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모토 X와 음악을 동기화하는 방법 (모토 X 스타일, 모토 X 플레이, 모토 X 포스)


Have a plan to replace your old Android phone with a new one? You may have taken a fancy to the latest Moto X (모토 X 2014 ~ 2016) to be released before long. And if you are a music lover, you maybe can’t wait to enjoy your beloved music with this latest and powerful device. But just take it slow, and think about this question: how to import your favorite songs into your new Moto X smartphone from the computer or other phones ?

There must be hundreds of answers to this problem. Here I just pick up two best and effective ways for you to choose from.

해결책 1: Transfer music from your old devices to new Moto X (Style/Play/Force)

You may have saved lots of songs in your old cell phone or tablet, and listened to them every day. If you want to try to enjoy them with your new Moto X (Moto X 2nd/3rd Gen.), you can just transfer them from the old devices to new Moto X+1 (Moto X+2) 일괄 처리. 하나, not all data transfer tool can support transferring data between different devices especially they run on different platforms. So it is necessary for you to find an effective tool to help. Here I’d like to introduce dr.fone – 스위치 당신을 위해. Install this data transfer tool on your computer and follow below steps and your problem will be fixed:

dr.fone 받기 – 스위치

단계 1: Run dr.fone and then go into “스위치” 방법.

Launch dr.fone and then click스위치” 기본 창에서 버튼을, then you will go into “dr.fone – 스위치” 창문.

단계 2: Connect your old device and Moto X (모토 X 2014, 2015)

Firstly connect your old device, and then it will be shown on the left of the window. Then connect your Moto X (모토 X 2014, 2015) 게다가, and it will be shown on the right if nothing goes wrong.

iphone to moto x music transfer

단계 3: Transfer music from other devices to Moto X

dr.fone Switch will scan your old device and find out all available files which can be transferred to your new Moto X+1 (Moto X+2). You just need to tick음악” 중간에, 다음을 클릭합니다 “전송 시작button and all music files will be transferred to Moto X automatically.

Sync Music from iPhone to Moto

해결책 2: Import songs from computer to Moto X (Moto X/X Style/X Force)

You can also get music files from your computer directly if you have downloaded a lot to your hard disk. Of course you can copy all music files easily to the storage of Moto X+1 (모토 X 2014), but I still want to show a powerful Moto X file manager for youiMusic. This famous file manager can help you manage all your files on Moto X+1 (모토 X 2014, 2015) easily including transfer music from computer to your device.

단계 1: Download and install Moto X File Manager on your computer.

iMusic is designed for Windows users, Mac 사용자를위한, you should download its Mac version named Mac 용 iMusic.

iMusic 다운로드

단계 2: Launch the tool and connect your Moto X to the computer

컴퓨터에 안드로이드 iMusic을 연 후, you need to connect your Moto X (Moto X Style/Force) 컴퓨터에. 그리고 나서, you will see your Moto X under the “장치” 기본 창에서.

주 인터페이스 안드로이드 연결된

단계 3: Import songs from computer to Moto X

왼쪽 사이드 바에서, 딸깍 하는 소리 “음악” under the name of “장치” to go into music management window. And then click “Add” button and then you can add certain music files or the whole music folder to your Moto X by ticking “파일 추가” 또는 “폴더 추가”.

전송 - 음악에서-PC-맥 - 투 - 안드로이드-1-step4b
그 후, you can easily select your whole folder or music files you want to sync from computer and just tick the “열다” button to add them to Moto X.

전송 - 음악에서-PC-맥 - 투 - 안드로이드-1-step4c
팁: iMusic for Android also enables you to download the music you want easily. And you can also transfer iTunes music to your Moto X with it if you’ve installed iTunes on your computer.

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