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Sådan fjernes Spotify på Mac eller Windows Let


Spotify er et fantastisk program, which is really fast and convenient to use. This application works perfectly even under 2G and 3G. Spotify even comes with a premium version, where you get added benefits. One can stream offline using the premium Spotify version.

Spotify works on both Mac and Windows PC. There is also a mobile application for Spotify. Men, most users do not find the desktop version of Spotify smooth. Several users come across issues like battery drainage, regular playback errors, og mange flere. In situations like these, what you are most likely to do. Some people feel like uninstalling Spotify and then, reinstalling its app from scratch. Men, people who struggle with these issues know how difficult it is to perform this task.

Det meste af tiden, people encounter issues while updating the Spotify application. It is really annoying when one faces errors likeCan’t uninstall Spotify“. That’s why we are going to deal with the issue “hvordan du fjerner Spotify” without wasting much time. I denne artikel, you will know about different ways to perform this hectic task. Så, let’s get started withhvordan du fjerner Spotify“! Også, få at vide, hvordan man download and convert from Spotify to MP3 with the best Spotify Downloader.

En del 1. How to Uninstall Spotify on Windows PC?

If you like to uninstall Spotify from your Windows PC, you need to make use of the following methods. We recommend users try the very first methods as they are quite simple. If they do not work for you, only then go for the third method.

Metode 1: Uninstall Spotify using Windows Settings

Using this first method, you can uninstall both the Windows version and the mobile version of Spotify. If you have made up your mind for getting rid of the app, follow the steps as listed below.

Steps on how to uninstall Spotify:

To uninstall Spotify on Windows PC, you need to go through the steps as given below.

Trin 1: Vælg “Apps and Features

I første omgang, you need to navigate the search bar from the Windows Start menu. Derfra, you have to put inProgram Uninstall”. Nu, skal du klikke på indstillingen “Apps and Features”. You will find this option under the system settings tab.

Trin 2: Tryk på “Afinstallere”

On appearing of the next window, gå til fanen “Apps and Featuresif you have not reached there yet. Næste, you need to scroll down to locate the app “Spotify”. Nu, click on the application and choose the option “Afinstallere”. You have successfully uninstalled the app on your Windows PC.

Metode 2: Uninstall Spotify using Control Panel

This method works only for the desktop version of Spotify. Også, if you have installed the application from the Microsoft Store, you would not be able to use this method for uninstalling Spotify.

Steps on how to uninstall Spotify:

In order to uninstall Spotify on your computer, follow the instructions as follows:

Trin 1: Look for the Control Panel

I første omgang, you have to put in “Kontrolpanel” i den ransage advokatstanden.

Trin 2: Klik på “Afinstallere et program”

After popping up of the window, du er nødt til at klikke på indstillingen “programmer”. Derfra, you need to tap on the option “Afinstallere et program”.

Trin 3: Tryk på “Afinstallere”

Nu, you have to scroll down to look for “Spotify”. Efter at, Klik på knappen “Afinstallere” to get rid of it. Efter et par sekunder, Spotify will be removed from your system successfully.

Men, if the application or Windows are posing issues during the installation process, try out the next method. If the above-listed solutions for uninstalling the program do not work for you, move onto the next method.

Metode 3: Uninstall Spotify using a Third-party Application

Users who have got rid of Spotify, it is wonderful for them. If you are still facing issues concerning how to uninstall Spotify, keep on reading this method. I så fald, the problem could be your antivirus. Det meste af tiden, the antivirus software prevents applications like Spotify from running or even uninstalling of the program. It even removes the uninstaller of the application.

Men, there is nothing to worry about that. For “hvordan du fjerner Spotify”, you will require a third-party application. These third-party uninstallers take care of the rest of the process. Her, please ensure that you go for the trustworthy website for carrying out the same process. Som bekendt, many websites are not genuine, and you may end up downloading malware for yourself.

Ingen problemer, we have eased things for you. There are two great uninstallers on the internet, der er IObit Uninstaller og CleanMyPC. Men, these uninstallers are not available for free. Users can check out their free trial services to examine these programs. Her, we are trying to show you how to uninstall Spotify using CleanMyPC which is the best Mac Cleaner.

Steps on how to uninstall Spotify:

Read the instructions as follows to remove the application “Spotify” from your Windows PC. The steps for the same are as follows.

Trin 1: Install the uninstaller

For det første, you have to download and install CleanMyPC on the system. Når færdig, run the program and you will be able to see its home interface.

