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Easy Way to Install Apps on Samsung Tablets from Computer


What makes you a big fan of the Samsung tablet? Is it because its fair-sound quality or is it because that its flat screen? I think the reasons you choose Samsung tablet must include the multi-apps that it can be installed and supported. Suppose you have got a new Samsung tablet, the first thing to do must be installing the apps you like on it, and to help you with it, I strongly recommend you the Samsung tablet manager named Wondershare MobileGo(Windows).

Under the help of Wondershare MobileGo for Android(Windows), you can install the apps that you like most on your Samsung tablet, furthermore, if there is any possibility, it allows you install the apps on your SD card.

Download this Samsung Tablet data manager – MobileGo for Android on your computer.

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)

Note: Except for Samsung tablet, Wondershare MobileGo for Android is also fully supported bunches of other Android phone or tablet, such as Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S5 and the new HTC One M8. Just check more infomation about supported devices.

Easy way to install apps on Samsung tablet

Download and set up the Samsung tablet manager on your computer, and run it up.

Step 1: Connect the Samsung tablet to computer via USB cable or WiFi

You can connect your Samsung tablet to your PC via Wifi or USB cable. Once your tablet was connected to your PC, the software shall recognize it automatically and display it in the primary window.

MobileGo for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Step 2: Help your Samsung tablet install apps

Under Samsung Galaxy tab, go to the left sidebar and click Apps. Start with clicking “Install” to install apps on your Samsung tablet.

Install Apps on Samsung Tablets
You will see all your apps on your Samsung tablet pops up in an app window. Through the window, you can see the app’s name, their size, their installation time and its save location.

Click “Install” and you can evoke the computer’s file browser window, it will lead you to where your apps have been saved and all you need to do is pick up the apps you want to install on your Samsung tablet and install them. The apps will be installed in the phone memory card by default, but on the other hand, if the apps have offer the choice of “Move to SD card“, you can tick the choice if you would like to install the apps in your SD card.

If you finished all of these processes, then congratulations, you have installed the new apps on your Samsung tablet successfully. There will not be too much trouble in installing apps under the help of this Android manager and it you save you far more time than you are doing it by yourself. Why don’t you try out the new apps that you have just set up on your Samsung tablet and appreciate the work that you have done?

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)

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