Use HTC Sync with Google, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange Active-sync, HTC Account and Etc Freely.

I. What is HTC?

HTC (High-Tech Computer) is a computer technology corporation founded in 1997. It makes smartphone and tablets, and the headquarters of this corporation is in New Taipei City, Taiwan. At first, it designs and manufacture the mobile phones, PDAs and touch screen phones based on Windows Mobile OS. In 2009, HTC began to produce the devices based on a more popular and perspective mobile OS—Android.

II. What is HTC Syncing?

The important information on your HTC can be synced easily, including the contacts, media files, calendars, call logs, email accounts and online services. You can sync the files between HTC and the Web by logging in your accounts.

1.Add an Account

  • Click Settings> Accounts&Sync
  • Click “+” sign
  • Select the type of account

Do as the instruction says to type the information of your account.

2.Sync an Account

  • Click Setting > Accounts&Sync
  • Turn on Auto Sync On/Off, you can sync your accounts automatically.
  • Sync one accounts manually, select the type of your account, such as Yahoo, then click the account you need to sync. On the window of Account Settings, click Sync Now.

You also can choose a third party tool to sync the accounts to HTC.

3. Availability of Synchronization

Sr #BrandSync Available with
1HTCExchange Active-Sync
4HTCHTC Account

III. Sync HTC with different accounts below

1. Exchange Active-sync

HTC users have a problem about not syncing Exchange contacts and calendars.However, you also can sync HTC devices with Microsoft Exchange Sever 2003 Service Pack or the later versions. There are up to 15 Exchange ActiveSync accounts it offered. Please do as the following steps:

Click Mail

The following options are available:

  • Click Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync on the ‘Choose a mail provider screen’ to add the account in Mail.
  • If an email is already being added in Mail, click New account. When it shows the ‘Choose a mail provider screen’, click Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Type in Exchange ActiveSync account details, click ‘Next’.
  • Type the name of the account, click ‘Finish’.
  • Type Exchange Server settings manually, if Exchange Server can’t detect automatically.

Please see screen shots below about the process of syncing.


2. Sync HTC with Yahoo

It is a very easy process to sync Yahoo with your HTC. Please do as the following steps:

  • Download and install the Yahoo Mail app.
  • Open it.
  • Click on the Mailhtc-5, then click htc-6
  • Click Mail Setting
  • Select your account of Yahoo Mail
  • Click Sync Yahoo Contacts

The device will add the Yahoo contacts to your Contacts app. If you need editing Yahoo Contacts on your HTC device, you must visit the mobile site of Yahoo contacts. There are a lot of third party tool you can choose to sync the Yahoo calendars and contacts automatically. You can just spend less than 3$ getting Smooth sync for Yahoo. After installing it, you can sync your Yahoo contacts and calendars to your native HTC.

3. Outlook and troubleshooting HTC Sync

If you don’t set Outlook as a primary e-mail client, HTC sync can’t work. When you set your account, it will ask something about timeframe and sync content. Do as the following steps to sync the contacts and calendars:

  • Click Settings
  • Click Accounts&Sync
  • Click the Exchange account

In Data and sync settings, check everything. If both of them are “SET”, the calendars and contacts are not syncing, please “unset” both, then click”Sync Now”, after that, “SET”both of them and click “Sync Now”.

4. Sync HTC with Google

If you have more than one Google account, you can add all of them in HTC device. It supports more than one account. But the subsequent account just can sync emails, calendars and contact. The first Google account can be used by other Google service. Click MENU in home screen, then click settings, tap on Accounts&Sync, then select Add Account, click Google

You can follow the instructions on the screen to create or log in an account.
Do as the following steps to sync Google account with HTC:

You can recover the Google account when you have forgotten the password of the account. Type the username or e-mail address of Google account, then tap on the Submit.
Do as the following steps to reset the password:

5. HTC Accounts Sync and troubleshooting

You can use the available HTC service by logging in your HTC account. During creating the account of HTC, you should provide the e-mail address and the password. There are two ways you can create your HTC account— on HTC Get Started sit or your HTC phone. For phone, click Settings, then tap Account &Sync.

You can change the password freely. Users should log in first to the HTC accounts. Tap on drop-down arrow, then tap the Account settings>edit, then you can edit your new password. After finished, select save. HTC Sync Manager is a 3rd party tool to sync the iPhone SMS, contacts, calendars, videos, photos, bookmarks and wallpapers to your HTC device.


6. Sync HTC with Thunderbird

Transferring each modification on any HTC device to other devices by syncing the calendars and contacts takes the hour. Now you can update the information on your HTC device automatically by using thunderbird.

BirdieSync, a third party tool, used for syncing data between HTC and Thunderbird, including the data like contacts contents, calendar events, multiple address books and Google Calendars types. It will protect your private data when syncing. The data is synchronized between computer and device via a safe connection. This software can exchange the Thunderbird Address Book with Android Contacts data through the TCP/IP connection. The screenshot of BirdieSync is on below.



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