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Hur storleksändra bild i InDesign ansträngning


InDesign är ett sofistikerat desktop publishing program som införts av Adobe. Från och med idag, Adobe InDesign redovisas vara en norm inom desktop publishing. Many individuals across the globe use this application to design posters, magazines, newspapers, flyers, brochures, etc. Utöver det, it can be used to create presentations, e-böcker, böcker, etc. Med det sagt, if you are a beginner to this awesome software, you are probably discovering its basic features. We intend to explain one of those basic features associated with this software; how to resize an image in InDesign.

PS: Förresten, här är hur man insert images in InDesign så väl som best InDesign Alternatives och InDesign vs. Utgivare referens för.

Why do you need to know how to resize an image in InDesign?

Those who are using the recent versions of InDesign have confused a bit about resizing the images. If you select an image using the Selection tool (which is a black arrow) selects the frame of the image. It doesn’t actually select the image inside the frame. If you drag a frame handle, you will notice that it will resize the frame. Det betyder, it will either add a blank space or crop the image instead of resizing the original image. When it comes to InDesign versions CS3 and CS4, there is a feature to resize images and frames simultaneously.

This is a pretty small change as you might see. dock, this very small change has made it pretty confusing for many InDesign users. Those who have used InDesign CS2 or older are aware of the resizing process. With those versions, you can resize the graphics frame with image by dragging a frame handle. dock, to make it happen, you have to use the Command key while dragging. From InDesign CS3 and newer versions, this feature was altered.

The difference between the two methods is linked to the process of dragging the frame handle. The older versions (before CS3) allowed you to press the Command key while dragging the handle. dock, in the newer versions, you should press the Command key and hold it before dragging. Annat, you won’t be able to resize the frame. Igen, to make it clear, let’s put it in the bulleted form.

  • In older versions than CS3, you can press the Command key anytime when you drag the handle.
  • In newer versions, you should press the Command key before start dragging the pointer.

If you are a longstanding user and you have just changed the versions of InDesign, this might cause confusion.

dock, if you want to know some other ways on how to resize an image in InDesign, read this on. The methods we discuss in this article don’t require the assistance of the Command key. Så, for users that have just migrated from an older version to a newer, there will be less confusion. It is applicable to those who have migrated from newer versions to older versions (av någon anledning) också.

In InDesign versions CS3 and CS4, scaling can be done using Free Transform tool to transform images. Utöver det, you can use the Scale tool to do the same task. Så, to resize an image with the frame, you should first select any of those tools. You can do it from the middle portion of the Tools panel. Sedan, click on the graphic frame (which appears with a black color arrow key), so you can select it. Then start dragging the handle. I detta fall, both the frame and image will get resized together. Så, you don’t need the assistance of the Command key. Men, igen, you will require the assistance of the shift key to maintain proportions when you scale an image. You can press this Shift key whenever you need in order to scale it.

Förutom, you can find out how to wrap text in InDesign here too.

How to resize an image in InDesign?

Väl, let’s take a look at the process of resizing an image in InDesign.

För det första, you should open the existing InDesign project. Sedan, you should use the Selection tool (that comes with a black arrow). This is located in the tools panel. When you click on the frame of the image, you will see the content grabber icon. This is generally located in the center of the image that is selected. This icon has the shape of a ringed circle.

Nu, click on the Content Grabber icon. You will now see the frame in brown color. This appears around the image. Faktiskt, this frame actually represents the original size of the image. You will have to hold the Shift key and then drag it from the corners of the image. Such an approach will help you resize it as required.

How to resize a frame in InDesign?

Apart from learning to resize an image, let’s learn how to resize an image as well.

För det första, pick the Selection tool located in the Tools panel. Sedan, you should click on the frame to display so you can see the corner handles. Click on any of these handles and drag so you can scale the image accordingly. To keep the existing proportions of the frame, press and hold the Shift key.

If you try to scale the image smaller compared to the image within, what will happen to the frame? Väl, those sections that become smaller than the image will be hidden inside the image. Så, it will function pretty much like a cropping tool.

How to resize an image in InDesign with the frame?

I vissa fall, you will have to resize an image with the frame of it. This section of the article will explain how to do it.

För det första, you should click on the frame using theSelection tool.

Sedan, you will have to check the box labeledAuto-Fit.This box is located in the Control Panel. Sedan, you will have to hold the Shift key and then drag it. To drag, you should use the corner handles of the frames.

This will make everything (including the frame and image) scaled (larger or smaller) följaktligen.

How to fit content to a frame

If you need to put a certain content into a frame (or the other way around), Läs det här avsnittet.

För det första, you should click on the frame using the Selection tool.

Sedan, go to the option called “Objekt” och välj “Fitting.” Sedan, you will be presented a couple of fitting options to select.

Fit Content To Frame

This option lets you adjust the image size. Därför, it will make the image fit into the existing frame dimensions. I vissa fall, dock, the content will be stretched to match the dimensions of the frame. I detta fall, the proportions of the image will be lost. If the frame proportions are substantially different from the content, there will be an ugly result at the end.

Fit Frame To Content

This option will change the size (dimensions) of the frame to match the content. Faktiskt, this is the exact opposite of the previous method. If you don’t want to change the dimensions of the content and fit it into the frame using this method.

We hope that this article provided all the required information on how to resize an image in InDesign. Please get in touch with us if you need further instructions in this regard.

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