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Hvordan kunne du vide, hvis nogen Læse Din tekst på Android?


Ligesom alle de andre Android-brugere, du måske sende masser af tekstbeskeder hver dag. Efter at have sendt disse tekstbeskeder, imidlertid, er der en måde at kontrollere, om modtageren har læst dem? The truth is that there are plenty of Android users who want to know how to do it. The good news is that this article is about hvordan til at fortælle, hvis nogen læser din tekst på Android.

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Why do you want to know how to tell if someone read your text on Android?

After sending a text message, it would be really handy to know if the recipient has read it. We all have special people in our lives, and we really care about them. Og, we always want to know if they do the same in return. Så, we always expect them to reply to our text messages as soon as they read them. If they don’t reply to us after reading the text messages, that’s a pretty bad sign. Imidlertid, Sommetider, the recipients may not reply to us because they haven’t actually seen what we have sent. Så, i en nøddeskal, “not replyingafter reading the message is a bad sign. But how to avoid guesswork and tell if the recipient has actually read or not your text messages? Må ikke bekymre dig. This article is all about explaining how to tell if someone read your text on Android.

I øvrigt, hvis du har brug for SMS tracker to track someone’s messages or delete text messages on your Android phone to protect your privacy, bare klik for at læse mere. Please be reminded to perform the Android SMS Backup before deletion.

How to tell if someone read your text on Android?

Generelt, Android users tend to send plenty of text messages every day to various individuals. Pretty much in all the instances, they expect a reply from the recipient (even a very short one). Ellers, your message is being ignored. But what if the recipient actually hasn’t read the message due to his or her busy lifestyle? This is why you should know how to tell if someone read your text on Android.

Som du måske allerede ved, Android phones come with an app to send and receive text messages. Og, this app supports reading receipts too. With this receipts feature, you can simply learn if the recipient has read the message. Imidlertid, your carrier should have enabled this receipt feature on their network to see this. Også, there’s another catch. The recipient should use an Android device too. Så, as per this method, you can know if the recipients have read the text messages under two conditions. Both recipient and the sender should use an Android device, and the feature must be enabled by the carrier.

Som standard, Android devices come with the receipt feature turned off. Så, after inserting a SIM and configuring the smartphone, you should necessarily turn the receipt feature on. The steps to tun on receipt feature might differ from one manufacturer to another. Også, it might depend on the Android version you are using. Imidlertid, the general process is as follows.

Please note that the directions provided below will be applicable for Android phones of the leading brands.

1) Launch the text messaging app on your Android and go to the Settings option.

2) Godt, i visse tilfælde, the settings option will be placed within the three vertical dots (or lines). This can be found at the top of the screen. Tap on this icon; derefter, the hidden menus will be opened. Derefter, select the settings option.

3) Nu, navigate to the option labeledText Messages.It may even appear asConversationson some of the devices. In some devices, it might be available in the first page itself. Imidlertid, in some devices, you might have to go to the “Flere indstillinger” mulighed. Så, keep this in mind when you search for the Text Message option.

4) Nu, you can toggle turning on or off the optionRead Receipts,” “Send Read Receipts,” eller “Request Receipt.” Igen, you should remember that this should be based on the phone model you are using.

5) Generelt, this can be done simply by sliding the respective button towards the left. I det tilfælde, the button and the slider will appear in grey color (it suggests that it is disabled).

6) Hertil kommer, at, you can toggle off/on the Delivery Receipts. This is the feature that enables you to learn whether or not the sent message is delivered. Please note that delivering a message and reading it by the recipient are different processes.

7) Som resultat, you will now have the fullest control over the message.

How to apply this to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber?

Those who have Android phones aren’t limited to the default text messaging app on the device. I stedet, they tend to use other platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber.

Two other popular messaging platforms include the option to send read receipts: Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

When it comes to Facebook Messenger, there is no official strategy to turn off the feature read receipts. Så, under normal circumstances, you always have the ability to tell if your messages are being viewed or not. Imidlertid, if there is the involvement of third-party apps, there is a possibility to turn off this receipt feature. For eksempel, you can use a Chat Privacy extension for Facebook (which works on Chrome). Med denne app, you will be able to block the default featureseen.It is also capable of blocking the feature that shows “skriver” when you type in the message. Both of these options work within the Facebook messaging option.

When it comes to WhatsApp, there is an option that allows you to avoid read receipts feature. If you really need to do so, du kan gøre følgende.

  • Launch WhatsApp app and then go to the Settings option.
  • You should now tap onAccount.
  • Derefter, you should move toPrivacy.
  • Derefter, disable the option calledRead Receipts.This option will prevent the recipient from seeing if you have actually read the message they have sent.
  • As a result of this process, the other user will not be able to see whether you have read the message or not.

Using Signal App

Signal App can be used in all the platforms like Android, iOS, PC, og Mac. You can actually set this app to be your default SMS app, particularly on Android devices such as Google Pixel. You should follow the steps mentioned below to do it.

  • Download and install the Signal app on your Android device.
  • Nu, launch the app on the device.
  • Tap on the menu that comes with the shape of a three-dotted icon. This icon is located towards the upper-right corner of your screen.
  • Efter det, you should choose the Settings option.
  • Nu, you should tap on the SMS and MMS icon on the screen.
  • You can now see the toggle button (to SMS Delivery). Just set this button toOn.

Det er det!

With Viber

Are you using Viber and want to know how to tell if someone read your text on Android? Hvis så, bør du følge trinene nedenfor nævnte.

  • Launch the Viber app on the Android device. You can locate this icon pretty easily as it comes as a purple chat bubble with a phone receiver. This icon might be at the home screen itself. Hvis ikke, you can find the app on your app drawer.
  • Nu, you should tap on the contact name to which you intend to send the message. Derefter, you will see that a conversation is opened.
  • Type the message and simply send it. Nu, your message will be displayed at the bottom of this respective conversation.
  • Just take a look at the gray text right under the message you have sent. This option will show you the status of the message. Here’s how to decode this grey text.

If there is no text below the message, you have sent the message. But the intended recipient hasn’t received it yet. This can happen when the Viber app is not running, or the respective device is switched off. No network coverage on the recipient’s phone is another cause.

If you see the textDeliveredunder the message, your message is delivered. Imidlertid, the recipient hasn’t opened (read) the message yet.

Hvis “Seenis what you see as the grey text, the recipient has actually read the message.

Godt, det er how to tell if someone read your text on Android platform using popular messaging apps. We hope that this article provided you some useful information. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have further queries.

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