How to Solve “Not Able to Send or Get Text Messages” Problems

If you go through the Apple forum such as discussions.apple.com, you will find many complaints about sending and getting text messages. They are wondering about the reason that causes sending and getting text messages issue on iPhone. This problem can be caused by many reasons. If this problem happens to you, you should try to figure out the actual reason that causes such a problem and then take the correct measures.

In the following part of this article, we will present two situations to you and give the solutions accordingly. Situation one is about deactivating iMessage on your old iPhone and Situation two is about starting a new conversation. Just go through the solutions and check if the methods we offer to you can fix the “not able to send and receive problem” or not.

Situation 1. You have changed your iPhone to a different platform of device such as Android, Windows or Blackberry. Since then, you cannot get SMS or text messages from others.

Solution: If you intend to get a new device of different platform to replace your iPhone or you have already got one, then you should remember to switch off the option of iMessage on your original iPhone. If you don’t turn off the iMessage, then your contacts who text with you with iMessages may not realize that you have changed a device and still using iMessage to talk to you. Thus, you may lose the messages they text you. Next we are going to show you how to deactivate the iMessage.

1. If your old iPhone is still at hand and the SIM card is still working, you should insert the SIM card to your iPhone and then turn on your iPhone. Hit Settings on your device and then go with Messages to slide iMessages to OFF.

2. If your iPhone is not nearby or the SIM card has been canceled, you should try to open the official website of Apple on your computer. Type in the phone number and you will get a confirmation code. Type in this confirmation code to switch off the iMessage.


Situation 2: You have tried the first method and are still not able to get any text messages from other iPhone users.
Solution: When you have tried the first solution to deactivate iMessages only to find out that you are still not able to get text messages from other iPhone users, you can take the second solution into consideration. If the conversation between you and other iPhone user are still constructed on the old one, you should ask your iPhone contact to delete the old conversation and start a brand new one. Then try to text you in the new conversation box to check out whether this solution works out.


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