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How to Import Music to HTC Desire 816 from Computer


With new HTC Desire 816, How Can You Import Music to HTC Desire 816 Effortlessly?

It really doesn’t consider as a problem for many people, to transfer music from computer to Android phone. Because simply connect your phone to the computer through USB cable will do the job. But our daily life always full of surprise, you might have lost your USB cables or just have too many devices to handle at one time. Then you have to find out other methods to help you. This article will provide advisers to teach you to transfer music not only from the computer but also from places like iTunes, iDevice, Nokia or old model Android phone to your new phone, for example, HTC Desire 816.

Talking about HTC Desire 816, it is an Android smart phone with a super LCD2 capacitive touch screen and the fantastic camera. These features definitely will make HTC Desire a huge success among those people love taking photos by phone. Another thing worth to mention is the embedded rechargeable Li-Polymer battery. It can support 21 talk hours for 3G and 737 standby hours for 3G. For those who have a 24/7 busy lifestyle, this HTC battery can keep powering up their life persistently.

Ok, now back to our original topic, which is about how to wisely solve the problem when you cannot simply use USB cable connection to transfer data from computer to HTC Desire 816 or other Android phone.

We should discuss this in two parts.

Let’s start Part 1: Import Music to HTC Desire 816 from computer / iTunes

Have no idea about how to transfer music to HTC Desire 816 from iTunes or computer? Don’t worry, I have a great recommendation here for you, the iMusic. This awesome software is capable of transferring many different types of data, including music/playlist, from computer to Android devices like HTC Desire 816.

Download iMusic for Windows Download iMusic for Mac

Step 1: Download & Launch iMusic on Computer

The software of iMusic present on your PC needs to be opened by double clicking on its icon. A home screen like below will appear.


Step 2: Connect your HTC Desire 816 to Windows computer

Now connect your HTC Desire 816 to Windows computer. Then iMusic will recognize your mobile device. You will see the connected phone been displayed under DEVICE on the software screen.


Step 3: Transfer music to HTC Desire 816 from Computer

a. Firstly, you should get the songs you want to transfer to HTC Desire 816 on your computer. And then find your connected HTC Desire 816 under the DEVICE option in iMusic’s window. And click the icon of “Music” to see all your music saved in your device.

b. Then you should Drag and Drop those selected songs from computer to “DEVICE” > then “Music” interface.

Bonus tips:

Download music for free by iMusic

1. You can select “Get Music” — “download” function on the main menu to free download music from YouTube or other online streaming websites. There are two ways to free download music from the online website by iMusic, click here to know more details.

2. In addition, you can also use iMusic to sync iTunes music wit your HTC Desire 816 effortlessly.


Download iMusic for Windows Download iMusic for Mac

Part 2: Data Transfer from other devices to HTC Desire 816

If you would like to transfer music from other devices running different operating system, like iOS or Symbian, you should try this software named dr.fone – Switchwhich is also from Wondershare productions. With its help, within a single click, your music files you would like to be transferred will export to your HTC Desire 816 in a short time. This software rarely causes errors and guarantees finish its job efficiently.

You can download it, then try to learn how to use by reading the following part.

Download dr.fone for Windows Download dr.fone for Mac

Step 1: Connect HTC Desire 816 to Windows computer

Well, this time you will need USB cable, and not only one but two of them, because you need to connect both phones to the computer. After recognition done, you should check the primary window and choose “Switch” mode. You will see both devices show side by side at the interface, and then you can click Music and select useful files for you. But before clicking the final Transfer button, you may want to think about to click the Clear data before copy option which can delete saved music on your HTC phone before export anything new.

iPhone to htc desire 816 Music transfer

Step 2: Transfer music to HTC Desire 816 from other phone

After you clicking the Start Copy, the software will start the transfer process. Please make sure the connection won’t break during this process.

Like I mentioned before, it won’t take long to finish the whole process. Simple and fast this software is, you cannot help to like it.

Sync Music from iPhone to htc 816

Download dr.fone for Windows Download dr.fone for Mac

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