Trin 2: Vælg indstillingen “Multi Uninstaller

Næste, du skal vælge indstillingen “Multi Uninstaller”, present on the left side of the screen among other options. Efter at, keep on scrolling down to look for “Spotify”.

Trin 3: Tryk på “Afinstallere”

Nu, you have to tick mark the checkbox present against the name of the application. Tryk på knappen “Afinstallere” to get rid of the application. If you even like to remove the residual files of Spotify, go for the premium version of CleanMyPC. Nu, you have successfully deleted Spotify from your system.

En del 2. How to Uninstall Spotify on Mac?

På Mac, the process of uninstalling Spotify is quite different from the one for Windows PC. Her, we are going to list two methods for performing the uninstalling task for Spotify on Mac system. Så, let’s move to methods on how to uninstall Spotify without further delay.

Metode 1: Uninstall Spotify manually

In the very first method, you can try to uninstall the program manually. På denne måde, you can even remove the support files of the application.

Steps on how to uninstall Spotify:

To remove Spotify manually, follow some simple steps as pointed out right below.

Trin 1: Vælg fanen “Quit

I første omgang, you have to stop the application if it’s still running on the system. For dette, you need to locate the application “Spotify” on the Mac Dock. You need to double-tap or right-click on the program. Nu, vælge indstillingen “Quit” derfra.

Trin 2: Gå til “Finder”

You have to go to “Finder” og derefter, “Applikationer”. Derfra, look for the application “Spotify”. You need to drag the icon of the application to “Papirkurven” after selecting it.

Trin 3: Delete the residual files

After getting rid of the Spotify app, you need to remove its preference files. For at udføre denne opgave, start by searching for~/Library/Preferences” og derefter, tap on the folder “Præferencer”.

Trin 4: Look for the .plist files

After opening the folder “Præferencer”, you have to search for the .plist files associated with Spotify. Nu, select all these files and delete them.

Trin 5: Remove the application files

You can even remove the Spotify’s Application Files. It is not recommended to users who like to keep records of their Spotify app. If you want to get rid of these files, søge efter “~/Library/Application Support”. Når færdig, look for the folder “Spotify” and drag the same to “Papirkurven”.

Congrats! You have successfully uninstalled the program on your Mac. To uninstall Spotify and its related files manually is quite a time-consuming task. If you like to perform this task in a quick way possible, move to the next method.

Metode 2: Uninstall Spotify using CleanMyMac

Som nævnt tidligere, CleanMyMac is not a freeware. Ikke desto mindre, users can uninstall applications like Spotify using its trial version for free. With CleanMyMac, you can uninstall apps as long as the file falls under the size 500MB for free.

Steps on how to uninstall Spotify:

To get rid of the application, you have to follow some simple steps. Så, go through the steps as listed below to uninstall Spotify on Mac!

Trin 1: Vælg indstillingen “Uninstaller”

I første omgang, you need to download and install CleanMyMac on your Mac. Efter lanceringen af programmet, skal du vælge indstillingen “Uninstaller”. Derfra, look for the application “Spotify”.

Trin 2: Uninstall the app

Nu, check the box present against “Spotify” and press the tab “Afinstallere”. Voila! You have successfully removed Spotify and other associated files with it successfully.

How to Install Spotify Again?

After uninstalling Spotify from Mac or Windows PC, it becomes really easy to install the application again. For dette, you just need to visit the official website of Spotify or just click here. You will see the tab “Download” in the navigation bar on the top.

Når færdig, the file will be downloaded on its own. Nu, you just have to keep following the instructions to install Spotify on your system. If it does not work for you, click the link “Prøv igen” to download the application manually.

Please note that if you are trying to install Spotify on a Mac system, you will not be able to locate this app on the App Store. This is so because Spotify directly competes with Apple Music on the music streaming platform.

Plus, there is a web player launched by Spotify for its users. This web player helps to save battery and memory on the computer. På denne måde, you can enjoy listening to the Spotify playlist when surfing the web. Using this web player, users can stream music without taking into unnecessary system resources.


Spotify is one of the popular applications that allow users to access their favorite playlists, kunstnere, and songs on the go. This application has definitely brought a revolution in the industry of music streaming. People from all over the world are using this amazing application for a very long time. På den anden side, it does not mean that technical issues should come in our way of the listening experience.
Her, we have tried to address those technical issues in the best way possible. Nu, you do not have to stress out over the problemhvordan du fjerner Spotify“. Through the above-mentioned ways, you can definitely give the application a fresh start. Så, keep listening to Spotify without facing annoying errors! Hvis du gerne vil create and share Spotify collaborative playlist samt Spotify Forældrekontrol, just continue to read more.

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