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How to Perform iOS Line Backup & Restore Using Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS


Want to remove any app from your iOS device or perform an iOS Line backup & restore? As you well know, with iOS you will lose all the custom data connected to the app whether it is an iPod, iPad or iPhone. If you are particular about the data lost, you need to use a proper backup and restore programs.

This is where Dr.Fone comes in. dr.fone – Restore Social App has this amazing new feature that helps in data extraction in a secure and safe way. You can now transfer, restore and backup data of any app you want. In this article, we will discuss about the backup and restore process separately.

Before you begin the process of iOS Line Backup & Restore, you need to launch Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS software.

And then select “Restore Social App” from the options present in the tools list.

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Part 1. iOS Line Data Backup

The steps to be followed for LINE data backup include the following.

1. Connect iPhone to your computer

This involves the following steps

  • Choose “Restore Social App” in the list of tools.

  • Connect the iOS device via USB cable to the system.  Go to Line tab and click Backup

  • Your device will be automatically detected by Dr.Fone.

2. Backup of LINE data

  • When Dr.Fone software recognizes your phone, click on Backup to start the process

  • Once the process is over, you will be able to preview it by clicking on the ‘View it’ option. All the files you want to backup can be seen this way.


Part 2. iOS Line Data Restore and Export

Restoring and Exporting of all LINE backup data can be done by the following steps:

1. View all LINE back up files

  • Before you perform the export or restore process, it is important to check all the files.
  • Click on the option ‘To view previous backup files’ appearing on the first screen to check on the files.

2. Extract LINE data backup file

  • On the file viewing page, you will find all the files in LINE backup that you have done in the previous step.
  • Choose the file you want to view and click on the View option

3. Preview data before restoring Line data

To preview the export or restore LINE backup data here are the steps to follow

  • Once the scan by Dr.Fone software is completed, you will be able to preview the entire chats and attachments in your LINE app.


  • The next step is to export or restore the data in your LINE app by clicking on the appropriate option such as, ‘Restore’.

While you can export, restore and backup all LINE data including attachments and chats, it is not possible at present to do the process as a selective one. If you want to revert to your original status before the backup and restoration process, you need to restart the dr.fone – Restore Social App software. Open the preview window in the program and click on Undo Restore option to revert. It is also important to note that you can only perform the undo method for the latest restore of iOS LINE Backup & Restore process you have done.

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