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HTC Desire 816 Backup & Restore: Backup HTC Desire Phone All Data

Maybe you think it is not necessary to backup data on your HTC Desire 816 (All HTC Desire Series Phone with Android OS 2.1 ~ 10.0 supported). But it would be too late to backup your HTC Desire 816 when you found it had been stolen. What are you going to do with if you lost all the contacts of your clients and friends and those important files you need for meetings tighter with videos you took on your daughter’s birthday party? Now you can see the point why it is very important to backup your HTC Desire 816 phone data. And I will give you more reasons to do that.

  • Regular backup makes you no longer need to worry about data loss
  • If you want to sell or give your HTC Desire 816 to someone else but you don’t want to leave any data on it, you can backup all the data before you cleaning it.
  • Before you change your service, backup your HTC Desire 826/820/816/eye can help to prevent data loss
  • It is necessary to back up your HTC Desire 816/820/eye/826 you plan to format or root it.
  • Your backup HTC Desire 816/820/826 data can be restored to another new phone you might purchase in the future

How to backup and restore data on your HTC Desire 816 / 820 / 826

There are much software you can choose from, you may need to pay some of them but still can not get the best service. As for that software you need to pay to use it, I think you should use the dr.fone – Backup&Restore(Android). Unlike other software need to pay, the dr.fone is the best for users to backup data. 100% guarantee you the best backup data experience you could have.

Get dr.fone – Backup & Restore (Android)

Backup & restore HTC Desire 816 data in three steps by dr.fone

Step 1. Install the HTC Desire Backup tool – dr.fone on your computer

Download this HTC Desire backup & restore software on your computer first. After launching it, there will be a window shows up to ask you to select a mode. Please choose “Backup & Restore” mode.

Step 2. Backup HTC Desire 816 / Desire 820 / Desire 826 to your computer

Use USB cables to connect your HTC Desire 816 to the computer. The software will take some time to detect your device about the data saved in it and then the dr.fone will put your HTC Desire 816 on its interface. Select the content on the list shows in the middle of the interface. After that, just click “Backup” and wait for the dr.fone backup all your data to your computer.

As you can see, dr.fone can backup all contacts, SMS text messages, videos, photos, music, calendar from HTC Desire series phones to computer in 1-click.

Step 3. Restore the HTC Desire 826 / HTC Desire 816 / Desire 820 backup files to other devices

First, click “Backup&Restore” on the primary window and then click “Restore”. Use USB cables to connect other device to the computer. Check the left side of the primary window and select the HTC Desire 816 files. After determining the data you wish to be restored, click “Start Transfer” and let the dr.fone – Backup & Restore (Android) finish its job.

Get dr.fone – Backup & Restore (Android)

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