How to Import Files to iPad Mini / iPad Air / iPad Pro

As an Apple fan, you will not miss the news about the new iPad Mini with Retina display which also known as iPad Mini 4. Apple Company equips this device with brand new A7 chip with 64-bit architecture in order to offer users a better experience. With its 2048*1536 high resolutions, iPad Mini’s users can have more fun when they enjoy photos on it than its previous generations. If you already decided to buy a new iPad Mini or iPad Air, it will be good for you to learn some methods to transfer the files on your old devices to your new iPad Mini or iPad Air. I’m going to tell you some easy ways, don’t need to worry waste your time on data transferring or lose important data during the transfer procession. Anyway you can choose the most convenient way for you.

Part 1: Sync Data to iPad Mini/iPad Air Through iTunes

You can use iTunes to backup your files or sync all music, contacts, photos, videos to your iPad Mini or iPad Air

1. Steps of how to import files to iPad Mini through iTunes backup

Learn how to use iTunes to restore your iPad Mini with Retina display, if you already backed up your previous devices, like iPad or iPod, to iTunes.

  • Step 1: Launch iTunes on Windows computer or Mac
  • Step 2: Connect your device to the computer
  • Step 3: Your device will shown on the left side of your iTunes interface
  • Step 4: Find your iPad Mini under DEVICES and then click it to find its summary page
  • Step 5: Find Restore Backup under Backups category
  • Step 6: Check the files you need to backup in the show up dialog and then click Restore
  • Step 7: Do not break the connection between your device and the computer before the whole process is completed.
  • restore-ipad-from-itunes

2. Steps on how to transfer files from computer to iPad mini

You can find other tabs expect Summary, like the Apps, Music, Movies, and Podcasts, iTunes U, Books, Photos and Info. By clicking these tabs you can sync the corresponding files to iPad mini or iPad Air.

There is no Info tab in iTunes when you using Mac, but you can sync contacts from Google, Yahoo! and Hotmail to your iPad Mini.

Part 2: Import Files to iPad Mini or iPad Air Through iCloud Backup

iCloud will be a good choice for you to restore your iPad Mini with Retina display or iPad Air. The first time initiates your iPad Mini or iPad Air, there will be instructions shown up on the screen. You need to follow these instructions to set up your language, country and so on to make sure this device can work perfectly for you. When the instructions tell you to set up your iPad, choose Restore from iCloud backup and then choose files that you wish to back up. In order to do that, please remember your Apple ID and password.



Part 3: Transfer data to iPad Mini or iPad Air Trough the dr.fone – iOS Transfer

Some Apple fans might already heard the dr.fone – Recover. The dr.fone – iOS Transfer is also an excellent tool for iPad files transferring from computer. You can use it to move music, movies, contacts, iTunes U, Podcasts, Videos, and audiobook on your computer to your new iPad.

The tutorial on how to use the dr.fone – Transfer (iOS) will be quite simple, and the following part will take the processes on Windows computer as an example because the processes on Mac are almost the same.

Step 1: Install the dr.fone on your Windows computer

After downloading the dr.fone on your Windows computer, there will be a guide window shown up on the computer screen to lead you to install this program. The after a few steps you can get a primary window which means you already launched this program on your computer.

Get dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)

Step 2: Connect your iPad Air or iPad Mini with Retina display to computer

You’d better use Apple USB cables to connect your device to the computer. The dr.fone – Transfer will detect the device before display it on its interface. You can see the iPad Air or iPad Mini will display on the right side of the primary window while the files on the left side.

Step 3: Transfer files to iPad Air or iPad Mini with Retina display

The left side of the primary window shows the list of flies like Media, playlists, photos, contacts and SMS. You can click them to enter the management interface. Choose the files you want to move to your iPad Mini and click Add or Import/Export tab.

Import Music to iPad

Pay attention that SMS can only be exported and backup for the time being.
If you transfer files with Mac, the dr.fone – Transfer (iOS) ensure you the transfer music, videos, and photos. As for contacts, playlist, and SMS, you may need to find other ways to transfer them.

Part 4: Transfer files from old phone to iPad Mini/iPad Air Through dr.fone – Switch

You may find this method sounds a little impossible. In fact, all you need is the dr.fone – Switch to make this come true. This tool can help transfer all contacts, photos, music, and videos to your iPad Air or iPad Mini with Retina display. And you don’t need to be an export to handle this tool because it very well designs software for everyone. Within a few clicks, you will see all the data you need is already in your iPad mini.


  • iPad Mini with Retina display
  • Android/ Windows Phone/Symbian/ iOS devices
  • 2 USB cables
  • Windows computer which installed the dr.fone

Get dr.fone – Switch

Step 1: Install the dr.fone on your computer

The installation process is as same as the process of installing the dr.fone – Transfer on your computer. You can see the primary window is made by main parts which clearly show you how this data transfer tool works. Choose “Switch” Mode.

Step 2: Connect both of your devices to the computer.

Connect your iPad Mini and another device you choose to your computer through the USB cables. The dr.fone – Switch will detect your devices first and then display separately on the primary window. You can find your iPad Mini display on the right side as Destination; of course, your other device will show on the left side as the Source. Between those two devices you can find a catalogue shows all the stored data on your Source device.

Import files to iPad from old iPhone

Step 3: Transfer files to iPad mini.

Check those data you want to transfer to your iPad Air or iPad Mini and then click the tab “Start Transfer”. The dr.fone – Switch will finish the whole process very fast and without mistakes.

Transfer files from iPhone to iPad


  • Not all the data can be transferred between different platforms.
  • You can transfer Videos, Contacts, music, and photos from Symbian devices to iPad Air or iPad Mini.
  • Music, Photos, Videos, and contact can be transferred from Android devices to iPad Mini.
  • As for devices with iOS platform, you can transfer Photos, Contacts, Videos, and Music iPad Mini.


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