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Cum de a trimite calendar Invitație Google


Google a fost de lucru spre a deveni o platformă centrală. Ei au început cu un motor de căutare, a creat serviciul lor de e-mail populare, și au fost încet adăugarea la lista lor nesfarsita de instrumente și servicii. One of the things you can get access to with your Google account is Google Calendar. With this calendar, you can split your events into categories, schedule reminders, and organize your to-do-list. But some users aren’t sure how to send Google calendar invitations to others.

Knowing how to do this is fairly useful. You can create meetings and invite other Google Calendar users to attend, or you can share your schedule with them, so they’re aware of what you’re doing each day. Asa de, fără alte formalități, let’s look closer at Google Calendar.

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About Google Calendar

Google Calendar is recognized as one of, if not the, most popular digital calendars. It’s easy to use and has a lot of functionality, but there’s much more to it.

  • Users can share specific calendars with other users
  • Create multiple calendars and color code them to easily view certain types of tasks (ex, şcoală, muncă, and chores)
  • Everyone with a Google account has access to this free tool
  • You can download Google Calendar on your smartphone
  • As well as events, you can also add tasks and reminders
  • Can integrate with other productivity tools like Asana and ClickUp for better scheduling

There’s plenty of features with Google Calendar. Best of all is that if you have a Google account, you automatically have access to the calendar feature. This also makes it more convenient to use and easier to access – no need to create yet another account!

Creating an Event with Google Calendar

Before you know how to send Google calendar invitation, you first need to create an event to invite them to. This is slightly different to do on the app than it is online but nonetheless is pretty straightforward.

Etapa #1 – Head over to the Google Calendar and if necessary, sign in with your account.

Etapa #2 – From your calendar screen, să faceți clic pe “Crea” buton din partea de sus-stânga.

Etapa #3 – Use the pop-up which appears to enter the event’s details. This includes the event name, when the event begins and ends, where it is, which calendar you want to add it to, and a few other minor details.

Notă: you can also send Google Calendar invitations when you first make the event. in orice caz, the guides below assume you are inviting guests to an existing event.

Etapa #4 – After you fill in the basic details, puteți selecta “More optionsif you want to specify more details. But once you’re done setting up the event, simply clickSave.

You can create as many events as you want and there are plenty of options there for you to specify details of it. One of the great things about Google Calendar is that you can also add reminders and tasks to your calendar. Pe deasupra, you can create multiple calendars to organize everything better.

Managing Google Calendar from Your Phone

As you might already know you don’t get as much control over calendars on your smartphone as you do on a computer. Google Calendar’s apps are a bit limiting, and here’s why.

  • Guest Permissions. Relevant to learning how to send Google calendar invitations, changing guest permissions isn’t possible on the app. You can only invite people to your events. To alter what guests can do (ex, change the event or invite others) you’ll have to sign into your calendar on PC.
  • Monthly Calendar. Google Calendar’s app does let you view your calendar the same way as you can on desktop. Daily, săptămânal, and monthly views are all there for you to view. in orice caz, once you have a decent number of events and tasks on your calendar, it’s very messy. Viewing the monthly calendar, în special, makes it difficult to see long event names. În această privință, using Google Calendar on your computer is better.

It’s not all bad news, deşi! There are a couple of perks to having the Google Calendar application on your smartphone:

  • See all of your tasks and reminders even when you aren’t at home
  • Quickly add notes to your events so that you don’t forget things
  • Make plans with friends and family after quickly checking when you’re free
  • Checking your daily and weekly tasks is easier than the monthly view is

So even though the guest permissions aren’t editable and the monthly view can look cluttered, there’s still plenty of benefits to the Google Calendar app.

How to send Google calendar invitation from a Browser

Using Google Calendar from your computer with a web browser is the most convenient way. You can view everything on the calendar with ease, see what you have each day (or week), and you get a full overview of your schedule. Follow the steps below to see how to send Google calendar invitation from a web browser.

Etapa #1 – Open the browser you prefer and typeCalendar.Google.comin the address bar.

Etapa #2 – When your calendar appears, locate the event you want to invite someone to.

Etapa #3 – Click on the event, and all of its details will pop up. Below the event’s name, click on the pencil icon so that you can edit it.

Etapa #4 – On the event’s detail page, look towards the right of your screen. Veți vedea “Gueststab and will be able to type in the guests you want to invite.

Etapa #5 – After you click onAdd Guestsyour Google contact’s list will be shown. You can either select the people you want to invite or enter their email address.

Etapa #6 - In cele din urma, after you invite the necessary people, Click pe “Salvați” la partea din dreapta sus. If you don’t save your changes, then the invitations will not be sent.

When you’re using this method, you can also decide what permissions your event guests have. They’re able to change the event details, invite more people, or see the other participants if you allow them to.
The main perk of using this through a browser is getting to see all of the calendar’s details. There’s no need to swipe or scroll through each day, and overall, it’s just easier to navigate.

How to send Google calendar invitation from a Smartphone

Pe de altă parte, you can install Google Calendar on your smartphone. This enables you to check your calendar when you’re out and about, add new events, and do a few other things without having to be at your computer. Here is how to send Google Chrome to invite from your smartphone.

Etapa #1 – Unlock your smartphone and open the Google Calendar application.

Etapa #2 – When your calendar loads, you must locate and tap on the event you want to edit.

Etapa #3 – The event details will be shown and again, click the pencil icon to make changes.

Etapa #4 – Swipe down to the bottom of the details and tap theInvite People” opțiune.

Etapa #5 – Either tap on the relevant people from your list of contacts or manually enter the email addresses of who you want to invite.

Etapa #6 – After making the appropriate changes, tap on the blue “Salvați” button at the top-right of the app.

din pacate, when you edit a Google Calendar event from the smartphone app, you don’t have as much flexibility. Mai presus de toate, you won’t be able to change the guest permissions. This means that if you want to change whether or not guests can edit an event or invite others, you’ll have to go on a computer to do so.

Asa de, if you’re not home and you remember you have to invite someone, this is how to do so. You won’t risk forgetting to invite them when you get home, and the invitation will be sent instantly.

A concluziona

Now that you’re aware of how to send Google calendar invitations, you can invite others to your calendar. Schedule your meetings with the right people, invite your assistant to maintain your calendar, and add tasks for you, and it allows you to do so much more with what appears as a simple calendar. Google Calendar has a lot to offer its users and inviting other people to events is just one. There’s plenty more you can get from it.

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