

Method 1: Sync photos from one iPad to another with dr.fone – iOS Transfer

dr.fone – iOS Transfer is a program designed for managing all files on your iPad effortlessly. It keeps data like photos, music and videos on your iPad clear and organized. With the help of the program, you are able to transfer photos from one iPad to another with no loss at all. In the following part, we will show you how to do it. Before all the steps, you need to download and install dr.fone on your computer. Then just follow the instructions carefully.

Get dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)

Step 1. Connect both your iPads to your computer

First of all, you should launch dr.fone on your PC and Choose “Transfer”. Then, use USB cables to connect the two iPads to your computer. You will see both the iPads appearing in the main window of the program once the program detects the two devices successfully. You can see all the information of both the devices on the left side.

iPad to iPad Photos Transfer

Step 2. Sync photos from one iPad to another

On the left side of the program, hit the triangle icon before the target iPad. Click Photos in the column under the device, you will see all the files appearing on the right side. Pick the folders or albums set up by dr.fone tool. Hit the button Export to. Thus, you will find your iPad under a secondary list. Then click to start exporting process. Make sure both of your iPads are well connected to your computer.

Or you can open a file such as Photo Library. Pick the photos you want to transfer. Click the button “Export to”to transfer photos to the target iPad.

Export iPad Photos to iPad
Note: The dr.fone – Transfer(iOS) is perfectly compatible with most model of iPads such as The New iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air. It fully supports iOS 12/11/10/9/8/7/6/5.

Go and check the exported library on your iPad when the transfer process is finished. Hit the triangle icon before the iPad. Click photos and then you will find the exported file or album saved in the Photo Library.

At this point, you have completed the photos transfer process between the two iPads. You can tell from the instructions that the process is not that hard to implement. In addition,you are able to transfer music from one iPad to another or transfer photos between two iPhones with the help of this program.

So don’t hesitate and start to download dr.fone now! You will be amazed by the wonderful features!

Get dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)

Method 2: Sync photos from one iPad to another with dr.fone – Switch

With the help of dr.fone – Switch, you are able to copy photos from iPad to iPad in 1-click. The program is virtus-free and safe to use for sure. So what are you waiting for? Download dr.fone to your computer. I will show you how to copy the photos from one iPad to another step by step. The following instruction is based on the Window version.

Get dr.fone – Switch

Step 1. Download & Launch dr.fone on your PC

The first step you have to take is to download and install dr.fone on PC. When you launch the program, the main window will show in front of you. Click the “Switch” mode to continue the process.

Step 2. Connect both your iPads to your PC with USB cables.

Connect both iPads of yours to the computer with USB cables. Wait for a few seconds, the program will recognize the two devices. Once they are recognized successfully, the two devices will show up in the main window. One iPad is on the left side while the other one is one of the right side. If there are too many songs you don’t like to keep on the intended iPad, you can click the button “Clear data before copy”. If you would like to keep them, then just ignore the button.

Photos from iPad to iPad Mini
Note: Click Flip means that you wanna exchange the places of the two iPads.

Step 3. Start to sync photos from one iPad to another iPad Air or iPad Mini

You can tell from the window that you are allowed to transfer audio and video files, photos and contacts between the two devices directly. If you only want to transfer photos between the iPads, then you just need to uncheck contacts, videos, and music. Then, click “Start Transfer”. Remember to keep the connection between the two devices during the whole process.

photos from old iPad to new iPad

Get dr.fone – Switch

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