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How to Transfer Android Music to iTunes with Ease


Assume you get a new iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone to get completely new user experience. Then you must eager to know how to handle your music on your old Android device. Is there an easy way to transfer the music on your Android to iTunes so that you can sync the music to your iDevices? Of course, the answer is yes. We will show you three methods to transfer the Android Music to iTunes in the following part.

Part 1. How to transfer music from Android to your iTunes on Mac

Android devices cannot be detected by Mac. So you need to turn to a professional tool if you want to transfer music from Android to iTunes. iMusic is the best option we offer to you. It is a powerful transfer tool for Android devices. You are able to transfer music, movies, and playlists to iTunes with ease. We will guide you through in this part:

Download iMusic

Note: More than 5500 Android devices such as Google, HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, ZTE, Sony, HUAWEI, etc.are fully supported by this program. It works well on Android device running Android 2.1+. It supports the latest Android 9.0 devices well.

  • Step 1. Get iMusic installed on your Mac. Launch iTunes on your own if it is not launched automatically.
  • Step 2. Use a USB cable to connect Android and your Mac. You can find your Android phone under the option of “DEVICE” after connected.

iSkysoft iMusic for Android

Note: Make sure to “Allow USB Debugging” on Android phone if this is your first time to connect it to Mac. This will make sure your Android phone be connected successfully.
  • Step 3. Now you should click “DEVICE” button to find out your connected Android phone and click the icon of “Music” to show out all the music files on your Android phone.


  • Step 4. Then you can check and choose those songs you like to sync with your iTunes. And then right click them to select the option of “Export to iTunes“.

Or you can also click the icon of “Export” on the top-right corner after choosing your songs-> then “Export to iTunes Library”. This way also will help you export your selected songs to iTunes Library.

Get iMusic

Part 2. How to transfer Android music to iTunes from computer.

Windows users are even more free to transfer Android songs to iTunes compared to Mac users. We will demonstrate two ways to you. The first one is for free. The seconds one will cost you some money but is more convenient.

Method 1. Transfer Android music to iTunes without cost

Step 1. Use a USB cable to connect your phone to the computer just like an external drive.
Step 2. Open phone’s SD card and locate the file folder of music.

Step 3. Launch iTunes on computer and hit Music on the left side. Hit File on the Menu and then click “Add Folder to iTunes Library”. Open the file folder you keep the music and add the songs to iTunes.

add music to itunes

Method 2. Transfer music from Android to iTunes with one simple click.

Method 2 is even more convenient compared with method 1. You just have to click the button for once, and all the music files will be transferred to iTunes quickly. The trick is to use a third-party tool named MobileGo for Android.

Download MobileGo for Windows

Note: MobileGo for Android fully supports various kinds of Android devices such as Samsung, Sony, LG and HTC and more. New Android 9.0 phone and tablet are well supported by this program.

Before taking the steps, you have to download and install it on your computer.
Step 1. Launch Wondershare MobileGo for Android on your PC and connect your device to the computer with a USB cable.

MobileGo for Samsung Galaxy
Step 2. Locate Toolkit and then find “Media Managment“, hit the option of “Export Music to iTunes“.

Transfer Android Music to iTunes

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