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How to Recover Deleted Messages from HTC One E8


Recover Deleted or Lost SMS Text Messages from HTC One E8 With Ease

Even though, we communicate with people through different social network, like Facebook or Twitter or some other new coming social media. We still text a lot, and sometimes, we tend to save important thing in text rather than using other tools. People might think the text is a quite safe way to keep the information they need, well; it is, unless you never delete any of your messages on your HTC One E8 which is unlikely possible. People always accidentally delete messages on their HTC One E8 phone, especially those they need the most. When this bad situation happened, don’t harry to blame your phone’s operation system or how stupid you are. Because you can always get those once deleted things back as long as you use the right HTC One E8 data recovery tool to help you.

I’m not talking about some so called professional software which does nothing but waste your time. If you want to recover delete SMS text messages on your HTC One E8 Android phone, the only thing you need is the Dr.Fone Toolkit – Android Data Recovery. This easy-to-use software is capable of recovering losing data on your HTC One E8 within a few steps.

Now, let learn how to use this professional HTC One E8 Data Recovery tool – Dr.Fone by reading the following part of this article.

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)

Step 1. Please prepare USB cable to connect your HTC One E8 to computer. But before that, you should have Dr.Fond on your computer. There will be an installation wizard guide you until you successfully launch this software. Then, connect your HTC One E8 phone to computer via USB cable. Soon you will see your device show on the primary window.

Note: Do not use any other phone management software while recovering data.

Step 2. After step 1, you can preview all data on your HTC One E8. Check the left side column. Mark those SMS text messages since that’s what needs to be recovered. By the way, even messages on your WhatsApp can be recovered as well as its attachments. I think this would be good news for a lot of careless people.

Step 3. The HTC One E8 Data Recovery tool is going to use some time to scan the files on your phone in order to recover those data, like the messages you deleted, back to your Phone. This might take a while but it is worth to wait. And to be honest, the time Dr. Fone uses is less than other HTC One E8 Recovery software.

Step 4. After finishing the previous step, the software will show you how many SMS text messages can be recovered. Then you should choose those you would like to see again on your HTC One E8 phone. You shall not miss the search bar which can help you find what you are looking for easier. Make sure you pick up all the messages you need before clicking the Recover button. Or you can just press Recover at the previous menu so that you can restore your whole files.

Step 5. Select a folder to save those recover data. We suggest you find a folder that is easy to find, because sometimes people just forgot where they put those data.

Note: To restore the recovered SMS text messages back to HTC One E8, you can turn to dr.fone – Android Transfer which is the best HTC One E8 data manager for you.

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)

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