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How to Update Your Windows Phone to Windows 10


Have you updated your Windows Computer to the Windows 10? I highly recommend that version, whose interface is intuitive and clear, and operation is simpler and more convenient than its predecessors. If you have updated to this version, you will like it. So do I. In that case, I am planning to update my Windows phone to the Windows 10. According to the Internet, the Windows phones can get updated after December. And there is some good information about the Windows 10.

Part 1. Five features of the Windows 10

Feature 1. Universal Apps

For the users of Windows 10 computers, you must be interested in the excellent Windows 10 application. Well, after updating your Windows phone, you can also install those apps on it. Because all the apps for Windows 10 can be installed on the computers, mobile phones, and tablets running the Windows 10.


Feature 2. Apps for iOS and Android can also be available

With the Windows 10, you have no need to admire those apps for iOS or Android devices only, because you can easily download and install them on your Windows 10 phone. The main reason is that the Windows 10 can makes the developers to port the apps easier.


Feature 3. You can make three devices in one

Three in one? What’s that? Well, let me explain this to you. There is a Mobile Continuum function of the Windows 10, with which you can easily transform your Windows phone or tablet into a mini computer. Just connect a keyboard and mouse to it, and you can have the desktop like a computer on your portable device. It is exciting?


Feature 4. Flexible keyboard of the Windows phone

Now the screen of the mobile phones are becoming larger and larger, it is not easy to type on the phones with only one hand. But sometimes, that may happen. So the Windows 10 has solved the problem. On the Windows 10 phone, the keyboard is flexible, which means you can adjust the size of the keyboard. What’s more, you can also move it to make it suitable for you as possible. And now you can use only one hand to operate on your Windows 10 phone without the hassle.


Feature 5. Upscale camera

Well, the hardware is written, but you can update the software of the camera to make it better. Thus, if you update your Windows Phone to Windows 10, then you can get many new features like taking the auto-HDR pictures and capturing the Dynamic Flash photos.


Part 2. Use the dr.fone to manage your Windows phone

dr.fone – Switch is compatible with more than 5000 kinds of mobile phones, including all kinds of iPhone, Windows phones, Android phones, and Symbian phones. Developed by the famous company, this application is very safe and reliable. This is an application for the computers. There are two different versions of both the Windows computers and the Mac computers. With this application on your computer, you can:

  • 1. Transfer the files from one phone to another.
  • 2. Transfer the files from the phone to the computer, namely backing up.
  • 3. Backup and restore all phone data in just one click.
  • 4. Erase all the files and settings from the old phones.

Get dr.fone – Switch

Part 3. Tips for using the Windows 10 phones

Tip 1. Install the apps on all your Windows 10 devices

By doing this, you can easily get access to the date without changing between them.

Tip 2. Remodel the apps when switching to Windows 10

If you are a new of Windows phone, you need to remodel the apps that you used to have on your old phone, so that you can go on to use them on your new Windows phone without the hassle.

Tip 3. Enable the Automatic Response

The Automatic Response will help you connect your Windows phone to a keyboard or a mouse without performing confirmation every time. Instead, you need to do it only once, and then you enable the Automatic Response.

Tip 4. Use the Word Flow

The Word Flow will make it easier to type because it can help you insert the right words with ease.

Tip 5. Translate with the camera

It may seem puzzled to you. With the camera translation function, you can easily translate any texts when you take them as photos.

Part 4. The detailed way to upgrade to the Windows 10

Since now you can already upgrade your Windows phone to the Windows 10, I will simply show you the brief tutorial to finish the process in the following passages. But there one thing you need to pay attention to. If you don’t have confident about this process, you may need to ask the others for help.

Step 1. Check on the Internet to see if your Windows phone supports the Windows 10 or not. Besides the HTC One (M8) for Windows, you can see the negative list covers almost the Lumia phones.

Step 2. And then you need to go to the Settings app, and then click on “About” > “Info” to see if your Windows phone is running with the Windows 8.1. If not, update to it first.

Step 3. Then you need to log in the Windows Insider Program.

Step 4. Go the Windows Phone Store on your Windows phone, and then find and download the Windows Insider app. Install it on your phone.

Step 5. Launch the app, so that it can start to scan on your phone.

Step 6. After the scan, you can see the wizard of installation popping up. Just follow it and do as it asks.

By now, you should have already updated your Windows phone to the Windows 10. There are many people who have updated successfully on the Internet. If you have more questions, you can ask them for help online. And enjoy the Windows 10!

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