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How to Restore iPhone X Selectively

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 devices are the newest and most up to date models, freshly released by Apple. These devices have fascinated a large customer base of all age groups over the globe, owing to their restructured technology and fresh features, such as super retina screen, the new augmented reality, all screen display and a lot more. This article hence addresses the restoring needs of the iPhone X audience and offers a very popular program tool. If you have this device in hand at the moment, you must already be excited to learn about its various features and traits. Most iPhone X users tend to come to a blank when they need to restore iPhone X. This can help in getting back previous data on your older phone into your new iPhone X.

If you too are searching for good ways to individually restore iPhone X data and are unable to find definite answers, you can now hold your searches, as we have provided some perfect ways below, to successfully make such a restoration. To begin with, we are starting off with the introduction of a very remarkable third-party tool, called the iMyFone D-Port Pro software, which can allow you to complete your task much faster and easier, in comparison to the use of iTunes or iCloud. Once you learn the technique of using the iMyFone D-Port Pro software, you will not want to revert to your conventional and prior methods.

An efficient thirty party tool to selectively restore iPhone X

The iMyFone D-Port Pro software is a straightforward, yet powerful app, which can be made use of for backing up and restoring the iPhone X data. Most significantly, you will have complete control over your back up folders. You can back up and export your data selectively, on top of selectively restoring it. This is so that your valuable time is saved and you need not transfer any data, which you do not have to restore.

The program is user-friendly as well and every so often, the process of back up only necessitates one or two clicks. The iMyFone D-Port Pro has many useful features, such as Backup iPhone X & iPhone 8, and we have enumerated some of them for your handy purpose:

Key Features of iMyfone D-Port Pro:

  • With the iMyFone D-Port program, there is no need for prior technical expertise. The program interface is simple and straightforward.
  • There is no risk of losing any kind of data files on the device while using this program. This application is capable of restoring data partially and there is hardly any risk of damage or loss of the other files on iPhone X.
  • The program is compatible with a large number of iOS devices and versions. If you are using a modern iPhone iPad, or iPod touch, running on iOS 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and even the iOS 12 version, then you can easily restore your data files using the iMyFone D-Port Pro software.
  • The program provides a trial free version as well. This trial free version is available for use by any device user, to preview any data file in some older backups or to back up any preexisting data files on the device.

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PART 1: How to Restore iPhone X Selectively from an iTunes Backup

In this segment, we are going to explore some good and efficient ways to make a successful restoration on the iPhone X device after having made a backup of the iTunes app. Read the following steps carefully, to learn how to do so, using iMyFone D-Port Pro:

Step 1: You can begin by connecting the iPhone X device to the PC and launching the iMyFone D-Port Pro software. Then you must tap on the ‘Restore Backup to Device’ option on the main tab.

Step 2: You can choose to preview all your prior back up data files and choose the iTunes back up that you wish to restore selectively and then tap on the ‘Next’ option.

Step 3: You can then choose the ‘Restore Partial Backup’ icon and then choose the types of data that you wish to restore on the device. This program can support further data types in future.

Step 4: At this point, this program interface will display to you, all the options available to restore selectively from your iTunes back up. You can select all your preferred types of data types that you want to restore and tap on the ‘Next’ icon. The iMyFone D-Port Pro interface will then scan your data from the iTunes back up. When the scanning is completed, you can choose to preview all the data files that you wanted to restore.

Step 5: After you have previewed your files, you can then tap on the ‘Restore’ button. In some time, the restoration procedure will be successfully completed, and you will find your restored data file that you needed from your iTunes back up to the iPhone X device. The conforming kinds of data files will get replaced, but your remaining further data files will be saved for further use.

In this way, you can fruitfully restore iPhone X selectively from an iTunes back up.

PART 2: How to Restore iPhone X Selectively from an iCloud Backup

The process of restoring selectively on the iPhone X device from an iCloud Back up is pretty much similar to the above segment. After you have finished downloading and installing the iMyFone D-Port Pro software on the PC, follow the steps below carefully:

Step 1: You can start by plugging the iPhone X device into the PC, supported either by Mac or Windows. Then you must access the iMyFone iPhone backing up feature and restoration tool by tapping on the ‘Restore Backup to Device’ option.

Step 2: You can then view your previously backed up data files and then select any one iCloud back up and tap on the ‘Next’ option. In case the iCloud back up that you want is not present, then tap on the ‘Download iCloud Backup’ in order to sign into the iCloud account in your name, and download it.

Step 3: You can pick out your desired data that you want restoring from your back up. Then tap on the ‘Next’ icon so as to start the scanning of iCloud backup.

Step 4: Now you must wait till the data is loaded, after which you can then preview all your specific files that you want to be restored. These would be shown through lists on your screen.

Step 5: Finally, you must tap on the ‘Restore’ option. The iMyFone D-Port Pro interface may take some time, to finally restore your necessary data to the iPhone X device.

In this way, you can fruitfully restore iPhone X selectively from an iCloud back up.

These are full proof methods that you can use or teach your family and friends, effortlessly. As it is evidently clear, the best way to restore iPhone X data files is through the easy use of the iMyFone D-Port Pro software. The program is not just additionally powerful in comparison with the backup and restoration tools of Apple itself, but is also a user-friendly program, carrying a variety of other features to be used for device to device tasks.

With the aid of this remarkable program, you can individually select whichever data files you wish to restore and back up. It is a good tool to be used for an iPhone back up or restoration. Now that you have read the steps you can successfully restore iPhone X selectively.

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