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iMessage for Windows | Learn to Use iMessage on Windows PC


There are some people who like iPhone really much, and there are some who don’t. The cold war between new generations of brands is kind of similar to the ongoing decade fight of Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola. The war is actually between consumers of each brand, who continuously strive to make others feel worthless in front of each other.

On the other hand, there are consumers who are neutral and are flexible to both sides. This article is generally designed for such consumers who love to try features of the both. There are various iOS applications that people like but could not use them as they do not have iOS devices. If you are struggling with this kind of problem, do not worry as we have solutions for your problem. It is time to try out applications like iMessage on your Windows PC. It is quite easy and effective to perform this high-tech task. Let’s move on to it!

Part 1: Use iMessage for Windows via Chrome Remote Desktop

In order to employ iMessage for Windows PC, you can make use of Chrome Remote Desktop. You can access other computers with the help of this amazing program. Follow instructions to use iTunes for Windows PC, which include:

Step 1: Require Mac and Windows PC

Firstly, you require both Mac and Windows PC to perform this task. You need the application iMessage on your Mac in order to move further.

Step 2: Download Chrome Remote Desktop

After that, you have to download applications like Chrome Remote Desktop and Chrome on Mac as well as on your Windows PC.

Step 3: Launch programs

After downloading both the software, install the same on your systems. On completion of the installation process, launch them.

Step 4: Install Host Installer

Now, you have to separately download Host Installer of Chrome Remote Desktop on your Mac computer. After downloading it, install the same on your system.

Step 5: Enjoy iMessage for Windows

As stated earlier, Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to access another computer’s files and applications securely with the help of Chrome book or Chrome browser. Now, connect both your computer via the security code. As stated earlier, Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to access another computer’s files and applications securely with the help of Chrome book or Chrome browser. Now, connect both your computer via the security code.

Troubleshooting tips for Chrome Remote Desktop

If you are facing problems with Chrome Remote Desktop, you can try out these troubleshooting tips. Tips for the same are as follows:

  • In order to access any computer, you need an active internet connection. Check your internet connection on facing any problem.
  • Antivirus software prevents users to access Chrome Remote Desktop. Please ensure your antivirus has inbound UDP responses, Outbound UDP traffic, and TCP ports 443 & 5222 traffic.
  • If you are trying to access any system of a school or work network then, you may not be able to access these computers. Contact the administration for the same.
  • Make use of the recent version of Chrome OS or Chrome.

Now, you are all set to enjoy iMessage on your Windows system.

Part 2: Jailbreak your device to use iMessage for Windows

There is another method that you can use to employ iMessage for Windows. It is a bit complicated process but extremely useful. You are required to jailbreak your iOS device with the help of a software called Cydia. Install this software on your device.

Cydia is a kind of applications’ directory that is only usable when you jailbreak your iOS device. On your jailbroken iPhone, you need to spend $4 on Cydia to install an application named Remote Messages. This application will set up a web-based interface. You can connect to this interface with this help of your device’s IP address that can be found on the internet that follows “.333”.

It may sound complicated, and the program does not work for the recent iOS version like iOS 12. The software explains everything in detail to users and hence, becomes easier to access iMessages for Windows PC remotely.

Part 3: Use iMessage for Windows via a free emulator

In order to employ iMessage for Windows PC, you can make use of a free emulator. Not only iMessages but you can use any iOS application on your PC with the help of a free emulator. You can access other computers with the help of this amazing program. An emulator is a software that allows you to connect your iOS applications to Windows PC. With this software, you can run all your iOS applications including iMessages on your Windows PC. It gives you an experience of Apple applications and games on your Windows system. It is a useful application to stimulate the interface of iOS devices on PC.

Unique characteristics of ipadian:

  • Ipadian provides you with a highly personalized interface.
  • It comprises a lot of amazing applications.
  • It even has a Facebook notification widget.
  • Its style is similar to App Store.

In order to use ipadian, you are required to have Adobe Air on your computer. The installation process of ipadian is kind of similar to other software. Follow instructions to use iMessages for Windows PC:

Step 1: Go to

Initially, you have to go to the site, From there, you have to download a free emulator.

Step 2: Install .exe file

Now, you need to install the .exe file on your computer and run it.

Step 3: Accept T&Cs

After running the program, you need to accept terms and conditions to move further on.

Step 4: Launch the program

On completion of the installation process, you have to launch the program on your system.

Step 5: Look for iMessage

Next, look for iMessage by searching it in the search column.

Step 6: Download the app

Now, download the application iMessage on your computer and then, launch the same. You can access iMessage for Windows PC very easily and efficiently in this way.

If you are facing any problem while installing ipadian, you need to disable your antivirus software. It creates problems while installing the program and shows it as a virus. After disabling it, you can use ipadian to get iMessages for Windows PC. Also, you need an active internet connection. Now, you are all set to use iMessages for Windows.

Part 4: History of iMessage on Windows PC

So, you can make use of the above-mentioned methods to get the application iMessages for Windows. There is another way that you can consider to get the history of iMessages for Windows with the help of a third-party app. The best way to get the chat history of iMessages on your computer is through iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter. It allows you to access and view iMessages on Windows PC.

Unique characteristics of iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter:

  • Help to transfer both media and textual content like messages, audio files, videos, and photos in conversations from your iPhone to Windows PC.
  • Allow users to preview all files before transferring them so one can choose data selectively as per needs.
  • It exports and views iCloud/iTunes backup that is indecipherable for you previously.
  • It exports twenty kinds of data files including Kik, voice memo, WhatsApp, notes, etc.

Steps to get the history of iMessages for Windows:

In order to get the history of iMessages for Windows, you need to first get it on your iOS devices like iPod, iPad, and iPhone. After that, you can transfer it to your Windows PC. Follow instructions given below to get it done within a few clicks:

Step 1: Select file types

  • Download iMyFone D-Port and install it on your system. After installing the program, launch it.
  • In the tab “Export from iOS Device”, click on the button “Start” so as to select file types such as messages. Then, tap on the button “Next”.
  • Now, connect your iPhone to the system after iMyFone D-Port asks you for the same.

Step 2: Scan your device

  • After connecting your device, click on the button “Scan”. iMyFone D-Port will start to scan your iOS device.
  • Normally, scanning takes some time depending on your device’s storage.

Step 3: Export data from your device

  • On completion of scanning, all iMessages of your device will be displayed on the screen.
  • By clicking on files, you can check them individually and select the important ones only.
  • After that, click on the button “Export” present on the right corner.
  • Now, a pop-up will appear on your screen asking for the location where you need to store these files on your Windows PC. You have successfully got hands on your iMessages for Windows.

Thus, all these four methods are helpful for using iMessages for Windows PC. You can make use of any of these methods to have iMessages for Windows. However, the most effective way out of all is definitely iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter. It helps you to not only view iMessages on Windows but comes with other various functions.

With iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter, you can transfer iMessages history on your computer. You can make a selection of files that you want to export based on your needs and requirements. It even transfers other twenty kinds of data files. It even works on the latest iOS version, i.e. iOS 12. You can try out its features for free with its trial version before going for it. It is a perfect way to transfer data from one device to another effectively and efficiently. Download iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Export to export your data from iOS devices to Windows PC!

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