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How to Sync Data to Nexus 5X, Import Files to Google Nexus 5 from Computer


Why Need Third Party Program to Import Files to Nexus 5/5X

Once get a brand new Google Nexus 5X, the first thing you need to do is transferring & importing all files from your computer to the new Nexus 5X. However, as you may experienced, some difficulties may appear when you do the transfer, for example, your smart device cannot be detected by your computer, you can only transfer media files from computer to Nexus 5X, etc. If you want to transfer all files to your new Google Nexus 5X, including music, photos, videos, contacts, text messages, apps and more fluently, you are in the right place here.

Here I will show you how to complete the task if you have transferred all files from your old phone to computer, you can now turn to the program – MobileGo for Android for help. As a very professional and powerful Android Google Nexus 5X/5 manager, the program can help you transfer all important files from your computer to Nexus 5 in just one click. In addition, you can manage your Android files directly through the program. What’s more, you can download music, apps and videos from the online resource center.

Easy Steps to Sync Files from PC to Google Nexus 5/5X by MobileGo

Want to have a try? Good news here! You can now download free trial version of the MobileGo for Android. Please choose either Windows version or Mac version according to system of your computer. Then please install it on your computer and run it to bring up the starting window. Here I will show you how to handle the program to transfer files to Nexus 5X step by step, just follow the steps to complete the task.

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)Download MobileGo (Mac Version)

Step 1: Make connection between Nexus 5X/5 and computer

To start with, please install the program on your computer and run it to bring up the starting window. Then just connect your Nexus 5X/5 to computer via a USB cable or via Wi-Fi.

How to enable Wi-Fi connection: Before the WiFi connection, you should ensure that you have installed the MobileGo app on your Google Nexus 5X/5. Then please turn on WiFi on your Nexus 5 and launch the MobileGo app on your device. Please scan the QR code on computer through the app. When it succeeds, your Nexus 5/5X will be connected to computer and displayed in the starting window.

MobileGo for Nexus 5X

Step 2. One click to sync files to Google Nexus 5/5X from PC

Once detected, your Nexus 5X/5 will be displayed in the starting window. You can see all files are classified into different categories, you can click each category to check files that already exist on your Android phone and add more files from computer.

To install more Apps on your Nexus 5X/5, please click “Apps” to bring up app window and then click “Install” to add more apps.

add apps to google nexus 5X/5
To import media files to Nexus 5X/5, please click “Music”, “Videos” or “Photos” to bring up the corresponding window. Then you can click the little triangle under “Add” to import music/video/photo files to Google Nexus 5X/5. If the media files you are transferring are not in compatible format, you can convert them without hassle by the program.

add music to google nexus 5X/5

[video_embed video=”YXWRqtZxejQ” width=”820″ height=”450″]
To transfer contacts to Nexus 5X/5, please click “Contacts” and then click the button “Import/Export ” and then choose “Import contacts from computer”. You will then see a drop-down menu that shows you 5 options: from vCard file, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook, and from Windows Address Book, just choose the one you need.

import contacts to nexus 5X/5
Note: You can also import SMS messages in XML format that you ever exported with the program with ease. However, if your XML files are not exported through the program, you cannot import them now.

To transfer documents to Google Nexus 5X/5, such as Excel, DOC, PDF, PPT and more other files, please click Files first. You can then transfer documents under your SD card category by dragging and dropping.

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)Download MobileGo (Mac Version)

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